New natalya is awful

Please blizz, rework the set so it don´t feel so clunky


I like everything about it except you have to manually cast traps. Theres no real attack speed other than how fast your fingers can go, so I think macroing would be a problem.


Yeah, can’t say I’m a fan either. I liked it in PTR (not using strafe). I doubt I’ll be using it now. It can bring down a boss easy enough, I guess. So maybe this’ll work in groups. Since I’m mostly SSF, I think this set isn’t for me.


It absolutely is awful. It’s very unpleasant to use and cumbersome as all hell. If my primary damaging skill is useless by itself and requires a secondary skill to activate, then it takes at least twice as much time and clicking to attack. It’s a very poor mechanic and I don’t think I’ll ever touch it again.

Even worse, the Caltrops skill that amplifies damage can only be placed at my location, which means enemies are pulled towards me, ruining all sense of strategy. Is your argument that I have to move out of the way before activating my primary AND secondary skills? Then it takes absolutely forever to attack at all.

Please make Spike Traps activate by themselves instead of requiring another skill to use them. Otherwise, this set is just a waste of time.


They did rework it, that’s how it became so clunky.

Personally, not surprised. Haven’t been a fan of most of the recent set reworks.

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I think the ask is to put it back the way it was on PTR, at least that was a functional and enjoyable build to play, this version now is just atrocious. They could leave the manual activation for those who want it to be less “braindead” but return the automatic with strafe for those who don’t like this clunky garbage we got now.


I don’t know, I kind of like the pull effect. Took some getting used to but I’ve got it to work for the most part.

I don’t know if I like the “stand in the middle and eat effects part” though. Still, it’s not that hard to play and not near as clunky as I thought it would be.

Not that I would mind them changing it back but it’s not unplayable as it is. I think people just got to get used to it is all.

Just my opinion.

I think it’s a bit buggy in that area as well, myself and others I have seen have experienced that it does NOT pull at all. Overall, it feels like a hot mess, either not working at all or working in a very unreliable manner.


Once again, Blizzard snatches humuliating defeat from the jaws of victory…:roll_eyes:


It appears you have to find an area with no monsters. Set your traps far and wide, then hit caltrops, then whatever skill you’re setting the traps off with.

It’ll pull whole heaps of monsters on to you and then you just stand there laying traps, setting them off and hitting caltrops every once in a while to keep the pack together.

That said, it doesn’t appear, to me, to be as powerful as folks made it out to be.

I use the caltrops rune that gives bonus crit for standing in the area of effect or whatever they call it. I use the lightning rune on spike traps. I place caltrops, then place the spike traps, set them off, it hits those near enough to the traps I placed but no pull, none at all. If it will only work with no monsters anywhere nearby that is just straight up ridiculous.


Should have been Sneak and Spike…

The new set up broke the Lightning rune. You’re better off with Echoing Blast or Custom Trigger.

I use Custom Trigger with Evasive Fire Hardened to set them off.

The Lightning Rune doesn’t shock because all the traps go off at once. I think.


And we should all just accept that and try to play a busted half-baked build rather than trying to get them to make it decently workable for all setups? I can understand some wanting more interaction. But what we got is just hot garbage compared to what worked on PTR.


On PTR it was Lightning Rune or nothing and that’s better somehow?

I’m just sayin’ not all runes will work with the way the set works now.

Also, Evasive Fire/Hardened gives toughness for when you’re standing in a heap of effects.

My point being that they need to make it work with every rune in either form. Having some runes that just flat don’t work is not a reasonable excuse or an acceptable form. Many builds focus on specific runes because they are better, but I don’t know many builds which are intentionally broken so that runes don’t work at all and left that way on purpose.

I agree, they should fix the lightning rune but also in the PTR, everyone used Strafe which didn’t allow the “cascade of explosions” to take place which is why lightning worked the way it did on PTR and all the other runes were broken.

I’ll take more runes working better than I take one rune being the only thing that works.

But yes, if they can fix lightning, they should.


It seem slow – really slow – but powerful. It just took my over 7 minutes to clear a gr 70, but not because it takes time to kill anything. It’s just the laying traps and trigging them thing is slow. But I suspect the gr times will stay flat around 7 or 8 minutes quite high.

I came here to see if people were having success with it. Sounds like most people hate it. I’m going to do some higher runs to see how it works out.

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I need PTR strafe Natalya,is cool and better.This is the best choice.
If devs insists on the current Natalya, then I think this choice is much worse than ptr strafe Na.
Now this new Natalya is fragile and low damage.
power is lower than expection,this will be better 6P:10000%→20000%,I dont feel the effect of this:“Spike Trap explosions will blast affected enemies towards the nearest set Caltrops”,we dont like attract mobs,maybe its effect will be better as the Vacuum rune of Condemn, which can suck the mobs together quickly.


Best I’ve heard anyone say is they can tolerate it. Don’t know that I’ve seen anyone, anywhere, say they actually like it.