Official statement about "Solo only mode"


Hi, I’m Lloyd, from the development team!
(LicenSys development team btw, nothing to do with Blizzard, :open_mouth: ).

I can tell you, there is no plan for “solo only” mode at this time.


Multiplayer xp runs are at a much higher GR level than solo xp runs. Multiplayer is going to level his leg gems/augments 20 levels or more higher than solo player. Solo bounty runner is going to do a bounty in around 40 min, group is going to a bounty run in 10 min. Group player is 4x more efficient than solo player meaning they get 4x more reforges for time spent, and therefore better gear over time. Having better gear, higher gems/augments, higher paragon allows the multiplayer to run even higher xp runs, widening the gap between multiplayer and solo. They guys that dominate the top spots on the solo boards all run significant time in multiplayer, it is going to be a lot more than “a handful of GR’s.”

Seeing as you have do not know how large the SSF player base would be, there is no way to know how competitive it is. HC has a significantly smaller player base than SC and those boards are competitive. Smaller doesn’t mean non-competitive, it means it is smaller.

Not wanting to play in a group does not mean non-competitive, it means some people don’t want to play in a group. Alls the SSF community wants is a way to gauge how their skills are against others who play SSF, not against players who have a significant advantage over them.

And that is your opinion, which does not invalidate the opinion of others who want SSF. 90% of the player base does not play HC, should we remove that mode too?

I would not play SSF if it was available. I play some solo and some with friends. I could care less about the boards because I do not want to play 10-16 hours a day to compete with botters and I think pushing GR’s/xp runs are boring as hell.

The thing is, there is a group of players that want this, so it would be nice (with all this promised increased communication) if a blue could take 10 minutes out of their day to relay if this something they want to try in the future, or at least explain why they do not want to go in that direction and lay this topic to rest.


And that adds up to very little. Mechanically, paragon, augments, gems and gear add up to a small fraction of the entire spread of GR levels on the leaderboards. Nubs and non-competitive players always overestimate this. You can compete on the LB without ever playing multiplayer.

If you aren’t competitive now, no mode is going to change that.

The mechanics of the game don’t match the stated goals of SSF. It’s a lot of fuss for something you could already be doing(and are already failing at!)


Don’t know about you of course, but I can do a single bounty a hell of a lot faster than either of those by myself. I have even managed to clear 5 bounties (an entire act) by myself in 10-15 minutes, so not sure what you are doing wrong to take so long to do 1 bounty. Just saying. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Providing the players in the group are equal in skill, I would agree with that. Most groups I get with when I group are not. Which means not all of them are the same. Which means your efficiency is as good as your slowest party member.

I would argue that you have no idea either, and nor would I.

Personally, my opinion here is, they want a way to shine a light on their easier method to get a leaderboard spot when they A: don’t have the time to compete with the current leaderboard people or B: don’t have the skill to compete, or knowledge, etc.

Can you provide a source for that? If its brown and smells, I don’t think it counts.

Just my views here, don’t stress over it.


At the end of the day the few that are currently crying for a ssf lb should of been here when the boards first went up and their millions of followers, in their mind, also got on the band wagon then, to get something done, not wait a few years and then only have a half dozen people want it


Pretty sure Alexismad was saying that running all five acts for bounties solo would take approx 40+ minutes, while a group can achieve the same results in far less the time.

Or C: They want a level playing field where everyone who participates does so without the advantages of group play.


Ppl rly ask for solo mode only without possibility to join groups? :smiley:

I hope they will NEVER even think to add this feature in online game. It’s like not selling coffee in cafe.

I can only understand offline/solo mode for HC


Much as I’d like to see it, it won’t happen in D3. What I don’t understand is why so much opposition? It wouldn’t have any effect on others. Since my brother passed, I play 100% solo and nobody has noticed.


That’s literally the only reason they want it. To feel better about their GR clears relative to other players. That’s the very definition of insecurity.


No, I was saying all 5 acts solo in 40 min and 10 minutes in a a group for all 5 acts, not 1 act.

Ya, and if you are going to be competitive, you won’t be doing bounties unless you get a solid group. Competitive players are grinding very many pub bounties.

Right, that is why people that say there isn’t enough SSF to justify its own mode are making a big guess.

Or maybe they want to compete with players on the same level as them and do not have a massive advantage.

No official numbers, just my 20 years of experience playing both hc and sc on both D2 and D3. There is a significantly larger pool of players on sc than on hc.

So a player with 2000-3000 less paragon, augments of gem level 130 instead of gem level 150, and not quite as optimal gear (cuz they do 4x fewer bounties) is only going to have a 3-5 GR difference? I’m calling bull on that.


I don’t think it is asking too much. We know that there is a huge difference in the rewards for teaming up. Those rewards in paragon and faster gem leveling make it harder on ones like me that play entire solo. When you have leader boards that are just for solo players only. Players that don’t team at all. Otherwise it is saying to all that solo, forgo solo entirely and team to beat the band till you get all of your paragons and gem levels for augment and personal use. Then push for solo clears. Solo doesn’t mean anything when you have both solo and those that have gotten a big boost from multiplayer on the same competition.

That would be like putting in solo only foot race both team baton runners with solo runners. They would count the baton team as a single person (unit). Here I am talking about a long race. Then saying that since the last one of the baton runners crossed the finish line first not only is he the winner he is the winner of the solo only foot race.

