No need Lobby for Successful Gameplay

Didn’t mean to flame ya dude. I’m not part of the cancel culture, but if you say the wrong thing, you get banned. Or misinterpreted the wrong way. Anyway, good luck to you.

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Ill look it up. Im actually installing Knights Of The Old Republic on my old Steam Account
and reason why I think my PC isnt good enough. I bought ARK thought my PC was good enough. graphics look awesome but it skips and lags like a bi*ch. my PC might be able to run D2R Im not even sure. I just dont wanna buy it and find out I need to upgrade and then Ill sink a bunch of money into

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lol its all good man, its easy to just argue on these things. I really just want whats best for the game. it’s been a top 5 fav game for a very long time. maybe even my fav game of all time. not many out there I sunk as many hours into as D2

If you pc really is that old… you really need a new one, but we running low of chips and people buying them for mining, although govt are cracking down on it which is why I am trying to switch.

There have been many users and posts before yours where people were using this same thing saying no lobbies means no game, etc. You can check the history and I’m like it would be nice to have them, but by no means will it break the game. Granted I got used to using Discord with voice because I played hard core.

I was close to buying one but I just bought a new siiiick tv for 2800$ last month
PS5 and movies look insane on it.

PC is my next thing I need this one might even be from 08-09. it’s old but I spent around 1000$ on it back then but I mostly use it for YouTube, Fantasy Sports and reading.

but gotta watch how much I spend. so easy to go over board.

usually how things work out with me when I buy something nice. something breaks and sets me back even further, which was my truck this time and I dont know yet how much it will cost find out on monday but part was 200$ and then I think like 4 hours of labor so I hope it stays under 500$

PC is on the list. I dont want a 700$ PC for just D2R I want one good enough to play Starfield and Elder Scrolls 6 because I dont think Im gnna buy an Xbox Series X.

PC just makes more sense. u can mod things and make games better.

anyways man sorry to give ya a hard time I just want D2R to be awesome on Console

Yeah I figured. My main pc was 3300 with dual 3080’s. The prices should be going down though. The chip shortages via covid and miners buying them like candy.

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yeah theres that too my buddy at work is having a hard time finding some of those pieces. he says his PC is amazing but still needs that chip.
Scalpers are the worst.

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wrong, console 100% need custom game lobbies and a chat lobby both in game and channel
the game does not feel or look like the same d2 the experience is only 25% of what it needs to be trading and interacting is a part of the game

Wrong, but sorry you feel that way. PD2 trading works 100% fine.

nobody gaf about pd2 mod is trash and so are you pd2 has a dedicated trading website

If you think you need a lobby to trade with someone, you might be a full pepega. In your case, you are both trash and a pepega. :laughing:

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So as you can see, these morons come out of the wood work thinking you need a lobby to trade with someone. :roll_eyes:

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your an idiot dude go play pd2 then

Imagine thinking more endgame, corruption unique rolled unique, quality of life features would be considered trash. Yeah, you are just a troll. Ignore function is great for ignorant people like yourself. One such tool I will gladly utilize.


why are you even in the console section probably didnt even pre order huh go troll on trash pd2 or somthing quit trying to tank the console experience

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I see you are an idiot. He was using PD2 and an no lobbies as the reason they will work. They trade, etc. You cannot read and are too dumb to understand it. That is on you.


Learn to read. Using PD2 as an example and PD2 is superior to the base game. More people play it than the base game. I mean unless you like Botnet d2. :laughing:

You don’t use lobbies for trading, grouping, etc or don’t need them.


Lol guy can’t even read and thinks the base game is better. :laughing:

Lmao, when so many balances to skills, quality of life, more storage, more inventory space. Actual hard end game.

Yeah this guy is a scrub.


PD2 > D2

Base game is boring af. Most players will stop after 1-2 weeks.

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