Nerf tal rasha next patch!

The build has been S tier for 3 seasons in a row now. Hoping it gets nerfed next patch.


Tal Rasha isn’t overpowered, Meteor support items are. If you’re going to demand nerfs, target them correctly.

The same applies to demands of buffs also.

Tal Rasha on its own is among the weakest sets in the game. The reason why it’s used for Meteor almost exclusively is because Meteor support items are way too strong.


It will be interesting to see what the last big patch will bring.

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Wow, you have no idea what are you talking about. Let’s look at Nilfur’s Boast, a single pair of boots, it grants 7x multiplier and another 10x multiplier for a grand of 70x multiplier against 3 or less targets. Now compare that to 81x multiplier Tal Rasha 6-piece Set stacks, for only 14% damage margin for wearing all 6-piece and… Wearing all 6-piece bonus only grants 14% marginal damage increase against 3 or fewer targets compared to a single item?!

Wait… What was the question again? Hold on…Okay, let’s change the subject, let’s… Let’s look at Mempo of Twilight granting 5x multiplier and applies Meteor Shower; a scattered blow skill rune to every modifier increasing times hit by 7x against wide crowds for a sum of 35x multiplier. You can compare that to any other supporting item of any other build with ease and see… That… They require a windup or cast of multiple skills at once instead of being a completely passive, instant benefit and it’s unrivaled?!

Okay, I can not keep a straight face for too long. But I believe developers thought since build is very susceptible to crowd control they wanted to make sure its damage output is high for reducing any kind of impact from bad luck as it’s too dependent on CoE cycles.
I think they’re aware of the issue but gathering up data to see if it worths nerfing it. Would we see a nerf to Tal Rasha build next Season? To be honest I wouldn’t hold my breathe. Apparently someone from the development team really likes Wizard and may decide that it’s not overpowered at all.

Nerf the nerfers next patch.


Naksiloth, please reread what he wrote. You are saying the same thing. Kind of funny in a way.


you’re right. in order for part 4 to be bought, part 3 must be turned into a piece of s#@… weakening is necessary

Rather than demanding nerfs to working builds that aren’t unfun or pain inducing, all those nerf-hammer swingers should demand that the devs do their job and provide us with balance and item changes to make other builds stronger. There’s so much room, it’s a waste to just call for nerfs.

I mean, when was the last time Vyr was looked at? Can we unnerf Mirror Images (or rather Firebird)? I would love to see Mirrorbird back, but with permanent Images that work along the set, not those moronic dumbos we have now. And can we also get something for Explosive Blast or Magic Missile? If the nerf bat is the only thing you wish for, better don’t ask at all.



Buff everything else. We’re about to enter maintenance mode and people want to be gimped?

Beat me to it :slight_smile:


Reread the OP. He is talking about the build, not the set. Meteor support items are part of the go to Tal Rasha build as is the Tal Rasha set. Whether they nerf the set itself or the support items, it will achieve what the OP wants which is to nerf the build.

If they do nerf the build, hopefully they do it correctly and bring it in line with the other top builds and not the usual of nerfing it into the ground. Many fun builds have been ruined when they brought out the nerf hammer.



Same happened with Mundudnudnngudnu’s. It was condemned as OP, so they made WD the trash class again. Their lame reasoning was “spirits are not pets”, yet they consider sentry’s pets.


However nerfing the set has collateral damage, it nerfs all builds based on the set. Nerfing Meteor support items nerfs Meteor exclusively.

That’s why targeting nerfs and buffs correctly matters.


I’d really like to see Tal Rasha build nerfed, but I imagine someone behind the scenes of the development saying; “No. One more season required for data hoarding”. Usually a FotM build goes two Seasons before getting hit by a nerf stick but I started to doubt if that rule really apply to Tal Rasha at this point.
Why even they gave it this amount of high multipliers at the start without any proper testing? Obviously someone really likes the Wizard and want it to clear high tiers consistently at the cost of getting perma-frost.

You made a typo there I see. It’s actually Mundugununudugu. Much easier to say and type.

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Buff the rest. Nerf the nerfers.


Adding the damage multiplier to Mempo of Twilight was too much. Without it TR Meteor would be ~10GRs weaker, somewhere around GR145 capable.

Even the Meteor Shower rune effect could’ve been added to an existing support item, like The Smoldering Core. This way the Mempo could’ve been left in the original form.

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It’s 7x or 10x against 3 or less mobs not 7 x 10 = 70x against 3 or less mobs. Correct your misleading comments plz.


and nerfing meteor support pieces exclusively also affects 2 other builds, Firebirds build and the Wiz LoD build. Nerfing meteor support pieces might bring Tal in line with other top builds, but could also cripple two other builds.

Exactly. I don’t care what pieces they adjust, as long as they aren’t crippling builds.

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no dont nerf it… buff others instead and stop crying for nerfs, at this point i just wan to have fun with this game


The full name of the build the OP is referring to is “Tal Rasha Meteor”. Specifying both set and skill name is important for getting his point across clearly. Otherwise he is just obfuscating.

Mempo is alright, for example it provides a sizable damage buff for Deathwish and Bazooka meteor builds that don’t use Smoldering Core.

So the real culprit is Smoldering Core, which needs to be axed from the game. This also re-enables meteor to be played with a 1hander.


Yeah, you might have a point here. The meteor version of tal rasha is multiple tiers ahead of other classes builds. This should get nerfed next patch.