Paragon Cap Sucks

I’m not fitting in here. Who cares if you can’t get #1 spot because you can’t grind and keep up with bots? If you seriously are mad at bots in current year, you definitely never played Diablo for the past 25 years. From bugged gpotw to pindlebots, it’s been an unfortunate reality for all the franchise’s history.

I don’t want a fair game–I want a FUN game.

A stacking set of levels to see how high you can climb in a season, against yourself and not the leaderboards, was a fun experience. Now I’m capped at Paragon 800 and Blizzard has all but said they’re abandoning development on this game. If you are using rank in Diablo 3 as some kind of validation, get therapy, not a game killing seasonal effect.


SO much this…

Developers seem to forget that games are supposed to be FOR FUN lately


Making a game that is incredibly easy a bit more difficult by simply limiting a number of assignable points…. That ruins the fun?

You’re kidding, right?

Are you here to slay demons, or assign points?



Perhaps look into console D3, there’s plenty of unfairness going on over there.





I got onto the ladder last night, rank 875 after clearing a 101. Only paragon 600. I felt very happy. Loving this season.

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For me, the challenge of the paragon cap is fun. For my preferred class, I have been playing SSF and have ranked on all of its class set/no 6 piece set leaderboards.


I’m playing a Wizard SSF, which is amongst my least played classes… Just for something different, and for the fun of it. I don’t play for long stretches of time when I do play. I don’t give two hoots about the rank. Plus I have other games that I enjoy as well.

For some the first is requirement for the second.

Not for me though, I’d be happier without cap, or with a high cap 3k-5k or something


That should give you a hint of how little amount of people is actually playing

They killed the fun for thousands just to cater to a few streamers and those streamers are already jumping ship to other games after a week


Consider that the playerbase is split in Season 29. Meaning, there’s also less people filling the individual leaderboards.


Logic is optional on the agenda of fanatics… Present, even if partially when they think it helps their case, absent or dodged when it doesn’t.

Just my opinion, but I think this is just the dying leftovers of the paragon bot whine. Not calling any one out, but the bot crybabies are upset that their computers can’t power them up while they’re sleeping/at school/at work anymore.


Right, thats why those of us asking for an uncapped mode, are asking just for one option within the season to be uncapped

Meanwhile, those that want the cap, dont want an option to have an uncapped one, you want all the options for yourself

Maybe, just maybe, there are a lot of people that dont gaf about leaderboards and competition and just want to play for fun? Didnt that happen to go through your head?

Botters were always only a very small part of the game’s playerbase


First YT result for “counting is fun”:

Have fun.

I’m sure you watch that regularly

Hey, who told you? It’s right up there with the Barney songs.


See what I did there?

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An option to participate in one part of a seasonal theme but not participate in the other isn’t likely.

That is not true. I was ok with an uncapped option. Blizzard decided against this. It is what it is.

I am enjoying the season and can always play non-season if I want uncapped paragon.

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Since that part of the “Season theme” REMOVES something that was present in the 28 previous seasons, then they should have provided an option to not participate on it, as a thank you for those that have been loyal in the past seasons because they liked that

Sorry, should have said most

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This is a Blizzard problem with the Diablo series.

Correct. I’m shocked at how few people are playing anymore. I see the same folks in chat channels, same folks in public games. Any decent GR run I’ve done, I’ve earned spots on leaderboards. Blizzard really burned many bridges with the release of D:Bore and a horrible farewell season to D3.

Mate, this playerbase is abysmally small no matter which way you slice the cake.

Yeah, it is just your opinion and it’s best kept to yourself. I and many others do not use 3rd party software and still dislike this seasonal burden.

Overall, this season theme is a total bust.

RNG portals that provide a loot shower, yet looting took two-steps backwards with the removal of Altar features. Who cares how many bounty mats you have when forgotten souls is still the hold up in rolling items?

SSF that only a fraction of folks are using… :yawning_face:

Paragon cap that has effectively killed the only mechanism that provided escape from the pain of bad luck RNG in rifts and gear.

Just look at D:Bore forums to see the mood about Blizzard’s choices - it’s bled into this game now. In the same vein that they should just kill off D:Bore and move on to Diablo 5, they should just kill off S29 and move into Diablo 3 hospice. May double goblins bless all.