Opinion: I think the game will flop for a few reasons

D2R won’t flop because the beta was already quite fantastic, when I ignore a few small glitches and stability issues (beta being a beta). I would play D2R even if it was worse than what I’ve seen in the beta.


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I only wish they would focus fixing things like these. I wish changeists would realize this also. Fixing things like these is way more important than their selfish change needs.

The woke models will cause a lotta refunds.

Sorry bub but mods arent that amazing. They’re fun for a few days max.

Yawn, not 3ven breaking down your post because it doesnt matter.

Your opinion is just thats no need to even post it here. Should get removed for trolling as I’m flagging it

Improvements wont ruin the game, only your preconceived notion of it… hope the game gets better and fresh, thats how it wont flop

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Seems like you’re the only one who heard that news, please highlight us with a source please.

BTW there’s no way this game gonna flop, the worst that might happen is tourists getting bored after a shortwhile but that’s it.

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I am for the removal of TCP/IP based on Blizzard’s reasoning. We can probably agree to disagree here.

But on the rest - this “no change” or “change” group is diverse, in the sense that I want a lot of things to remain the same, but I also wanted the networking aspect to change. Plenty of persons tried D2R for the first time and were shocked at the rubberbanding - it has no place in a modern arpg. Of course pvp-synch and so on is one thing, but the vast majority of players want to start an arpg with a smooth gameplay experience.

This is one of the ‘core’ things I would wish they change, but they won’t. Good of them to focus on things like removing /spit from WoW, and yes I realize these are different teams - but it’s great to see where priorities lie.

Some guy: “I don’t like thing!!”

Internet: “Okay.”

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I agree with all the original points but I don’t think that’ll cause the game to flop. There’s some steps backwards for sure but there are enough steps forward to be worth it.

Plus it’ll have a very wide reach releasing on all platforms. I’m not sure on the costs for developing across multi-platform but they have a whole team of people much more educated in that field than me and they clearly said yes.

I suppose it depends on what you consider a “flop” but financially I would be surprised.


I’m not buying it , but it will clearly be a huge seller. You are deluding yourself if you don’t think it will sell at least several million copies very quickly.

I do question it’s longevity but maybe it will be the goto version for speedrunners going forward so stream views will stay decent even if player numbers dip quickly.

You want it to flop and this post will come back to bite you in the butt lol.

Anybody posting here has to have bought it already. It won’t let you post otherwise lol

But I was gonna comment that what does a ‘flop’ even look like in this context? I’m not so sure myself.

So morons like you think it’s alright for rando’s to MOD the game into something that the original developers never intended it to play out as…but it’s NOT alright for the ACTUAL current developers to make ANY changes to the game because of purist whiners?


Modding IS changing the game away from the PURIST game everybody is crying for…you literally are contradicting your own damn #1 statement with the last statement you make in your post. This is what we call HYPOCRISY!

With how Blizzard has treated modding and TCP/IP, the game definitely deserved to fail.
I dont think it will though. At least not initially.

Always trolling. Deserves to fail for removing an ancient feature almost no one uses? For the 1% of old players who mod? lolwut

I love that there is no mod support. It will keep the player base here on battle.net, where it should be. Games should not divide up the player base.

Saying you “love it” seems like a troll attempt. Obviously it sucks for people who use it, i just think the 1% who uses mods THINKS they are the 99%. lol.

I played mods on “legacy” D2LOD and the best of them were mediocre, really nothing amazing. I never played a mod iteration of D2LOD that was more fun than the standard game on closed battle.net.

The only problem with that statement is…
different people want different changes…capiche?

Calm down and listen…
When you mod the game, you, or you and some
buddies play the mod.
When you introduce changes like Ploot, everyone who plays
the game is affected.
Totally different.