Patch 2.7 re-balancing mega wish-list

All I read in this post is power creeping…if that will be the thing, than you can run grift 130 solo with paragon800. So max grift 150 will be an absolutly joke for pros in group and the new season crashed in day 1-2 because no more people relaise the leaderboards as an interessting piece of the game…

I wouldn’t want the Rathma set to become a Command skeletons set. Yeah, LoD Singularity builds can use those three items, so the solution is to add something to the set that not only makes Army of the Dead useful enough to replace one of the current staple skills of the build, but also make up for the loss of those items.

One thing that the Seeker of the Light Crusader set could use is a QoL change to how Faithful Memory works.

Currently Faithful Memory stacks are reset to the number of enemies hit by the last Falling Sword cast. Instead, Faithful Memory stacks should stack with each Falling Sword cast. This would make it far easier to keep Faithful Memory stacks capped and be a huge help to console players since targeting with Falling Sword is pretty wonky on console.

Because they think that [quote=“XelNagaIvan-1363, post:1, topic:20319”]
Xephirian, The Star of Azkaranth, Countess Julia’s Cameo, Talisman of Aranoch and Mara’s Kaleidoscope. Now also provide 40% elemental damage of their corresponding element.

That is actually awesome change. Simple and effective.

An interesting change that affects pet build.

Isn’t the Elite damage will kinda overlap with Furnace’s power?

It is good news for the fire build class. Would it OP if it also increases 30% defense for 5 seconds if you get hit by fire damage?

I did not touch any s tier build. I am just trying to bring a tier or lower build to s tier.


So Xel, I finally found the time to read through this thread as well and respond to it.

It could also remove the movement speed cap and lets you deal increased damage based on movement speed, as well as reducing your damage taken based on your movement speed (maybe up to a maximum so that GoD DH doesn’t become too powerful with this)

(2) gain xx% increased movement speed and removes the movement speed cap
(3) for each x% increased movement speed you have, gain 1% increased damage, up to a maximum of xx%
for each x% increased movement speed you have, gain 1% reduced damage taken, up to a maximum of xx%

This is interesting and it also has the interesting kind of affixes that I would like to see more of.

This is actually one of the things were I would go with a “transformation” option, because it also can make builds more useful that do not use an Ultimate like Wrath of the Berserker.

For example:
Krelm’s Buff Bulwark:
(2) Set: 50% control and impair reduction
(3) Set: You deal xx% more damage based on your CC Resistance and you take xx% less damage based on your CC Resistance if you are not immune against CC effects

That means that you gain a massive amount of damage and defense based on your CC Resistance if you currently do not have skills like WotB, Vengeance, etc active, which might make builds much more appealing that do not use these skills, while at the same time still having a decent amount of CC Resistance.

What do you think?

I maybe even would add Arcane Enchanted to this and give it the simple bonus:

(4) when you have been hit Decelerator, Molten, Plagued or Arcane Enchanted, you deal xxxx% increased damage for the next xx seconds.

I do not think that this is the perfect solution for imporving this set, since this set was designed with the intent that you can choose on whether you wanna dual wield (axe + class weapon) or use a shield + 1h weapon.

I would redesign this. Not sure how you would do it, but you should redesign this suggestion in a way that the set also becomes viable with both dual wielding and 1h+shield.

Oh, I love these.

An alternative suggestion in this direction could be:

° Adds xx% of your resistances of the corresponding element to your weapon damage.

For example if you have 2000 Fire Resistance and the Amulet adds 20% of that damage to your weapon damage, then it would add 400 Fire Damage (flat) to the weapon.

Numbers are just examples for the purpose of illustration of course.

But 40% Elemental Damage is okay as well, probably as the legendary special affix on top of the immunity. Great suggestion!

I also would give the amulet a chance to charm enemies when they hit you.
So you both have a chance to charm enemies when you hit them, and when they hit you.

However, since Massacre Bonuses are disabled in Greater Rifts, it might be more interesting to summon the Skeletons when you encounter an Elite, similar to the trigger condition of St. Archew’s Gage.

The SoJ’s legendary affix needs a major redesign anyways, so I don’t think that your suggestion is enough.

The main problem with the SoJ’s new power is that it is basically useless.

95% or more of all builds are already focusing on only one element, which means that this ring will do nothing for most build, and also you have to give up a ring slot or a cube slot which could be used for a much, much better ring, like Unity, F&R, CoE, Compass Rose, etc.

The most simple fix for this ring would be to increase its [Single Element] Damage Bonus from 15-20% to 35-40% and maybe even the Elite Damage from 25-30% to 30-35%.

That would make it at least make it worth to equip it since the damage is now closer to the other rings.

It can be further improved by changing the legendary affix so that all your [Single Elemental] Damage Bonuses combine and you gain the accumulated damage to all elements (e.g. when you have 15% Fire Damage, 30% Cold Damage and 10% Poison Damage, you gain 55% Increased Damage to all Elements).

The mechanics of this Ring are kinda annoying, so a simple damage buff is not enough imo.

I would remove the fear mechanic and just let enemies die in a blood explosion that deals of your weapon damage (or maybe life your per kill).

° Enemies you kill die in a Bloody Explosion that deals of your weapon damage to nearby enemies.

EDIT: I just realized that this exact effect is already on a legendary weapon…

It could keep the fear mechanic as a secondary affix that gives you a ~2% chance to fear enemies when you hit them, like on a weapon.

Yes, please! :heart: :+1:

In Diablo 2, Bul-Kathos Wedding Band gave you +1 to all Skills and a massive amount of additional health, so I maybe would double down on the health part.

° Drain Life from enemies around you and increases your maximum life by 30%.


° Drain Life from enemies around you, increases your maximum life by 30% and deal 30% more damage.

