Newely started seasonal character is now in non-ladder?

I stayed up all night yesterday to hit paragon 600, and turned off pc to go to sleep.
Now I’m looking at my new DH is 2k paragon lvl which seems like to be considered as one of any other non-ladder character.
What has happened?
and why only shards disappeared from sockets?
All the rest stuff I found last night are in mail to non ladder system which is just like when every season ends. So my season starts and ends in one day?
I’d like to hear something from Blizzard !

Were you playing on the Asia server?


This is so unfair and disappointing ! Items and progress will be transitioned to non-seasonal content? That means they are to be gone ! I myself salvage and delete items and characters every end of seasons. I play only seasons and I believe it’s not just me who do that. Isn’t it a part of game design for user to do so? Ergo, you shouldn’t forget transition to non-seasonal means no other than deleting works for someone like me. If Blizz. think some ppl caused all these issues and problems, why not punish them? to sanction their work, their character, or even their account? What did I do wrong to get my work deleted?

This is NOT about YOU. We were ALL affected. (On the Asia Region).

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Because the screw-up was caused by Blizzard themselves… or, rather, their inaction to correct the issue.

When Season 24 ended on Asia… it ended incorrectly. Not only could players log on in “seasonal mode” (remember, the season was supposed to be finished), but they could also log into non-season mode. That allowed players to play “Season 24” after the season, collect some ethereals, and bring them into non-season (and use them in GRifts). Blizzard was informed of this issue a few hours after the “end” of Season 24 on Asia.

I made a couple posts (the first one here, some 7 hours after the “end” of the season). At that time, I could not grasp the entire issue… so I made other posts later… in this topic in Bug Report.

Long story… Blizzard did nothing, Season 25 started with leftovers from Season 24 including ethereals… and suddenly they woke up. Knee-Jerk reaction : reset the season.

I suppose it was the only thing left to be done… should had been done on 5 Dec, but…

Bite the bullet and good luck in your games !


P.S. : something else I should have mentioned…

Obviously, I am not the only player who reported these issues… just look around. There are reports in Technical Support, General Discussion and Bug Report. There are other reports that we made… not in public view, but directly to Blizzard. Our MVP MissCheetah raised the issue with them the first time during the Dec 5th week-end… and then again later. No reaction from Blizzard.