No personal loot either

Absolutely no personal loot… So some random can come in a run & turn on personal loot to leech whatever they want? Let’s say 8 people are in a game with all personal loot… that’s 8x more gear to ruin the economy as if bots didn’t ruin it enough. Absolutely not this is something I’ll be genuinely mad about.

Now if you did personal loot but only to monsters YOU killed even that would be absolutely horrible. The game is enjoyable because it’s a challenge to gear up (THE GRIND!!!) Go play a private match and magic find if you want gear so badly and quit complaining you can’t leech off others. Why is this even up for discussion?


Yes, yes, the leeching bots can do the looting for us, like they always have, and always will.

I wanna know if the bots in the new version will still be able to tp to an item and pick it up before it hits the ground.

Vote 1, Power to the vendors! power to the bots! personal loot removes their business model. Say NO to removing 3rd party business models!

You obviously do not understand Personal Loot since it does not increment items dropped but automatically divides allocation to each player on the area of killed monster(s), and if item is not picked for awhile it’s FFA again.
It was also proposed as a Game Option.

I want to see the sales figure of this game, honestly… This time Diablo III won’t only dwarf its sales it’s going to be a grave massacre it’s going to last less than a Resurrected Fallen on Normal Blood Moor.

Even the devs know this, this is why they are playing the “on launch, but after launch anything could happen!” card.

Here you got one hardcore D2 fan who cancelled their pre-order because they realize underneath those awesome animations and graphics it’s the same stale boring gameplay and is not going to be emotional about it and shuts an eye on its flaws.

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Bots don’t join people’s games and then follow around picking up all the loot, it’s the other way around.

If you don’t want bots snatching up all the loot, don’t join their games, don’t follow them around.

It’s the simplest of logic and common sense. If you don’t get it, you should stop gaming and really focus in your well being.

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I found you something thats completely your speed Punk

You’re knowledge of human health is likely an entire age behind mine.

Are you calling me old?

An age is 2000 years.

I’m saying your knowledge of human health is that far behind mine. For example, you and I don’t even think the same way energetically. You posted a video answering, I assume, whether or not hot dogs rob you of life, so while you’re busy figuring out whether industrialized process food is good or not by listening to corporate media, propaganda and marketing, I on the other hand am studying the current reverse ageing science. Science that right now has not only halted cellular degeneration in human test subjects, but has reversed cellular aging and in fact making cells stronger. 80 year old test subject are physically developing bodies of 40 years olds and maintaining it indefinitely.

Gation spends 10 seconds finding a youtube video with the search reference ‘eating a hotdog’

AtomicPunk spends 10 minutes pontificating.

You know, I reckon I won :smiley:

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You lost the second you decided to look for a video.

That’s gonna be true for D4 too because everyone hates Blizzard now.

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