N6God4 possible?

I only played on the ptr a little but why is N6God4 just not superior to God6? Are the bonuses from simplicity strength and depth diggers not additive?

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They are multiplicative.

And it is useable, but you lose ring slot that’s worn and one in the cube thanks to Natalya and RoRG and a weapon that worn too. That’s a loss that I don’t think using N6GoD4 can make up with just a 40% increase in 6 piece bonus.

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I almost downed a GR135 with this setup, I had amazing maps. As I recall, I didn’t run Endless Walk, I used CoE+Flavor of time.

I think this setup might actually be best for low paragon players when the season starts. The extra defense is huge, it allows for risk-free face tanking, which gives quite a bit of extra damage.


Add grenade belt, and you can have 4-5 overlapping Anathema RoV continuously.

Wear a 3 bounce tho, 5 bounce lags until it crashes. (I had 150ish AD when I tested)

As good as N6G4 sounds, it does have its trade-offs:

N6G4 Pros:

  • 1.396x damage (N6 14000% vs G6 10000% bonus)
  • 2.5x toughness (from N6 bonus)

N6G4 Cons:

  • Requires Natalya’s Slayer equipped (loss of weapon slot)
  • Requires Natalya’s Reflection equipped (loss of 1 ring slot)
  • Requires RoRG equipped or in cube (loss of 1 ring slot)
  • Requires Rain of Vengeance equipped and used (loss of 1 skill slot)

So in total, you gain about 40% damage and 60% damage reduction for two rings and a weapon. This disables the use of Focus and Restraint.

Instead of using N6G4, Elusive Ring provides the same 60% damage reduction for 1 ring slot (provided you use a skill like Smokescreen Vanishing Powder every few seconds). Next, Convention of Elements provides a time-averaged bonus of +50% damage by itself as another ring slot. Also, Focus and Restraint combine for 2.25x damage. Lastly, the weapon slot could be any number of options ranging from Odyssey’s End, Dawn, Fortress Ballista, and Echoing Fury.

TL; DR: I don’t see N6G4 as a very good build because of the large sacrifices needed for moderate benefits.

By using Hellcat Waistguard, you miss out on Hunter’s Wrath. And if you instead cube Hunter’s Wrath, you miss out on Depth Diggers. A huge loss either way.


I didn’t feel a huge loss from HW in cube. P1200 with zero augments, and I cleared 111. I know that isnt mega, but it felt extremely nice, and since I barely hit 105 on Live, it was a large increase.

I guess it is behind, but it plays the way i like.

PS: not near my PC at the moment, but has anyone tried the 1 proc entangled shot with ess of johan, rov: flying strike and Rimehart yet with N6G4? NvM… Its trash​:rofl::rofl:

It’s a decent setup I was able to clear 125 with it although I didn’t push much anymore because the GoD6 is just much better because of what @Iria mentioned the trade off for those slots and skills are way too much valuable to not take in count.

Try building a thorns version.

How would you go about creating a Thorns DH. We’ve got no passives that amplify thorns. All we would be using is the thorns based items like Hack or Sanguine Bracers and what not. I mean, 14,000% damage on thorns seems pretty lack luster without abilities or passives geared to let us use thorns effectively.

I’m not saying one couldn’t do it but on paper or at least by my understanding of the DH class, it doesn’t sound very effective at first glance.

But if it works, then it works. Sounds interesting at least.

I was just running N6G4 with 2 hand xbows with Topaz and Boyarskis Chip and some random thorns on set pieces.

The AoE skills with hack multi-procced the thorns a ton, and the Spiker shield on the crusader doubled my thorns damage. Like I said, the thorns proc from bolas (the 20% rune) procced a LOT. I can only imagine what HA Spray of Teeth would do in a close group with 55% CHC …

Remember, N6 buffs G4 shots still, as well as HA with the 9thC quiver. So you get the full damage of normal N6G4, and you just add the multi-proc thorns on top of that. I didn’t math out the full thing, but I was running 107’s solo in about 5 mins, and ran a 111 with a Crusader in about 3 minutes with the bolas version. I’m sure HA:SoT would do it much better, but ran out of time to test.

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I can spare you the hype since I was actually running a thorns build. Problem is that although Nat’s bonus 14000% helps a but our class doesn’t have any other skill that would increase thorns dmg like crusader or necro or barb. So you can gather tons of thorns in your gear that it won’t matter like you’re cap for Gr’s is going really to be around that in 110 - 115 you’re dmg is already going to start suffering a lot from it.

