Official statement about "Solo only mode"



I really would like to hear a precisely and direct statement from the development team.

Is there any plan to implement a solo only mode?
Why not?

This is a big wish for a huge amount of players.

There has been tons of threads and posts about this.

On seasonal character creation, give us the option to chose to create a seasonal character, that is not allowed to join groups or invite people.
Give these players an own leaderboard.

This character pool has its own paragon and storage.

Thats basically it…

Now again:

What are the thoughts and plans about this?
An official and honest answer would be much appreciated from a lot of peoples.

Thanks, peace!

Solo self found would be popular blizzard

Technically, we have already received their official word.



How many people are in the solo self found only clan?


Game on! There, I helped you finish.


LOL the selfish entitled whims of a handful of delusional people does NOT warrant an official reply or the waste of dev time.

Regardless you already got one: SILENCE.


There are many different ones. In the one I’m in (SSFEU, on EU as you can guess by the name) we’re 77 last time I checked. Most of them at least played a bit, maybe 10-15 or so who were in the clan from last season. Some people are playing SSF but in their own clan. The community, founded by Leviathan, has roughly 250ish members, IIRC.

On NA there’s multiple clans, no idea how many members though. But same there, some people (including prominent streamers like Fluffy, Bludd, Modz) are/were also playing SSF but didn’t join a clan, nor have they submitted a clear yet. The SSF ranking is a bit sparse though. Well, I’ll include myself there: I didn’t submit, I ripped due to the lag issues (first DC death ever…) and now regret having started HC, not really motivated anymore I think.

Without official support there’s just no huge interest. That being said, judging by all the streamers that are technically playing SSF, all people combined in clans and communities, and people expressing their interest in SSF, I guess it would be quite a number. Since solo bounties aren’t worth it at all, and keys rain like crazy also thanks to Cain’s, an SSF mode would make an SSF league actually relatively legit.


I say that it is unlikely that Blizz would do something like this. Simply because it is real easy to handle on your own. That is except for solo only leader board where no one on it has ever teamed during that season. All you have to do is not join any teams at all.

Making it a truly different mode might make it harder because it would require more data space than what Blizz would be willing to do.


The thing is there would not be “Huge” interest period. The fact that a few people keep posting on the subject does not warrant any change to the game.


The first statement is debatable, because it’s just an opinion. We have no idea how “huge” the interest is period :wink:

What we can agree on though is that anything asking for a major change in the game is unreasonable, especially if it is something like SSF. However, my proposal is an extremely minor change: make the non-seasonal achievement that asks you to join a party seasonal. It would give everyone a reliable way of going through the leaderboards and checking who has grouped up and who hasn’t. It wouldn’t be easy for us because it would require to check all LBs in-game, but that way we could figure out who’s true SSF and get a headcount. And it would probably be ridiculously easy to implement, it’s just changing a flag to turn a NS achievement into seasonal.


You can already have a solo leaderboard, a self found solo clan has a clan leaderboard. So all of this can be done without any changes to the game at all.


A gazillion dislikes accumulated on Immortal vids Vs a handful of threads over a several-year period with the same handful of people simply parroting each other.

Former is DEDICATION by a united community, latter is a delusional casual whim at best.


I don’t understand - D1 I played mostly solo, occasionally played with the daughter
D2 I played mostly solo, sometimes I played with friends/family and did runs
D3 I play mostly solo, rarely I do groups and play with family
The solo only mode is already there! You can’t possibly expect Blizzard to re-write code for this, they have much bigger fish to fry.


Well, they want separate leaderboards and restrictions for people who do multiplayer and then push solo. Y’know, so they properly gauge their ability in a fair contest…

… but D3 isn’t a fair contest for far bigger reasons than no separate leaders.


I’d be interested in a solo only leaderboard.

The only thing I really do in groups regularly is bounties because even if I do 20/25 bounties and the other 3 randos only do 5 total, it’s still a little faster.

Would be nice to have an official way to confirm no one grouped up for xp.


That is also a debatable topic. I would note, for example, that the difference between solo and group play and the benefits acquired amount to only a handful of GR levels across an entire season. The differences between “mostly solo” and “Oops, now I can’t ever play with friends or mix up the game solo” is even smaller.

IMO, with the small player base, you wouldn’t see a very competitive LB. It would be even more prone to RNG and randomness in general. It would mostly be a leaderboard based on when people stopped playing in the season. Yawn.

IMO, the benefits of SSF are almost entirely cosmetic/subjective. The objective mechanical differences aren’t relevant for 99% of the player base. And the benefits don’t outweigh the downsides, which have been enumerated elsewhere. IMO, it is a terrible design choice.

Additionally, I think it is rather silly for decidedly non-competitive players to demand a competitive mode. Honestly, it just sounds like QQing from people too timid to play competitively. “I swear I’d be in the top 10, big time, but woe is me, teh mechanics are very bad!”


But it ain’t gonna happen no matter how long you wait…


I would like to hear anything from the dev team.


Yeah, but that was sarcasm.

Also, why are you replying to me? Last I checked you’d ignored me on the other forums, was kinda hoping that would carry over.


I’m sorry. I forgot who you were.


It’s okay, luckily I have a better memory than you. Bye now!