Nerf tal rasha next patch!

I have a better suggestion: Buff all the others. Especially in fact that S29 is long without team work on any new. Revert nerfs of Inna, Mundu, Firebird mirrors, Gears of dreadland and e.t.c


If you want to nerf Tal-Rasha, then Talgo and Reakor will also nerf, so it’s better not to nerf either.

Talgo? What is this? You mean TragOul? With the altar coming with season 30 rathma is much stronger. Look at necro leaderboards season 28.

Don’t nerf Tal Tasha, buff Jade Harvester


I’d rather buff some support items than the set. Still, I’d like to see Jade getting some love one way or another.


I would like auto lancer to get a buff. Not to push 150. But for T16 and bounties. Maybe make it less dependent on ingeom?

We have WW barb, inna monk, chicken WD, auto fist crusader, GoD DH and meteor wiz. All pretty fast for T16 content. Necro is only one that don’t?

It’s hard to say if the medication has been retained in permanent Altar.

Mate the happiness could be back with S30 patch. Return of the altar is promised. Let’s hope they don’t nerf it.

Hehehe did you edit your post? Now it looks like I’m talking to myself. :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:


I’m okay with the Wizard Tal Rasha/Meteor build as is–as long as there’s a comparable GR DPS build for every other class. :smirk: Yeah, like that’s gonna happen.