Nerf Firebird Wizard!

Please nerf firebird wizard.
Everything else is reduced and doesn’t raffle, and even devastates some builds. Currently, the firebird wizard is the strongest and extremely superior to other characters. And raise a bit all the sets that are weaker than the others.


It’s all Mirror Images, if players actually played another build you’d see the actual Firebird set is near perfectly balanced.

So nerf Mirror Images, not the set.


Yes, please don’t take away my flame blades and electrocute builds. I quite enjoy them and they’re very balanced.

The fun thing about Firebirds is that all fire skills are now viable. If you nerf the whole set because of MI, everything else becomes mediocre.


Yes exactly, I’ll be quite upset if my non-MI builds which do speed solo 110-115’s quite comfortably get whacked because of MI blasting through 120’s with no augs, para >1k ect ect. They’re nearing 140 GR no Aug para 1k clears already lol, obviously it’s the MI’s that are the culprit here.

It’s actually okay if it goes another season with being OP as there wouldn’t be anything good to take its place. I’d rather they do it next season by buffing our other set/builds.

I’m sure once necros are done trying to focus on pushing a set that got nerfed by 12+ GR’s (seriously guys) then they’ll find something equally as OP with the absurd weapons they got in comparison. Like LoD is still a thing y’know. Crus on the other hand got it rough, they’re like us with not really any crazy weapons to brag about and they got nerfed.

Reallistically next season 4 men meta is going to look something like zbarb zmonk znecro and a firebird with the two handed ethereal 700% damage you just have to replace aughild and the firebird offhand with the shoulders and ashnagar bracers … Blizzard basically nerfing popular builds (as they said" popular ") for the sake of diversity …ending up with a single busted best build for everything (xpspeeds ,groups, solos) …That’s top notch balance and patching we didn’t expect anything less!! Always meeting our expectations Thanks Obama

You can’t even talk about balance here. Everything still nerfed and boosts indefinitely.
Otherwise, I agree that the damage is caused by the mirror image. So let them balance it with the others and not that with one character you give 150 gr and the other 135.

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its about time wizard became a viable class again weve been at the bottom so long


I totally agree with you !

He still has a tornado … but if Blizz doesn’t raffle the other classes anymore, it should be balanced.

Hey, WD here. old my beer.


Right Ethereal, wrong set. Firebird = No AD = No top meta in 4 man at least for trash clearer, might be something for RGK now that Crus got that knocked back. Point is you got to let things play out, even now monks are gaining steam ahead of wizard with DH not too far behind and I bet necros will figure it out soon enough with their super OP weapons; With that 2H Ethereal LoD Star Pact could even make a comeback, or LoD Twisterthere’s still much more theorycrafting and testing to be done.

It doesn’t need nerfed. It’s honestly in a very solid spot. I would love for ALL builds to be brought up to FB level with a niche that they excel in.

I do think mirror images should be removed from being able to proc the FB dmg so that would be a decent nerf, but idk. It’s still likely going to underperfrom AoV after the nerfs.

Stop nerfing, start buffing everything else. Much better.


I wouldn’t mind a slight nerf if they gave the mirror images the necro mages ai. Plus your deathwish bonus is interrupted by every buff you have to keep up and casting mirror images. But I tend to agree with other posters. We don’t need any more nerfs. Buff the horrible sets. I miss Tal Rasha from back in the day actually being useful for meteors which is was designed for. A generic set that buffs primary or secondary skills would go very far toward build diversity. Something Wudijo recently made a video on that I’ve been thinking about for a few years. I’ve stuck with this game since playing on the 360. It’s not the random buffs that keeps me playing. I want more creativity in my builds. Pick what I like and have them be strong. Black hole has I believe one item that buffs it for instance. I love that skill. More items that cover all skills gaining the effect of every rune. Those are absolutely awesome. sorry for the longwinded post but this has been stewing in my head for a few years.

Solid OP status. And it needs a nerf. Otherwise, the nerf to Necro, Sader and DH can not be justified.

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You didn’t read what I posted. I said the mirror images interaction needs removed which would effectively be a nerf, but I don’t think anything else needs adjusted.

Also, the sader nerf is projected to be only a 3 tier nerf which is not bad at all. It will still be stronger than FB. Necro was insanely strong but I think they did go overboard.

no. stop stop stop stop.

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Blizzard, do not listen to the OP. FB wizards are just fine as it is.


Do not worry, blizz won’t listen to OP, wiz has always been OP except for just two or three seasons.


You do realize Wiz isn’t the top on the PTR right? Our Eth weapons aren’t that great.

Who is top? Don’t tell me the monks who are exploiting the bugs and will be fixed very soon

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