No need Lobby for Successful Gameplay

you and your loser Twitch slang. not exactly sitting at the cool table bud

I mean u might be cooler than people who speak Klingon but that’s not saying much

What? Pepega? Actually, it gets around using certain words because you know whole cancel culture.

oh god, your not part of that too are you?
honestly bro you go over the top dissing people. this is about a video game and people just want and expected everything to be the same.
we want Blizzard to know. we want to force them to bring this stuff back
this isnt D3. this is D2. most of us never used mods for it and just want the full stock game.
we are not idiots and ranting on us about not having a PC or willing to spend the money needed to get one make you look really bad.
No one cares about how much money you make.
we just want to get our point across to Blizzard

It’s kind of weird that you are looking for approval from me or something like good job man make that coin.

Not looking for approval. Just pointing out the ignorance of dumb people like yourself.

And yes my rigs make me coin.

what am I being ignorant about? That I dont wanna join a discord and do what you do?

The fact that no lobbies will make the game dead.

the game is playable without it just not really worth sinking in 100’s of hours. at this point it’s worth getting the Platinum and moving on

How old are you? Serious question.

But that is your only argument? No lobbies? Really? I mean of all the things to go to blizzard with. QoL should be #1 and at the top.

35 in October
needed 35 characters so this bottom line is pointless

Lets be real tho. There will be botting and the botters will carry gear to console version of the game where people will buy it for actualy $$.

So we are the same age. fyi

my argument is more directed at JUST ingame texting, Game Lists. and thats really all I care about I can live with no keyboard and mouse function.

The only answer I think of is the port of the game is having issues, but I don’t feel that is a big issue to me.

Blizzard always caters console as second class tho. I’m willing to accept it, but I plan on buying it on pc and console, so I’m not super worried about it. And they do plan on making updates to it. They have already stated that. Possibly add more end game at later date.

I think the game will run fine. will even be fun. but man not having game lists or texting in game and helping people really sucks. I liked seeing all the PVP options or Baal/cow runs. power lvling games. and u just click on them and boom ur in with a group of people u dont know. Thats what I want, thats what I think D2 needs

Ill buy it this refund is basically a front. Ill buy when it drops to like 30$ if they dont include this.

then Ill get the Platinum and prob move on. I can still play original D2 on PC which I assume isnt going to die anytime soon

I recommend giving PD2 a try. The FOV alone makes it way better, but also the balancing of skills and aoe melee attacks, corruptions, maps. A lot more depth to D2.

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there are so many people who want these features. would be foolish for Blizzard to throw away so much money. there has to be away to bring those back. or s*it even texting in game.

I mine crypto with pcs rigs I made myself. Not a fancy way of making money, but just going with it. Also, new 5g miners, that will make even more. :grin:

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