Patch 2.6.9 PTR has ended (Update 6/11)

Just got kicked from PTR with a message that it was out of date so I guess the server’s currently being patched. No update hitting the Battlenet launcher as yet but should be soon guys…

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Patch got downloaded but now can’t get logged in. Says “Patch required”. Guess PTR patching isn’t finalized yet.

Same issue, patch got downloaded and installed but i get the same “Patch Required” error…

It’s 4PM in USA right ? So server up in 1 to 3 hours or something.

Thankyou for the update and changes looking forward to testing it .

PTR Update is now LIVE.

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Guys you make really good things with the game. But i’m really sad, that necro has 5 very weak set now, instead of 4, i was hoping you fix all sets, and give a decent, or very good new set, like you do with the other classes. Please make at least the new set good for the upcoming season, and make all viable for season 22. I want to enjoy necro, like i enjoy hydra wiz in this season (both lod, and set)

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Thanks downloaded now

Just checked the season 21, solo DH leaderboard. I’m still there from before the patch today, so I guess leaderboards weren’t wiped after all.

Dang, no changes to the weak HPS buff? :frowning:

When Strafing your primary skill only fires off for a short amount of time. I was under the impression of the 4 piece set bonus that strafing not matter the amount of momentum stacks you have will fire the last used primary skill. It drops off firing the primary skill after a few seconds into strafing, even if you have momentum stacks. Seems like the update corrupted that function for the new set.

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I am still at work but I did see your solo clear on PTR. Can’t wait to test it myself later today.

I saw that you where using Echoing Fury in cube. There is internal cool down with set 4 peace. At maximum it is shooting projectiles once per 10 frames. Getting more attack speed is wasted after that.

SVR tested it 3:30 here:

So did you do damage mostly by manually shooting projectiles (Echoing Fury helps with that) or by Strafing?

I saw that you used Hellfire Amulet (don’t remember rune). If Echoning Fury is not good maybe Squirts + Fortress Ballista is way to go.

We really need more choices for wep slot in cube.

I think it would be fair if IAS was used a multiplier for projectiles shoot by 4p set while strafing.

Are you serious??? Keep bone spear on Pestilence 2.0 set?!?!?! Can’t believe it :rage::unamused:

I don’t care the buff, that buff will be temporally, MAKE CHANGE ON BONE SPEAR BUFF ON THE NEW SET

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To be frank, any1 who has any history using Blizz forums knows not to expect much, if any, engagement with Blizz employees, especially devs.

The amount of well thought out good ideas that have been posted on these forums over the years for D3, that have seemingly been ignored, is insane.

And i think most of us are well aware that D3 is ‘effectively’ in maintenance mode, with only a small team working on it, which is why we cant expect sweeping changes to non set legendaries, new skills, and new items to be added.
These new sets for example are the height of content added in recent times, and the seasonal themes are expected to be simplistic like this season.

Plenty of more complex seasonal theme ideas have been posted, plenty of new legendary item ideas have been posted, plenty of tweaks to mechanics have been sugested, very rarely, ney never, are they actually used.

For example, when was the last time the Devs touched Proc coefficients ? That alone could help revitalize unused legenderies without even touching the legendaries themselves.

Anyway what im trying to say is, please dont think that everyone here , and especially those that dont post on the forums, expect a lot from Blizz for D3, we may ‘want’ it …but we dont ‘expect’ it.

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Thank you, Diablo 3 team, for those awesome changes on the demon hunter.

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really plz reconsider REAPERS WRAPS nerf.
I can’t use it anymore.
after lvl 70 GR its a pain coes health globes come staked due to life from death passive. it means u are wasting valuable resources.
u can not avoid to take 2 superposed bottles due to area grab, accumulate them or make reserves to fire lance or make more than 1 death nova.
u cant use singularity to replenish faster the mages:
IMO its 2x nerf because Simulacrum doesn’t reproduce mages anymore.

this nerf destroys skeletal mages imo to promote other mages but without counterbalancing for damage.

I propose to return bk to original or add devouring aura.

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Dear PezRadar. Please listin us.
We want to reach the balance between crusader bk and DH bk.
We need more buff for DH impale at least 200% (actually 100% is not enough). This set won’t compete with other in solo but we will have DH bk viable. Give us variety and fun.


Been trying out the new Demon Hunter set and it feels incredibly clunky. Stopping to refresh my buffs does not feel very fun. And the build itself lacks in general tankiness. Still getting one shotted at rift 75 if im not careful.

You literally just have to tap your generator occasionally. Basically, you’re saying it’s “clunky” because you don’t pay attention at all, and somehow the new stacks ALL fall off in the 20 seconds you’re given.

Go play Barb.

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