No paragon points when leveling?

I stopped getting paragon points at level 800. Whats the use in changing the system to 200 point assignments if this is the case? Is it just my account or are others experiencing this?

This is NOT a bug.

Normally, you can only put 50 Points in each Attribute. (With the exception of Mainstat & Vitality).

In Season 29, you can assign 200 Points in an Attribute, if you choose. But, you can only assign 200 Points per category: Core, Defense, Offense & Utility.

200 Points x 4 Categories = 800 Paragon Points.

This is all covered in the Season 29 Blog:

Season 29 Visions of Enmity / Patch Notes / Paragon Ceiling

We are introducing changes to Paragon Points to work in tandem with Solo Self Found and the Season 29 theme. You can now assign a total of 800 Paragon Points to your solo Self Found character. Previously, you were only able to assign a total of 50 Paragon Points to each attribute within the Core, Defense, Offense, and Utility categories, but now you can assign up to 200 in each attribute. Each category can only have 200 Paragon Points placed into them.

This change is exclusive to Season 29 and applies to all modes.


Good grief, you people really need to start reading the info which basically shoved into your faces. :dizzy:


Ty for the info. I usually dont have time to read blogs and such so this was very helpful.


You serious? Like, you know, that seasons are about changes in the game (be it temporary or permanent), you start your seasonal play and do not read what was changed/added to the game, because you “do not have time to read” info provided? But you had time to write that bogus bug report.


sad to say but not everybody’s schedule is the same and trolls will always be trolls

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It is not a bug. It is a feature. Enjoy!


Feature? It kind of remove the point of levelling up beyond paragon level 800

That’s an ERROR (the name of most of your heroes). You can level up gear (in the sense of finding better gear), gems, augments and your personal best GR clears if you want to.

You serious?! You could for example while waiting for the season starts open the launcher and spend a couple minutes reading at least the important bits from the blog regarding the theme and crucial things. “Not being able to squeeze in the schedule” is a very, very poor excuse.

Pointing out blatant faults in your logic is not trolling.


I share the disappointment expressed by this guy. I haven’t delved into the written game’s content myself, and I’m reluctant to invest my time in it. My approach is to play until my interest wanes, and when I encounter an obstacle, like the 800-cap issue, I seek out feedback from the community. Learning that this restriction was intentional is disheartening, particularly considering it’s the final season. It would be more satisfying if the game went out with a bang, leaving us all in awe and saying, “Wow, what a ride!” Instead, it feels like we’re igniting a firework, watching the fuse burn down to nothing, and then returning to our underwhelming lives in a world that seems beyond saving. :disappointed:

The individuals who criticize you here seem to be trapped in their own world, unable to see beyond their current emotional states. They appear to have an employee mindset, lacking business acumen, while the game caters to their preferences, ultimately leading to its demise. Business decisions should not be entrusted to employees unless you’re prepared to go out of business or prioritize factors other than profitability.

Diablo 3 (D3) had numerous opportunities to turn this game into a billion-dollar success and revolutionize the gaming industry with real earnings, but it squandered those chances. These issues are surfacing in beta stages, but they pale in comparison to what D3 inadvertently built and then destroyed by heeding the complaints of the hardcore players who live and breathe the game. I might even consider hiring those players who meticulously analyze various aspects of the game and make every second count, but I wouldn’t put them in charge of making crucial business decisions.

This is the wrong place for feedback… use General Discussion instead.
cf : How to Write a Good Bug Report