Patch 2.6.9 PTR has ended (Update 6/11)

Thank you, Diablo 3 team, for those awesome changes on the demon hunter.

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really plz reconsider REAPERS WRAPS nerf.
I can’t use it anymore.
after lvl 70 GR its a pain coes health globes come staked due to life from death passive. it means u are wasting valuable resources.
u can not avoid to take 2 superposed bottles due to area grab, accumulate them or make reserves to fire lance or make more than 1 death nova.
u cant use singularity to replenish faster the mages:
IMO its 2x nerf because Simulacrum doesn’t reproduce mages anymore.

this nerf destroys skeletal mages imo to promote other mages but without counterbalancing for damage.

I propose to return bk to original or add devouring aura.

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Dear PezRadar. Please listin us.
We want to reach the balance between crusader bk and DH bk.
We need more buff for DH impale at least 200% (actually 100% is not enough). This set won’t compete with other in solo but we will have DH bk viable. Give us variety and fun.


Been trying out the new Demon Hunter set and it feels incredibly clunky. Stopping to refresh my buffs does not feel very fun. And the build itself lacks in general tankiness. Still getting one shotted at rift 75 if im not careful.

You literally just have to tap your generator occasionally. Basically, you’re saying it’s “clunky” because you don’t pay attention at all, and somehow the new stacks ALL fall off in the 20 seconds you’re given.

Go play Barb.

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Please Blizz, increase the power of the shadow DH so we can have more than one RGK in the season. If we don’t increase the power a little more we’ll only have necros and crusaders playing on the meta group.
Tks, we will see.


It was my understanding that as you’re strafing, you’re, also, firing your Primary Skill, which should, in turn, keep renewing your stacks. Am I wrong in this?

Also, I couldn’t care less for this season’s theme. In fact, lose the them, because, no, I don’t care to have lightning spewing from my maw; I don’t need jelly-green flame-balls falling from the sky; and I, certainly, don’t need flaming mud-slides languishing about. More to the point: I can’t control any of it. So, ditch the theme, leave the armour.


I’ve had so much lag I thought my DH possessed its own gravitational singularity.

Fun time on the PTR till next time ty GG :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry if this already covered in another string; i could not find anything elsewhere.
Please, for the love of all that is awesome about this game, put the 90 second elemental damage on a visual on-screen timer!!!
While it’s cool to have the foghorn style audio notice that it is about to hit, that only gives a few seconds to react to it.
Now, the convention of elements timer is already close, and there are long timers like land of the dead.
But it would greatly affect play-style if i can see that clock hand go around letting us know when the next buff was coming.

Players wrote about the necromancer sets problem in this feed like 100 times, there is more the 15 posts that discuss this matter and Still blizzard didn’t say any thing about possible changes to the sets . It weird that DH was changed very fast and with the necromancer nothing happens.


Well… the current Patch updates were great for the new Demon Hunter set, also the Simulacre update to get closer and not abandon us. However, even with the updates of the new season bonus, I think it is very bad, even though people using characters configured as support, making very high slits using the season bonus and having activated a counter to know when the bonus will appear, this bonus it was much to those of the latter, for example Season 19, in my opinion it was much more useful. Returning to the Necromancer, the gameplay of the new set, like its damage, leaves much to be desired if compared to all other classes or the new set of Demon Hunter. We need this more improved build, low rift we can make it easy, but in a little higher rift, even with a medium paragon, it is not effective. Since I started playing Diablo 3, I try to play in a fun way with Necromancer, but almost all builds are quite fragile. I thought we would have at least solved that problem. I’m not an expert on the subject, but anyone can see that they haven’t hit the Necromancer yet. Aloha guys, thanks.

Note: Doing more tests … one of the most boring things in the new set, is having to worry about finding an angle for the simulations to hit the desired target

It’s clear that the DH fixes were all numerical (the standard juice-the-multiplier “fixes” that have been a D3/Dev staple since seasons started), getting one skill to relate to another, etc. Methinks the Necro changes/needs are more complex. I’d look for those changes for the live season. Only my guess.

i believe DH was faster to fix due our huge feedback on it, the set was praticly garbage before and now it is real fun to use, thank blizz staff for hearing us.

Necro demands more complex changes:
-the essence cost on the new set is way to high;
-no way to recover essence to make the gameplay more fluid;
-the damage isnt enough for the essence gain/costs;

the main idea on the set is cool it just requires more essence recovery somehow, another mechanic on it would not hurt.


Personally I have tested the Gears Set and apart (from someone having a Al-Bed fetish from FFX at Blizzard), it does not measure up to other Sets and and after 1200 Paragon levels I see that the Knife Set with Holy Point Shot seems to be the way to go in S21.If you are going to try and make a Meta Set to higher GR’s, do something better.
This PTR they could have scripted in something for Primal Ancient items as well as I asked for ages ago, a 3 chance upgrade (costing 100 FS per roll) without altering the PA class of the item so that useless stat PA could get what you want possibly taking out the useless grinding and time wasting to find another disappointment ! Oh and what about the possibility of pushing the GR limit to 200 and the inclusion of Blue PA items that I wrote about years ago to Blizzard (A well crafted character story) ? Seriously do Blizzard even read posts sent to them with such suggestions?

