Most of Diablo 4's loot is untradable?

People who participated in the Diablo 4 internal test said that most of the loot is not tradable?

The properties of the loot are also similar to Diablo 3, and Diablo 4 is Diablo 3.5.


Most of the loot being untradeable is a great news.


Most of Diablo 4’s loot is untradable?

We knew that 3 years ago. Trade the junk all you want the good stuff not so much :point_down:

Zaven: Our underlying philosophy here is we think it is the best when you can kill a monster, and get loot that way. So we want to make sure that whatever we do, we kinda respect that part of Diablo. It is core to Diablo. But with that in mind, we also do want to allow trading. So our current strategy is this, and you know, it is still early days — so we really want to hear your feedback on this in particular.

So the idea is that we have kinda three different types of tradeable items, so to speak: there is a class of item (a bunch of items) that can always be traded, no matter what, freely. I can give it to Angela. She can give it to David. He can give it to Joe. So on, and so forth.

— and then, we can also have a class of items that are tradeable one time. So I have an item. I use it for a year, and then I’m like: “I don’t want this item anymore;” and I give it to Angela. But now, she can’t trade it anymore. It is bound to her. So things like that can only be traded one time.

— and then, we are also thinking that– probably — the highest quality, most powerful things in the game, especially in that area, there should be items that you can’t trade at all. That you have to earn yourself. You have to go do those end-game dungeons, and kill monsters, etc. to get that loot.

So you can kinda see, just like with these very simple kinda gradient of things and options here, where we kinda do the call off when do something becomes a one-time trade, or a never trade — we have a lot of flexibility there; and we are going to be listening to you, guys, in kinda getting that feedback as well. So please, let us know what you think.


So much for the NDA :laughing:

So the, I guess alpha version, feels like an unfinished product thus you brand it 3,5?
Nothing to make an eyebrow be raised in other words.

Trading. Now that is one topic that has been so extremly worn out in discussions.
My take on the topic is that I wouldn’t mind trading as long as that doesn’t lead to third party sites. That would lead to the same bot fest D2 was. I mean in D3 I see complaints about bots, but that refers to “play” bots (in lack of a better word for it) in D2 we had that plus spam bots making the general chat useless.
Summary: No thanks.

As for the eyebrows on the last… Well instead of being raised the fall, pressing the eyelids… Zzz zzz

I wonder, what are those “MOST POWERFUL” things in the game in blizzards vision. If those are simple uniques then PFT…

I would understand some sort of a crafted item that needs end game dungeon rare stones and resources or whatever where you literally have to sell your soul to make such an items. If such items/resources are non trade-able, well maybe that would be OK.

Yup, Dev’s have been saying that from the start.

Noob gear is going to be freely tradeable.
Mid level gear is going to be BOT most likely.
Any real end game gear will not be tradeable.

They have always intended for trading to be severely limited. While it is going to end up more being gifting noobs rather than trading, they call it trading to try to please the pro-trading crowd.

I am fine with this as long as gear can be found/earned in a reasonable time. I am not fine with farming tokens all day to gamble at merchants. If the game just decays into slot machines to gear, I would much rather have full trading.


Well the quote Avalon posted was from 2019 BlizzCon, which was when the item tiers for Diablo 4 were the following:

Normal → Magic → Rare → Set → Legendary → Mythic

Also the trading system was split between three categories:

  • Unlimited and free: You could trade the item in question as many times as you want
    • Most likely Normal, Magic, and Rare Tier items fitted this trade category
  • Limited Trading: You could trade a specific item only one time and then it’s no longer tradable.
    • Most likely Set and Legendaries tier items fitted this trade category
  • Unable to Trade: You can’t trade this type of item at all, instead it’s bound to you the moment it drops for you.
    • Most likely Mythic items, a tier of items so powerful that you could only equip one Mythic item at a time, fitted this trade category.

Now the itemization went through a number of changes. Mythic items no longer exist (as of now anyway), and had been replaced by unique items (which aren’t as powerful nor carry the same restriction), and the trade system seemed to be dialed down to two categories now (according to some of those who participated in the test):

  • Limited Trading: You can trade a specifc item a few times before it becomes bound to a person and no longer tradable.
    • Normal, Magic, and Rare items supposedly fit this category
  • Unable to Trade: You can’t trade this item at all
    • Set (assuming they’re still in the game), Legendaries, and Unique items seem to fit this category.

So yeah, I can imagine that the folks who want trading won’t be happy with this. But to call Diablo 4 a Diablo 3.5, just because of this is laughable at best imo. I mean if you give D3 free trading, it wouldn’t make it a better game, and most, if not all, of it’s core issues would still persist.

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I have so many huge issues with what this entails. Does this mean that dev team intentionally design items that are BiS? If so game is dead. What about rare items?
Rare items SHOULD be anything from garbage to amazing. What about trading those?

Rare items should be the backbone of a character with uniques sprinkled in. If every character is fully decked in uniques with predetermined properties we basically are playing a D3 reskin. NO THANK YOU.

It sounds good to me.
Never like the item black market, its seedy corruption only benefited paypigs and ruined the game for the rest of us.


Every game I ever played have BiS items, which by default are designed by the dev team, so yes?


they better keep it restricted. no p2w elemnts in d4.

one option is to have trading within your guild, and both of you need to have been in the guild for like 7-14 days before the trading is avaible.

They design a huge amount of items. Players will come up with a specific combination of items that are highly effective, becomeing BiS. Usualy the most powerful items become BiS. Just like in both D2 and D3.

And D2 LoL. It’s not just D3, D2 established this when Runewords became the best items in game, which give a normal item unique properties.


Best news ever.

5 characters required

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Technically yes ofc course. But if what is being said that there are like 3 item brackets. Where the highest “bracket” are designed to be BiS. Doesnt that exclude a huge portion of items.

They should just make a truckload of items. And let the players figure out what is good for their builds rather than the devs designing a predetermined BiS for every build which is what D3 is right. It will also lead to every player playing the same build use exact same items.

I prefer an item progression like this:
It starts with Blue item >bad rare item > bad unique > medium good rare item > good unique > awesome unique/awesome rare > Exceptionally good one of a kind rare item.


I have sadly read “leaks” (well, unfounded rumors) that indicated those items might be tradeable after all, due to UI elements in Clan interfaces, that seemed to support it.
But I sure hope most items are untradeable, and the Clan interface is just a red herring.
Unfortunately, even the reports which say that you cant trade most items, also say Rares can be traded. Which is pretty bad, since Rares will be some of the best items in the game (at minimum through the Essence crafting)

Agreed. Making items tradeable based on their quality would be a nightmare to do.
It has to be Rarity based rather than quality based.
As in, any item rarity that can be BiS, should not be tradeable => Rares, Legendaries, Uniques. I am assuming here that Magic items cant be BiS. They might be great for reaching breakpoints, or temporarily cover “holes” in your items, but unable to compete with rares/legendaries/uniques in an optimized gearing situation (= BiS).

Yeah, that should never happen.

Yeah. Items will be designed in some sense of course. But Blizzard should try not to design items for a specific build, or just make one item for each slot for each “predesigned build”. Terrible situation in D3.

Agree with that too. Exceptional rares should sit slightly at the top, ahead of the best uniques and legendaries, while being so rare that you might never see them.

Yes, and one of the worst things D2 ever did for its itemization was introducing those OP runewords. Not a model to follow.

Judging from what the Quarterly Blogs told us:

Item Progression is more like:
Normal Item → Bad Magic or Rare Item → Bad Legendary → Bad Rare item with Legendary essence → Bad Unique Item → Good Magic or Rare Item → Good Legendary → Good Rare item with Legendary essence → Good Unique Item

If sockets and runewords were more favorable to magic and rare items, that’d certainly help them. But as of now, that doesn’t appear to be the case

So incredibly bad if that is how it turns out :frowning: But yeah, it is what the blogs have said. Seriously Blizzard… What are you doing?

Hm, I dont recall anything indicating good Uniques will be better than good rares or legendaries?

You can turn Rare into “Legendary”. :sunglasses:

Image of Rare Amulet turned into Legendary Amulet: :point_down:

Unique are the items that we supposedly can use 1 of correct? Legendary are different.