No need Lobby for Successful Gameplay

Greetings from Germany. I play D2 and it has trade, pvp, trist, cows, baal, rush without lobby. I play with fellow Germans on Projekt Diablo 2 mod and use discord for everything, grouping, pvp, cows, leveling, trist runs. No need for lobby game when we have big community. Make lots of freunden and network. Console will not have traditional lobby but it does not need them to be connect people together.

No worry, game will be successful as it already is on mod. No need lobby at all. Lots of smart people use apps to connect. Its all good.



Well said. I agree 100%.

PD2 is a great mod for the game. I wish it was coming to D2R. Maybe sometime in the future Blizz will allow modding.


I wish there were more Quality of life features than anything. Stackable gems/runes would be saaweet.

Im not a fan of the potion system. I can see teleporting sorcs getting stomped in hell very easily early ladder.

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Wish I could agree it doesnt need it. thing is I dont wanna visit anything 3rd party to find games that should be part of the game.
also have to keep adding people on your friends list to get into games. I mean when if u get into 1 cow run and then the guy u added logs off. back to adding more people I guess,
I mean if u wanna go through that more power to you but I still feel that this game is broken and unless it goes on sale I highly doubt Ill be buying.
which is a huge shame I was extremely excited for this but it feels like a large pile of dog sh** at this point missing lobbies

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Your post is far stretch of the truth. I’m not sure you want to be joining randoms if they are stealing your drops.

You should be farming cows solo for HR drops, unless with a team you can trust for drops. Randoms will take your drops.

As for leveling, if you get G rushed as long as you have bumper, you can level in Hell Chaos very quickly. Offer Hellforge for rush, no need for leveling.

Please stop with the insanity.

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They already use Discord to group up. Lobbies are not needed. Your entire post makes no sense it has already been proven. Saying you don’t think it’ll work is ignorance since it already is. No need to continue to spam forums with your displeasure. Get your refund and move on.


racing for item drops is part of the game
besides majority of the time Id do MF runs solo but thats only a small part of the game
I have to argue you really ever played D2.
I would assume you weren’t even born when D2 was released and your used to D3’s horrible set up.

Yeah it’s not insane to not like what they have done. it’s insane to pay them for an incomplete game.

You already got your refund. There is no need for you to post here.

And no, once again you are wrong. I played D2 when it first came out. You havent even played the game since you dont own a pc. :laughing:


Im on a PC right now smart guy lmao
It might not be good enough for D2R
and I can post here as much as I like to.
I’m allowed to say what I dont like about it just like you can say what you like.
If they fix these issues Ill buy.

Your phone doesn’t count. And no, you cant post here since all you are doing is harassing and trolling.


Lmao what a cry baby. You have some psychological issues that need to get addressed.


Tech Support in the feedback area told me to literally come on here and post what I don’t like. so what am I suppose to not do that?

If you want something to change sometimes you have to go on their forum and give some bad feedback or nothing will ever change.

Don’t just roll over and accept it for what it is. The game needs those features.
I will not join a forum and add a new user every 20mins so I can play baal,cow runs or trade rooms, PVP. the match making system is not a good set up for D2.

Sounds like you need to find a job and stop faking it, kid.

I got a PS5 why do I need a PC to play D2R?
I got D2 on my current PC and it runs just fine.
buying a new PC for graphic upgrade seems pointless.
I got a job but thanks for your concern

You can play on console, but you got refund. Now, you are harassing the forums. Very immature for an adult who apparently ‘has bills’ and thinks buying a new pc is breaking his account. And yet, he has the time to make numerous posts instead of trying to make more money. :laughing:

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Your old pos cpu cant run D2 with updated graphics. Omegalul. :laughing:

Maybe if you stopped spamming and started working you could afford a better one.

I have a PS5. thats enough
my PC isn’t really set up to be a gaming computer. the PC only games i really like is CS 1.6 and D2 and they work just fine.
Why do I need to buy a brand new computer?
and I don’t understand the logic here so your fighting for them to Not include lobbies… Why?
Great you found a way around so they should just scrap them?
I bet your experience of D2R on Console would be much much better finding games in a list over discord or forums to find games you want to join.

I’m sorry you don’t like my view on this but I can tell you I’m not alone
lots of older D2 players find it unplayable without lobbies included

Getting mad that there are no lobbies when they literally make no impact. Im guessing youve never played PD2. You dont use lobbys for that game. Thats why its hilarious to watch the few angry bois get mad over something completely irrelevant. Most people dont trade using lobbies on there and it has a larger player base than D2. This makes your entire argument invalid since it already works without using them. Since you have a pc, go play it and join the official discord. Its free and adds more depth to the base game. Most D2 players have played it and prefer it since there is more endgame and corruption chase.

As for buying a pc, im pointing out your insanity to spend time spamming on here rather than trying to make more money to buy a better pc. If yours is actually 10 years old, its gonna die soon. You getting mad about just makes it more funny.

I dont really care about lobbies where u see all the characters lined up at the bottom I want Game Lists and the ability to type messages in game. is that so much to ask for?
I can even live with the controller I got used to it in D3 its ok but I’d prefer Keyboard and Mouse too

I mean Call Of Duty had a Keyboard and Mouse option and I believe Over Watch has Game Lists so why is it so hard for them to include this in D2R? and why am I not allowed to be mad they didn’t?

Okay I’ll agree I may have gone overboard in some of my texts but I usually have Friday off so I was little drunk Thursday in my originals, I’m sure I was little aggressive so I’m sorry about that.

I just wanna play D2R like how I was able to back when i was a teenager. I was excited as hell for this till I logged into the beta.

Ill rebuy on sale most likely unless they add those features then itll be day one buy.

I just hope if enough people refund they will be forced to add them. I know if there’s a massive amount of people playing nothing will be done.

Poor pepega, you still want to argue if lobbies make any impact. Lol, they don’t. Massive amounts of people? No, its just a handle of salty bois getting angry a small feature won’t be there. As stated, you are wrong and have been proved wrong but still want to argue about lobbies.