I dont disagree. I would say in my P1200 non augment build with the sub-par skill choices, 107s in 5 mins was nice.

The folks have already tested G6 vs N6G4, and G6 wins by a margin. With the speed proccing of Thorns, I believe that margin shrinks significantly, and may put the thorns ahead slightly.

But the gearing requirements to min/max will be obscene compared to PTR, so it will probably never be tested on live.

I’m also very interested in your thorns data. What did you test?

Hey, do you mind recording a video? I know PTR is down, but you can replicate a similar scenario with just N6 since GoD4 doesn’t buff thorns damage at all.

I’d like to take a look at the thorns numbers you’re getting. I say this because the total damage of a single attack with thorns proc will need to reach the mid trillions to even be in the same realm as a full GoD6 setup. A single shot from my fully buffed HA DA often times totaled for over 1.2 Quadrillion damage easily. Even impale will have a hard time reaching those numbers.

I brought this up because if in fact what you’re saying is true, then I think people would be doing thorns with N6 rapid fire for better results.

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I think he was likely seeing his primaries kill things and just assumed it was thorns because he didn’t expect the two piece and 4 piece of GoD do so much damage amplified by N6.

But who knows, maybe cknopp saw something there. I just doubt it.

It wasn’t the size of the numbers, just a startling amount of them.

Remember, Gents, you play at a much higher level than myself, and I only play PTR. My only interest in D3 now is to find the cracks along the edges, and exploit them.

The Thorns procced like crazy (constant rolling numbers) in the 90 minutes I tested. Woke up the next day with more ideas, and PTR was down.

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1.2 Quadrillion damage per hit.

The lunacy of this game never ceases to depress me.


I was using Bolas with no bola support items.

I promise it wasn’t the real damage dealer, it was only for speed proccing. Proc on first hit, AoE second hit procs on the rest of the group. I’m sure you can see how quickly that builds up.

If anything was carrying, it was Anathema with a 5 bounce Hellcat. Since it’s easy to stack 6-7 on a mob while strafing, that’s a ridiculous amount of Thorns application if the group is tight.

I had 135AD stacked, but didn’t get deep enough to see if there was a crack in the wall that it was helping the Thorns application. I doubt it, but like I said, I ran out of time to test. I was also running a Moonlight Ward testing out the new SoJ. I feel something can be leveraged there, as the rolling damage from that was also very significant, and I think it was also proccing Thorns, but may be wrong.

This is going to convince me to play a bit after this patch drops… Going to try the following build:

N6G4 Thorns
Nats Slayer (topaz), 9th Ciri
COE and FoT
Hunters Belt and Wraps of Clarity Bracer
Cube: Hack, Taskers, RoRG

Legendary Gems
Pain Enhancer

RoV Dark Cloud (Anathema lag locks servers sometimes)
Strafe Icy Trail
Sentry Chain of Torment
Hungering Arrow Spray of Teeth
Smoke screen displacement
Shadow power Gloom

So, the idea is to layer 5-6 dark clouds while dropping sentries. PE attack speed/taskers to blast the tic rate for thorns on Sentries (0.2 proc rate), Dark Cloud tics, bleed tics, Icy Trail tics as well as HA-SoT thorns multi-proc. Obviously, you still get the N6/G2/Ciri/Hunters boost for the HA shots, both self cast and G4 triggered.

I’m sure it wont pass 125ish, but I’m so bummed that PTR finished before I got completely around this concept, that I will probably need to be utterly disappointed on the Live servers by this to let it go!:rofl:

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Sorry fr the necroing, but im wondering if a god4/n6 setup around greandes would be viable.

Grenades from : RoV: Anathema, Strafe: Demolition and Grenade cache primary.

rings: natalya and CoE, rorg in cube

weapons: natalya and valla’s, dawn in cube

hellcat belt, no hunter’s wrath, depth diggers in cube

gems: taeguk, bott and stricken

Any thoughts? Im going to try it anyway and see what happens, but perhaps someone here apready has, or can foresee the result?

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This is interesting to me. With the Nat6, all damage is gets the 14k boost, not just primary, right? so strafe damage also gets the bonus?

So could you possibly remove the primary skill if you can find a way to keep up hatred, maybe with blood vengeance? I dunno, but if you could, then you could replace the quiver in the cube and cube dawn and get strafe boost from Valla’s?

I may have to try it.