Oh so now players must forgo solo only play just to compete on what is solo leader boards. Why not call them solo multiplayer boost leader boards without changes to make ones like you happy.

Even though I hate botters and don’t like the actions of those that use them. Still the one you are competing against isn’t the botter it is you. Why do I say that, if you just look at only the ones that are higher than you and say to yourself I will never be able to compete. Then you never will try so you never will be able to even get close to being on the leader boards.

But if you look at it as you are competing against yourself constantly improving your personal best. Then in time you will be able to at least place on the leader boards if you wanted to. I read a thread on the older forums that was in the barbs forums that was a guide on how to improve your solo GR clears.

It was saying the same thing that I am saying. Working at improving your personal best should be your goal. You can even do it non season where you have a better advantage while all of the others are playing season. That player said that he was able to use that information in his guide to get to around rank 50 on the solo barbarian leader boards consistently. I do believe he was telling the truth. Because that information greatly improved my personal best and I still use it today.

If the extra gem levels which would be around 20 or more and the higher paragon, better augments, better gear, etc… doesn’t make a huge difference. Then show us by actually competing with the big boys and girls entirely solo. Where at the end of a season you can get around 2500-3000 paragon, which I do believe that meta group experience runs can achieve within a season. Then show us all of your GG gear and augments of around 125+ level gems along with around 125+ gems in your gear. Go ahead we can wait till the end of next season if you think all of that together doesn’t make a big difference.


How would you feel if you are in a race that is label solo only foot race. But the ones hosting the race allow teams of baton runners to run in it as well as solo runners. Where the ones hosting the race will see the teams of baton runners as a solo person (unit). Then the one that crosses the finish first is a baton team member and he is declared the winner of the solo only foot race.

No, it is saying since the difference between the rewards of solo play and team play is huge. The boost that players get from that is not fair to those that want to do it entirely solo. Otherwise it is saying spend 99% of your time teaming to get to the point where you could on your own complete a GR130+ faster than what it would take a solo player to accomplish. Where a solo player might be able to push to get to possibly a GR120+ if they got lucky and had enough time to play that far. But it would probably take the entire season to accomplish with a lot lower paragon.

Whereas the team player would get there a lot faster probably about a month to a month and a half and have a higher GR clear than the one that done it entirely solo.


D3 dev management has always had a strong group play bias and will never do anything to significantly improve solo play.


No one is forcing these solo only players to play the way they do, they make that choice themselves, knowing full well it will gimp their progress relative to what they could achieve in groups. If they want to make progress faster, nothing stopping them from grouping up, is there?

It’s like choosing to run the 100m in gumboots, being unhappy that you’re not as fast as the other runners, and asking for a special time allowance on account of your gumboots.


Oh so now it is how dare them even think that this is a solo only game. It is actually a multiplayer game and if you are entirely solo you are doing it wrong. The only time you go solo is only when you have to in a season. The rest of the time is entirely team. So the only way to compete on a solo leader boards is to have a team help you to compete.

Great idea for a solo leader board that isn’t truly solo. That is why I mentioned that it should be called the solo multiplayer boost leader boards. Because without that boost then everyone else would have an equal chance at competing against each.

Where you can have a solo only foot race and the only ones that enter are baton team runners that are allowed to enter because they are treated as solo runners. Teams are seen as a unit (one person). Then the one that finishes first is called the champion of the solo only foot race. Then I guess the person that won truly won entirely on his very own right. This is what they are talking about.

They want to be competing against other players like themselves that have decided to go entirely solo. But there is no specific boards for them to do so. That is what the problem is and I can understand them and would support such a system if Blizz wanted to do it. They can then leave the others that don’t mind getting propped up by other players to the leader boards that we have right now.


Simple math can showcase accurately how big of a difference it is, and im sorry, but he’s right :slight_smile:


i’m for a solo only mode:
-it will confront the status that the leechers think they have from the start of D3.
-now they have to seek out those meta-builds and do all the rest themselves. :laughing:


Dude, if u cant rank, its uber useless s h i t to bother to log-in…

Why the hell to play D3 if not for LBoards? What else is there so interesting???


i didn’t find a single post that has a ‘no leaderboard’ as part of the opinions around OP’s topic.
-i play from day one of D3 and i’ve fun, because i don’t try to be one of the few on any leaderboard; preferences differ.


First of all, removing multiplayer isn’t going to suddenly make you an elite player. The comparison isn’t multiplaying elite v QQ-nub. If you play solo as much as the elite teams play multiplayer, the paragon differences by the end of a season are not going to be that large.

Let’s call it 10k mainstat extra from paragon and augments, which is an exaggeration. That’s worth less than 50% DPS at endgame levels.

Gear quality isn’t proportional to elite multiplayer levels of play. You max out your legendary drop rates pretty quickly and the loot curve eats up the difference even quicker. It’s extremely marginal.

Back of the envelope, lets say gem ranks add up to 30% more damage.

Back of the envelope, we’re looking at maybe 2x more damage.

That’s a little less than 5 GR levels.

The GR spread at the end of the season is often 15-30 GR levels.

Look at any leaderboard and you will find a spread of paragon levels at all ranks. Last I checked, the person right below me has 1500 more paragon. I don’t play in elite multiplayer groups.

So again I say: