Offline mode for Diablo 3

Hello everyone.
The game should have an offline mode, because if you’re playing solo, you don’t strictly need to be online, but considering you are online, if the internet connection is not so good, the game lags a lot. The offline mode could be an option, with an extra download containing the packages necessary to be offline, but it would be great to have it, for those who don’t have a good internet connection.
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This has already been covered like 1000 times. It’s not going to happen.
If people do not have a good internet connection that is not Blizzards fault.

Just in case you were wondering about D4: "So we are not going to support an Offline Mode."


The game should have had an offline mode, but at this point there’s basically no chance it’ll happen in Diablo 3.

They don’t even want to have it in Diablo 4, even though they should and saying this will spawn another 500+ post argument about it.

A big no from me.

I would in fact love online mode for console to get rid of the modding.


Can we get an online “only” (for current Battle.Net) for Diablo 2?

I like to coop but I really hate loosing my chars because I dont play D2 enough.

(“Only” === no xfer between online/offline chars)

Definitely should have offline mode in both D3 and D4.

And this :smiley: hopefully in the “remaster”.

if only they had said in all the physical copies, and the online version that it’s only online mode… ah well, guess you’ll just have to play what you bought…

This game probably won’t get a “remaster”… it’s going to be mostly forgotten once a new version comes out.

D2 remaster, not D3.

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Funny how that works.


Odd, I’m looking at the box and it states on there ‘Internet Connection Required’. Not ’ Internet connection optional for group play’ - REQUIRED.


It sure does . . . . . . .

no, because people would hack, cheat, and bot even more than usual. Play d2 or a similar game that has an offline mode if you want that, but d3 is online only, and its not gonna change.

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There is no reason why an offline mode would lead to any of that.

Hi! Welcome to consoles!

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There is no reason either console or offline would lead to any of that.
If anything, it should typically be a bit easier to prevent cheats on a console, since you are going to have a harder time running third party software.

The reason you can cheat in D3 on console is not because it is on console. It is because Blizzard was amazingly incompetent, and store the savegame data locally.

I don’t get why they won’t allow an offline mode. (I have a good internet connection and want to play online.)

If they don’t take the time to constantly ban bots then their always online is pointless. The botters are all over the leaderboard. They help people run GRs, bounties and regular rifts.

It is simple to me, if you knowingly play with someone that is botting to get extra keys to play with you in your GR 110-120 experience farm, your amazing GR 150 time and so on, your achievements mean jack. You are no better than the botter.

Govern your game and ban more.


As soon as there is on offline save, you’re gonna have modding. They didn’t bother to fix it on console, why would they on PC?

If you are offline, where is the data going to be stored? Locally, where people can hack cheat and edit it. So no, you’re not getting an offline mode.