Patch 2.6.7 (New PTR changes)

I like some of the changes specially the change to the new crusader set but honestly don’t get why rend was gutted.

Rend can now stack up 2 times on an enemy. (The 200% damage multiplier is removed.)

Crusader: Valor set

Darklight: Fist of Heavens now casts twice and deals 800-1000% more damage.

(2) Set: Fist of the Heavens increases Heaven’s Fury damage by 100% for 5s, stacks 3 times multiplicatively.

(4) Set: Hitting with Fist of the Heavens returns 5 Wrath and reduces damage taken by 1% for 10 secs. Stacks up to 50 times.

(6) Set: Increases the damage of Fist of Heavens and Heaven’s Fury by 20,000%.
(RGK shot gun)

Monk: Justice set

(2) Set: Sweeping Wind gains the effect of every rune and movement speed is increased by 5% for each stack of Sweeping Wind.

(4) Set: Attacking with Tempest Rush reduces your damage taken by 50% and increases spirit regeneration by 50.

(6) Set: Hitting with Tempest Rush while Sweeping Wind is active increases the size of sweeping Wind and also increases all damage dealt by 15000%.

(possible tempest rush build?)

Bazooka Wiz: When enter Archon deathwish and etch sigil are not functioning.
(Still not sure exactly how the nerf is being applied until patch notes/released).


Dayum the Crusader Set got some serious juice! Incredible. With that kinda buff could be top push set, seriously. Monk set addresses all the problems it had, they really did listen to all the feedback wow, but could still be better. It’s obvious that one will be for speeds…maybe. Will have to see if they messed with the larger tornadoes, doesn’t say they have a ‘chance’ anymore after hitting an absurd amount so maybe it got a good boost from that.

Barb exactly the nerf we all saw coming, it will still be super strong with 4-5 GR less than PTR phase 1.

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Yea the crusader set can support heaven’s fury (New RGK) and the fist of heavens is now playable which is good. Rend barb on the other hand was over nerfed and back on the shelf. 200% damage is not 4-5 GR’s its around 10 GR’s and 130 push for rend is way behind other classes.

Barbarians had a chance to be DPS for once and now its gone.


Second set of PTR changes are a real head scratcher to me. They cratered WW/Rend (removing a separate 3x damage multiplier from a build is not a small nerf). WW is now almost certainly back to being the weakest Barb build and it also crushed the dream of not running Rats this season.

Then, they buffed the Crusader set to the moon. Heaven’s Fury has been used as an RGK at 140+ with Akkhan’s, which is 1500%. LoN HF has also soloed at least as high as 127 during the LoN season, which was 9750%. This was a 2k paragon clear, so certainly no where near a bleeding edge push. The new set is 300% (2PC) x 20,000% (6PC). I cannot honestly see this going live.

Finally, they absolutely mangled the Monk set. I had a lot more fun playing the set without Tempest Rush, just using generators + Cyclone. All the feedback I read indicated that this was a widespread feeling, if not an outright majority. Now we’re actually forced into using TR, and it’s still not even a TR build for the people that wanted that, because it buffs Wave of Light too. If the 4/6p bonus last even a second after you proc them, the set will be played with WoL.

The six piece now buffs all damage by 15k% after hitting an enemy with Tempest Rush while Sweeping Wind is active. Unlike SWK (which will be 19.5k after the buff to Vengeful Wind), this set won’t actually require Vengeful Wind as even at 15k% SW will do zero damage and movement speed is still literally useless for Monks, making additional stacks useless. This frees up your second weapon slot for Rabid Strike (x2 damage over SWK). If you recall, we had this a few patches ago when they buffed Inna’s on the PTR, to the same 15k%. However, unlike Inna’s, this set doesn’t require Mystic Ally, meaning no Crudest Boots, meaning your cube slot is free for BotLG (x3 damage over SWK and Inna). So, this set will use all the same multipliers as LoD WoL, but you trade 60% fire damage (Magefist Cindercoat Swamplands) for another 5k% base increase (x1.5) and a gem slot. If I recall correctly, Inna’s WoL on that PTR cleared 131, and this version will have another 3x multiplier over that.

We’ve already been playing WoL with two of our sets (plus our main LoN/D build) for literal years at this point. It’s our best key farm, our best bounty, our best speed GR and our best push build. Now our new set is just another WoL build. Extremely frustrating. The real kicker is SWK SW/TR will end up being stronger than the new set designed for SW/TR. Absolutely mind blowing how badly this set turned out lol

I know the forums are overrun with D4 hype/disappointment right now but this patch is shaping up to be an absolute disaster.


I agree with you 100%. I don’t get the rend nerf which is at least 8-9 GR so basically puts it at 130+. I love the damage reduction they added to the monk set and tbh it needed it but not changing anything for sweeping wind and only a 50% damage increase on the 6 piece means the set will not use sweeping wind as a damage dealer and tempest rush would be the main damage.

On the crusader set i forgot to mention the 2 piece bonus. It reads like this:

2PC: Fist of heavens increases heaven’s fury damage by 100% for 5s, Stacks 3 times multiplicatively.

with the 6 piece changed to 20k we most likely have heaven’s fury RGK as a staple and not much for fist of heavens even considering Darklight buff 800%-1000%.


How hard is it to make preformatted text? If you are TL2 or lower, please learn this simple trick already.

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This is inacurate. Loss of a x3 multiplier is exactly (with two decimal precision) 7 gr levels. Rend build was nerfed to the ground, exactly twice as hard as Chantodo (which got a 4/7 nerf, or 3.5 gr levels).


Barb nerf is actually an atrocity to all barbs, not a good design decision at all.


Ahh no. Your conclusion of 7 gr nerf is inaccurate. Lamentation had a 200% multiplier which is x3 times multiplicative damage increase. Every 100% damage increase is approximately 4.5 GR meaning rend barb got hit at least 9 gr levels.

Rend barb is gutted.


:frowning: That does not sound very good for Barbs.

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No. He is right. It is exactly 7GR. Your example is wrong. 2x 100% multiplicative is 9 GR, but it is 4x multiplier (not 3x).

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I know you’re a barbarian and all but your math is wrong. Mob scaling is still 17% per level right?

1.17^7= ~3 (the multiplier)
7 rift levels is accurate.


x×log 1.17=log 3

x=(log 3)/(log 1.17)=7 GRs

Wwrend is just slammed -7GRs back.


Thought we’re talking about Crusader… Nice Monk pants, bro.

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Yikes. Each level increases the mob HP and damage increase by ~17% of the previous level. So once again every 4.5 levels the mob HP increases by Approximately 100%.

Dude I hate to have to explain basic math to you, check out Prokahns post.


Blizz to the barb community before the PTR “WE HEAR YOU!!”"

Blizz to the barb community after ptr “WE DIDNT HEAR YOU!! WE ARE JUST LISTENING TO THE TROLLS!”


I think we can all agree that be it 7 or 9, it is way too much of a nerf.

Heh Now I can only see 7 of 9 in my head,


I really hope they reconsider that lamentation change. I predict the nerf would put rent 2-3 GR below post nerf chantodo and that’ll make HOTA the best barbarian push build considering the new 250% HOTA weapon.


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