I’ve been testing Necromancer changes, and I wanted to stop by to say:
Thank you!

More than many classes, I feel it’s great that Necro has many different class mechanics. Multiplier and toughness items aren’t always tied to specific skills, but rather certain parameters revolving around the class mechanics:

  • Corpses
  • Curses
  • Pets
  • Globes
  • Essence

This allows for some amazingly interesting interactions within builds that are fun to play around, and even manage at times.

Click the below details arrows to read through each section of the post:

Toughness improved!, Razeth's, and room for more items

I’ve always avoided playing Necro because it was so defenseless. Necro was always so glassy, paper thin on survival.

The big issues with toughness on LoD builds have been largely solved with Razeth’s Volition. I love that the design of this item is not only for mage builds, but any build that has lower than max essence.

I feel more toughness items could be added, in particular for the Bracer and Phylactery slots. Could go blood themed with some sort of VIT and Recovery interaction, or give shields based on VIT and convert LPS into shielding recovery, or provide some other form of DR based on one of the class mechanics (Globes in particular is under-represented, but there’s a lot of room for new items here).

LoTD Preference mostly resolved with Haunted Visions

Preference for LoTD (and therefore max CDR) with this class was another issue that has been largely solved with the Haunted Visions changes.

Of the nephalem rifting and speed builds I’ve prepared thus far, only one has had to use LoTD, and that’s Corpse Explosion.

I do agree that further changes to corpse generation and generating items / abilities may need to get looked at to allow for more non-LoTD builds on these more heavily corpse dependent skills. However, simulacrums lasting forever has helped greatly.

Fairly balanced and enjoyable solo speeds / need slight Masquerade 6pc increase

Speaking of, at least for solo speeds, i’m fairly impressed with the wide array of options currently falling within limits balance wise (Scythe, CE, Mages, Spear). The builds that clear higher tend to only be able to clear rifts slower, so it sort of evens out in this way somewhat. Note: Haven’t retested Pestilence yet.

Outlier: Masquerade Bone Spear could still use more damage, at least 3 GR’s worth increase. I feel that it’d be great if your own spears did the same amount of damage as the simulacrums (9/7=28% increase in dps), and an increase to the base of 10k% to 13k% (30% increase) would give enough damage for this set to better compete (1.3*1.28 = 1.664 = 3.24GRs).

That said, most of these are LoD builds, so if there’s any area that could be looked at retuning, it’s definitely the other necromancer sets. Inarius definitely needs a larger bone storm area. At LEAST 30 yards to match monk, wiz, etc. Trag’oul could use more defense and multiplier. Rathma just needs major work.

Those aside, I feel the LoD builds are generally very interesting, dynamic, engaging and fun to play!

Reaper's Wraps ICD, Bad change?

While Reaper’s wraps is still usable solo for mages build, it feels bad to have to wait to pick up globes, and double globe pickup feels wasteful.

Perhaps tuning the amount of resources restored per globe would be a better approach. Combined with with making other speed metas for 4 man more competitive might work out.

I can see a 15-20% Reaper’s restore still being viable without feeling too punishing. Picking up globes but only getting benefit sometimes kind of feels wonky, especially for solo.

From what I’ve heard, the change didn’t even serve it’s purpose to deter 4 man LoD Mage speeds.

Bugs, discussion and highlight my hot button issues:

To start, simulacrums tend to die rather quick in pushes, from what I’ve seen. I don’t want to have to take enforcer to keep them alive in this setting, even if they were fully treated as pets, i’d prefer some other means to let them live a bit longer, or give us the tools to recast them more often with Haunted Visions equipped (keeping in mind the Rathma’s shield passive).


We won’t ever be able to Hybrid Scythe and Mage if this is the case. It’s so sad because Necromancer has so much potential for Hybrids in this area.

Bone Prison not getting proc’d from simulacrum casts?

Additional procs would really help Bone spear break free from dependence on other stuns when it comes to proc’cing Krysbin. Retuning of the chance for stun could help greatly here.

As an aside, I actually quite enjoy that Scythe build sims scale damage regardless of essence of the player. In dense rifts the essence pool always filled up so quickly. It gets laborious with so much essence gen to continually cast mage to dump essence, so this is a good middle ground I feel.

And… I went off again on a ramble.

TLDR: Thank you. I’m enjoying the changes for Necro thus far! It’s as if I’m truly playing the class for the first time. Despite a few issues, builds feel fluid, slightly more defensible, and enjoyable. I’m looking forward to playing Necromancer in S21. :smiling_imp:

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Any blue news about the ending of ptr? ^-^

Well guess thats it GG TY

Hello everyone -

2.6.9 PTR has ended and been taken offline. We will be moving PTR forums to read only. We appreciate the feedback over the last couple of weeks. We will have a Season 21 preview blog coming up in the near future. We appreciate your feedback!

See you in 2.6.9!