That actually could be an alternative option t wear instead of a Unity or CoE.

How about this:
° Taking Fire damage restores your primary resource.
° Transforms 100% the damage you do into Fire Damage.
° You deal 30% increased fire damage.

Now, since Fire LoD builds area already superior to all other elements, because they can use Cindercoat (30% increased Fire Damage + 30% resource costs to Fire Skills), this item would double down on this and cause all skills to also benefit from Cindercoats resource cost reduction, since they now also would be considered Fire Skills.

What do you think?

Anyway, thanks a lot for this thread!
It was a great read and fun to discuss.

And maybe later you or someone else can make a thread about the other items that are missing from this list, which could be improved, like the elemental damage weapons like Thunderfury or Sky Splitter.


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As of late, feedback towards the season experience, new set/class/item adjustments and general thoughts on Diablo have been the key topics read and shared with the team. I personally commit to spending time to also shed light on topics and discussions like these that tap into creative player thoughts that can spark inspiration for the team.

Please x1000T keep sharing of ideas and recommendations knowing that the community team is here to amplify your voice!


That would be great. We need more items that tries to break the current game balance.

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And especially some items that make you not wanna use one of the Ultimate Transformation Buffs like Vengeance, Epiphany or Wrath of the Berserker in your build, since they are in almost every build.

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Elemental Arrow. Damage. Up.

  • Kridershot - Elemental Arrow deals xxxx increased damage.

Very good, thank you very much.


P.S. : full_moon_with_face: is the creepiest and best emoji on the forums. Use it well, and often.


Would be better as a reverse-LoN build. gain DR and damage % for set items equipped. Or perhaps that would be better as Blackthorne’s.

Anyway, a set that encourages mix-matching sets needs to be a thing. BT or Krelm’s in the logical choice.

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Now that would be quite horrible :full_moon_with_face:

Unless it is:
XXX% dmg for each different class-set equipped. That could be something.
(would likely have to be minimum 3 different sets to get any bonus, otherwise some of the dual-class set builds would likely become OP. Or, just not allowing any 6 piece bonuses to be active)

Other than that; Deal XXX% more dmg if you are not grouped with any zDPS builds.

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I don’t think you’re getting it. It could be designed two different ways. you could gain 3% damage and 3% DR for every set item you have equipped (assuming, 10.) as Krelm’s, roughly 30% damage and 30% DR for a two piece belt + bracer combo.

Or, it could be Blackthorne’s, where you gain 1000% damage and 5% DR for every set item you have equipped, so you could build a set LoN build. Again, figuring about 10 set items, you’d get about 10,000% damage and 50% DR for a 6 piece BT set.

Unless class sets are not counted in that (at least it would be hard to, in the Blacktorne version, but not in the Krelms version), then I’ll repeat that it sounds kinda bad.
If you only mean non-class sets, then fair enough, that is much better.
Although not much, it would be the exact same sets everyone would use basically. There aren’t that many non-class sets around.

before I accept that’s so, you’re going to have to explain why it’s bad. It’s just another type of LoN, and LoN was GOOD for the game.

Even with this version I think that Shadows would overly benefit from it.

1000% increased damage when wearing a melee weapon is super powerful when you then on top of that also gain this other set…

Sets really don’t need to be more powerful than they already are.

Remember that they had to move certain bonuses from the 4piece bonus to the 6 piece bonus and redesign whole sets because they were too powerful when they got mixed?

I think such a set would not be a good idea.

Yes. But you wouldn’t be able to get 6 piece of Blackthorne’s and 6 piece of a class set. I’ve thought this through. They’d have to add a Bracer slot before that’s possible. And THAT would cause some serious balance issues.

Because it would buff the kind of builds that are already strongest; 5-6 piece set builds.
The thing that is good about LoD is that it opens up for using many different items (in theory at least). While something encouraging set items kinda limits the options).

Yeah, probably :smiley:
Was not a serious idea. Though I do think the most interesting set-based builds D3 have had, were the ones mixing class sets.

Not the case with the Krelms version however.

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I would encourage you to do some quick planning before saying things like this. This would be the worst case scenario. www.d3planner. com/867846345

You trade Flavor of Time (and a jewelry cube slot) for whatever 2 and 4 piece Blackthorne’s would give you. That’s it. That’s all. You get the same 10,000 % from the proposed BT solution as you do from GoD. It’s just a different way to build, and opens up new possibilities.

EDIT: It would overlap DR from BT and DR from GoD sets. That’s significant; I’ll admit it. But you’re still sacrificing amulet and armor slots. It should even out.

Logically, the four piece BT set would be (immunity to Ground effects) and the two piece would be (+500 mainstat and elite % damage)

So it basically would mean that you get the Blackthorn set with maybe 3 additional set items from different sets, that would basically act as rare items with a large multiplier on it-

I do not see how this could be interesting. It basically is a worse version of LoD since you can equip even less legendaries.

If anything, they should remove all items from sets that are not

  • chest armor
  • pants
  • helm
  • boots
  • gloves
  • shoulders

so that set mixing wouldn’t be possible anymore.

Iconic items like Imortal Kings Boulder Breaker or Tal Rashas Amulet could be turned into a legendary, so they still would be in the game, but just not enable set mixing anymore.

I think that set mixing as increased the powercreep as well, and also made it harder to create interesting set bonuses, as well made it harder to balance them, because there were some sets that just synergized to well with each other.

Just a suggestion, put links into CODE for this so you can post them even if you are not TL3:

EXACTLY. It would be a different way to build. It could even be slightly more (or less) powerful, depending on what they did for 2 piece and 4 piece Blackthorne set bonuses. This is what Diablo is all about. Build variety.

 And Blackthorne's wouldn't be a trash drop anymore!

EDIT: Attempting this code thing: