Not changing how Dclone spawns is a Terrible idea

nope, its great. lets keep annis super rare.

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you realize this thread has nothing to do the the rarity of annis at all, and entirely to do with logistics.

and you should know based on the post i made in your thread… i don’t care about the rarity of anni’s at all… i want the FIGHT.

i mean I’m not going to lie… you choose an appropriate name.

this isn’t about the “anni” at all… its about the method used to spawn the the fight.

that’s method is broken

the fact is you cant see that is just because you cant be bothered to spend half a brain cell to realize how or why the system worked in the first place.

i know how that system worked… i spent OVER 4 YEARS USING IT,
i used it, i abused it, i know the pros, the cons, the in’s and outs,
and unless someone like PortalDemon got a job there or they hired other higher ups from the dclone irc community
then, i likely know more about how runs were done than anyone currently working at VV.

i don’t care if he doesn’t drop the anni at all,
but you just come in here with the completely ignorant viewpoint of “dont change it”.

and you expect a system that is designed from the ground up to rid the servers of hundreds of duped sojs per day to just be plopped down into a system with zero sojs.

and on a new server setup that makes it completely impossible for any player to set up a run., because u cant check the ip you’re on.

this isn’t about anni’s it NEVER WAS.

YOU don’t know how the old system worked, how people put runs together, what we used to track the ips, how the entire server network was set up.


so stop it with the entire
You know, a lot of people think that goes away in April with the heat — as the heat comes in. Typically, that will go away in April.

type of mentality. and let the people who are you know… the experts on the subject… do the talking… you know… before you hurt yourself…

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I don’t agree with making it frequent because it was designed to be a “holy s***” moment where the screen starts shaking and “Diablo walks the earth”. Just like in the TV show Reboot where the the purple gamecube comes down with the “Warning - incoming game”. Do you know how rare it is to experience something like that in a video game? It’s never been done before in gaming history. It needs to stay as a blockbuster moment.

I know you’re going to disagree with this but my argument is it adds tremendously to the atmosphere of the game, and that’s a massive part of why we enjoy this game.

raises flame shield

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ok so u wan to keep it a “blockbuster moment”? ok then, how exactly do u plan do fix the issues i talked abut then. because if you port the current system over… it wont be.

it wont be a “rare” item… it will be a “non-existent” item… because people wont be able to even SET UP WALKS. because we cant see the ip’s.

i know you people seem to think the he just “magically” walked in your games but that’s NOT what happened at all, myself and the other members of the dclone irc community are the ones who put them together, we are the ones who GAVE you that chance.

and I’m telling everyone right now… WE WONT BE ABLE TO DO THAT. if the current system is ported over.

yes we could get 120 sojs together, it will be hard and expensive but we could do it…

the problem is… why CAN’T see which ip will walk… so no one is going to hand over like 10 sojs to not get an anni

and again… with no bots or duped these are REAL sojs this time.

so chances are people will be hard pressed to get 1 or2 the first ladder season let alone enough to start a run
like 1/1500 bugged nm andy runs best case senario sojs.

and if all the ip’s are shared that poses the other issue… people will leave the game on 24/7 to get a chance at a walk when they are sleeping.
and people will instantly remake as soon as 1 sojs sells, effectively ddosing the game creation server…
THAT scenario poses a absolute nightmare for blizzard’s networking team, as they would need roughly 5-10x as many servers up at once as they normally would… which is

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OK we get it, you want to play a certain way, and every other way is wrong… TO YOU… But thats ok, you should be able to enjoy it the way you want, unless thats removed, then you gotta deal with it.

This reeks of " they havnt gotten to that yet" and thats a big negative on the devs, I doubt it will be 75-120 sojs moving forward and no real plan to make him walk on the global server.
I think they will re-visit it before the Ladder launch, or they have it already in the chamber and plan to attach it right to Ladder S1 and off we go.

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except they explicitly said it would be in a sticky

i don’t blame the messenger but someone at blizzard screwed up.

and yesd he did EDIT the post after… but “changing the number” doesn’t really fix anything if u
can’t see the IP

You know what I meant, moving forward past launch… I know they already said its staying the same, but we know thats not realistic without IP ganging. So I am with you on your gripe, but I just have a feeling its not going to be left as they have said.

Would it help if they reduced the number to something around 10 - 20, so people would have to risk 1 soj at most and hope they were in the right game? If they miss this one, hopefully they get the next one.

How does that sound? I’ll admit I don’t have a fraction of the experience you have dealing with this, I’m just curious, I’d find it acceptable for it to be a rare but not too rare chance to fight him.

Just ask yourself if you will be selling that legitimately found SoJ just so you can have a small chance D-Clone will spawn in your game. How many SoJ’s would you need to find before you start dumping them to a vendor instead of selling them to other players?

I think the write up in the OP was great and every dev working on D2R should make sure they know how this actually worked.

What stuck out to me was mentioned in a diff thread. Torches will be more common than Ani if this mechanic stays the same. The only other option is they aren’t going to fix duping and we can easily just dupe up enough to flood sell SoJ’s and make the Clone spawn constantly.


changes are they would have next to no impact.

to get a walk together we usually had between 5-15 people donate the duped NL sojs,
we gave them all to one person and he made a nl game.
he then told everyone the IP and we would all search for ladder games on that ip, ( this normally took between 30-1:30 min for all runners to land on the correct ip… then we usally made the ip “public” to the rest of the community for those did who didnt donate the sojs (this helps grow the community ) and they got usally between ahalf hour to an hour to hopefully land on that ip… after that time is up… we walked it.

now if its say 10-20 sojs.

it would make it easier to get them, but the people dontaing them still have no better chance at getting the anni ( or fight) than any random public player.

soo why would anyone donate THEIR legit soj? when it gets them absolutely nothing.

unless a player can GET something for the soj… they arn’t going to give it… and they cant be guaranteed ANYTHING unless they know what IP is going to walk, and have a way to land on that that ip.

THAT’S what we dont have.

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but even haved 120 dupsed sojs wont do anything unless thier so badly duped you can buy them ALL yourself. and just do a solo walk.

which WAS done on rare occasions, but generally it was done by the IRC admins ( the who who we gave the sojs to who did the selling) because the irc had “leftover” sojs because it rolled like 80-90 sojs the last few times in a row and we just had enough saved up for a full walk full walk after X many runs having leftovers

Well that does sound like a s**t show. How many IPs are there? I think I read over 100? So are you saying someone that sells a SoJ has something like a 1 in 100 chance to be in the correct game?

Leonidas guy: This is madness

it depended on the realm… US west and east ans asia all had different amount… and they shut some down.

i think it was around 20-50 per realm, idk off the top of my head and i dont have the list anymore,

sometimes servers were turned on and off it wasn’t always a constant number.

whats its going to be on d2:R? i have no idea we have no idea how the the IP will be set up… all we know is becuase how bnet 2.0 is set up… we cant use… err command prompt >.>… to see which one we land on.

“no third party program to check ip here… we all definitely used command promt method…” totally

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So basically you’re upset now because you can’t see which ip it is, and therefore can’t hog all the Dclones?

If soj are being sold in your game you know you are on the ip. Selling a soj would indeed help the Dclone spawn so I’m not sure I understand unless again you just want to be able to get as many Dclones as you can in an unfair advantage to the players who actualy play the game the way it was designed.

I would much rather nobody knew when a Dclone will spawn unless you saw the soj being sold in your hell game, and then you could choose to sell your soj to help the count or sit there and hope other people sell theirs. People do want annis even if you don’t and I bet people will be willing to sell their soj for a chance at Dclone.

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Ok I understand now why people used tools to find the IP address (it sounded a lot like an exploit to me before but now it’s more understandable), so 75 - 125 definitely sounds crazy.

But only until we find out information on how many “IPs” uber Diablo will spawn into.

What if it was something like 1 in 5 games get the spawn? Do you think its unfair if someone sells a SoJ and has to scour public hell games for the screen shake? I think it could be fun if people started frantically trying to find the right spawn games and seeing 8 player Uber Diablo fights.

I think maybe the 2021 version of Uber Diablo might be meant more as a public fight rather than what players in the last 10 years (with low server population) were used to. I don’t know if its possible to see 1 v 1’s anymore. I think it will end up being sell your soj, if you don’t get the spawn, go find a public game that did.

What are your thoughts?

each IP has its own soj count
this was shared between ladder and non-ladder game…
when an ip had ( i guess its now 75 and not 80?) -120 sojs.

dclone walked in ALL hell games in that IP, ladder, nonladder, hardcore ladder softcore ladder, ALL open games on hell difficulty on ip walked.

( technically in 1.10 he also walked on norm and nm but didnt drop anni in those, but that was patched out relatively quickly)

as for how we landed on the ip? we just made games… over and over… we made a game… we checked the ip… then we made another… however due to botting protection we could only makes games so fast without getting realm down so trying to land on the correct one was very time consuming. we had no way to control which ip we landed on.

as for how many IP’s bnet 2.0 will have?? unless it just “happens” to be the “one” senario. or blizzard just flat out tells us, i don’t think we will ever know…
as we can only ping the external server now, which always show us the same ip, ( this is a MUCH more secure networking practice, so its highly unlikely blizzard would allow the old incredibly insecure method (relatively speaking) which allowed us to see the ip’s of individual game servers)

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I know you like the fight, but I want my Dclone to have a 100% drop rate when he does spawn.

That is 100% non-negotiable for me to enjoy it as much as oldschool D2. Fighting Dclone is fun and exciting only for one reason, and that reason is that Anni is going to drop when you drop him.


i mean i fial to see how it happens if the excitement is is when he pops into the game or when he drops or the annis but to each thier own.

there is a crazy amount of excitement when a HR or something like a tyreals drop , and your sitting there scared to ID it in fear u might get a templar’s

im not debating here how often annis should be spawnable… i trying to make it so dclone can be spawned in the first place

He can and will spawn in the same manner as he did before.

what is… WHAT exactly??

please inform me how you think he spawned… who do YOU think is selling these “sojs”?