Diablo 3 Offline Mode when Diablo 4 releases

With the imminent announcement of Diablo 4 in the next Blizzcon, I think it’s about time Blizzard implements a offline feature for D3, so that they can cut costs on keeping D3 servers online and focus all their resources on D4. If all those rumors of Diablo 4 being somewhat like an MMO type of game are true then they’re gonna need more man power on their team to keep the game stable which leaves D3 on life support, basically a skeleton crew maintaining the game. Besides D3 is a glorified singleplayer game that requires a internet connection to play! Which is kinda stupid, in my opinion.

I’d hate to see D3 go away forever just because Blizzard shutdowned the game because it relied on a network connection. All that work gone in just a press of button. It such a shame if they did that.

I wanna know the Diablo communities opinion on this, so feel free to comment your thoughts.


We don’t know that D4 is going to be announced. This is part of the issue here. People start speculating, speculation becomes “fact”, and when it doesn’t happen “Blizz lied to us!”.


False. Consumers pay money to a company and in return expect certain things. When this doesn’t happen they become disgruntled and abandon said company.

This is where I’d like to be TL3 so I can post a link to a trollface picture.

Well, my thoughts are you’re spouting a whole heck of a lot of BS. There is no imminent announcement of D4. There are no rumors of D4 being like an MMO. D3 doesn’t need an offline mode to cut server costs.

It’s just… bad piled on bad piled on bad.


D3 will not be shutdown as long as Activision Blizzard stays in business. if and when D4 comes out, D3 will continue to be online only for PC.


I said it before on the other forums. The only time that this game has any chance at all of having an offline mode is when Blizz decides to shut the servers down for good. Then they wouldn’t care what happens at that point.

One day it will be announced and it might just be this years Blizzcon. More so if they want to make things better with the Diablo community. A way of trying to patch things up with us due to the fiasco of Diablo Immortal announcement last year.

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D2 is almost 20 years old and still has seasons reset every 6 months which thousands play even now online.

D3 will be played for at least another 15 years before something infinitely better takes it’s place.

LoL, this is simply not true with Blizzard and their games.

If the interest is still there for consoles D3 will be played.
Where did you see that only PC D3 will be played after D4 comes out?
All console game players have to pay for online content.
Hence, D3 will be on consoles till the end of time.

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Okay. If you say so.

Hope the hype you are building for yourself does not let you down.

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D3 will never be open to modders. Someone would come up with a mod unconstrained by corporate lameness and make Blizzard look bad.

Kinda like the imminent announcement of D4 3 years ago when they got the hype train running with a big announcement and the 4 sided dice thingy.
Except we got a Necromancer DLC.

Or kinda like the imminent announcement of D4 last year when they dropped the hype train video with “THE FORGES ARE BURNING HOT!!!” and “MULTIPLE PROJECTS!!!”
Except we got a mobile trash game.

At this point, they haven’t even said if they will have anything to announce for Diablo at all at Blizzcon. Hopefully they have learned by now that anything but PC ARPG D4 with isometric view, D3 xpac, or D2 remaster needs to be hyped as little as possible.

As for the OP, Diablo 3 offline has already existed for around 7 years, you just need to play it on console. There, you can have 3 socket weapons that do a million base damage and be P10,000 in a few hours.

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