Paragon Cap Sucks

I’ll share my opinions if I want to. Thank you for your concern on the matter though.

You and those many others will adapt and get over it… The only alternative is to quit, which the paragon botters are likely doing en masse.

Adapt, or quit? What’s it going to be?

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Rod, is that you? That is the Rod way, right? “It’s okay to play other games”. Worst game leader I’ve ever seen.

What a nasty, bitter take.

Adapt to what? Boredom? There’s plenty of other games out there to play. Sorry man, I’m not some diehard blizz defender.


A big part of why the paragon cap is so good.
Makes it more fun when you cant get all paragon bonuses at the same time

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Keep fooling yourself then. Not my problem.

Back on the list you go… 2 months this time. Ahh screw it, forever. :wave:

Huh. That was a very good thing to say. Which is a rare thing for Blizzard.
Yes, it is indeed okay to play other games.

One of the biggest problems that has haunted WoW for over a decade was Blizzards irrational fear of anyone logging out of their game.

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Rationalizing isn’t going to change reality. That’s not how seasons work, whether it provides or takes away.

It’s the season theme, play all of it or none of it.

If your claim is true, it only further exemplifies my counterpoint to Crashdummy.

Oh no, a classic D3 forum troll won’t respond to me anymore! :smiling_face_with_tear:

They should find ways to keep up player engagement. IDK what they were thinking here - S29 is a total bust. Although, using their little pressure gauge meters and twisted logic, I’m sure that right now D3 has more players than D:Bore. They are scratching their heads wondering how that happened.

They knocked it out of the park with the past few years, and suddenly it’s like this dev team has greatly regressed.

Well, we all know what happened. It’s just bad leadership.


I wasn’t referring to the quality of a season. It was about the notion of an option to participate in some part of it but not the other.

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No they shouldnt.
They should find ways to offer people a good gameplay experience.
AAA companies focus on daily logins etc. is a sickness.

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Blizzard doesnt have the best history with that kind of attitude…

Refusing to listen to feedback and just say “Leave if you dont like it” is a TERRIBLE idea that didnt work in the past, and its not going to work now

Same thing on this one

Refusing to listen to feedback is not the smartest take a company can have

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Did you stop to wonder if the paragon point cap is a result of them listening to feedback? Maybe they’re tired of the calls for banwaves all of the time? Maybe they’re tired of having to weed through the bots all of the time?



I don’t care what other people are doing. I’m having fun. There are obviously at least a few tens of thousands of other players also competing for the ladder if it’s already in the 100s on every class.


I am not against the paragon cap, i am against not having an uncapped option

And yes, they listened to a group of streamers that have been asking for this, the same group of streamers that after a week they declared S29 dead and moved to other games


Non-season is uncapped paragon. There you go. :+1:

Multi and SSF already split the base up some. Adding yet another mode would split it more.

Ladder has a set of conditions that every player is bound to. What’s the mystery? Grind the items for power, that’s the way the game should be anyways. It’s about time Blizzard reeled in some of the powercreep… Which was sort of cancelled out when they brought the item drop monsoon with Enmity rifts… :woozy_face: I thought items dropped like rain before… My oh my, holy moly.

Lets say they do bring back infinparagon after S29… Make the benefit beyond 800 diminished returns. Make the mainstat/vitality paragon diminished beyond 50pts. Something.

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No, its not, and that made D3 UNIQUE

Grinding for items is all other games had to offer, D3 had MORE to offer. You could grind for items, you could also grind for Paragon Points


Why cant you let other people have FUN?

Why not ask for OPTIONS, so that YOU can have fun, and OTHERS can have fun too?

Does it bother you that much that other people have fun grinding Paragons and getting more powerful?

After this crap of a Season, we need to have uncapped Paragon again, and stop listening to streamers that only play for one week

They can have a capped option too, and they can do it in any way those that like it want, as long as we have an uncapped SEASONAL option, which was a big mistake not to provide

The playerbase is already split, many of us are playing other games instead of D3 because of it


Gee you all have had 28 seasons with no paragon cap and you can’t adapt 1 that is capped? Lotta babies on these forums

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Exactly, 28 seasons of people being loyal and enjoying this, and Blizzard decides to spit on us and remove it, instead of just adding options for the ones that like a more fair competition to meassure their appendixes between each other

That is an issue, that after 28 seasons you strip your players of something


I guess you didn’t play pre Loot 2.0/RoS.

No, what bothers me is they don’t seem to understand or care why paragon was limited… To remove the incentive to run bots… They are more concerned with their selfish wants, they don’t care if bots run rampant, as long as they get what they want.

Now, these two groups are in the same boat… Botters and the people who enjoy grinding 5k+ paragon both want unlimited paragon… There’s no doubt we’re dealing with some crossover of the two groups.

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This. This right here.

God I’m so sick of streamers and “community” creators speaking on my behalf. Put a shoe in it. I speak for myself.

I’m not even interested in finishing guardian. I played less than 30 hours this season. That speaks volumes.


Bots never “run rampant”

They were always the minority. And again, it would have been solved with an OPTION of having a capped paragon and an uncapped one. Those that care about the appendix meassurement contest can go to the capped option, and those that just want to play and have fun and dont care if other people have 20k paragon as long as i have fun, can choose the uncapped one