Mortick's Brace actually do anything?

I played leap/quake for a long time since I hate charging to build dps. When the changed bloodlust to a crit. I lost the old passive which I believe was 15% more for leap/quake…i cant remember now. It was the end for leap. They have tried lots I hope they figure a balance for barb ,not as a whole for game play but for a neglected class.

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Not all people are into speed. Im more into sustaining gameplay and working on builds. I don’t care about meta or xp. 6 years just 2k pargon I give a rats aaasss about xp.


Im 70 years old I am going to repeat. Like last blizz con about phones and apps. Don’t you have a grandfather?

I can relate to this. Playing since the open beta and I’m only P1300ish in NS.

I do have 2 accounts though.

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You should try MOTE6-IK2-Istvans (as people named it ProSlam).

You will enjoy it. Here is a link to build:

Change Slauther to:
Critical hits has a 25% chance to cause an explosion for 300% of the damage dealt in a 15 yard radius.

Change Arreat’s Wail to:
Each hit burns for 100% Weapon Damage per second and enemies to take 10% increased damage from the Barbarian for 3 seconds.

Making it stack indefinately would cause it become a good damage boost against enemies that take longer to kill, thereby helping a lot with single targets.

It is BIS, only if today is 2015

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I just got them dropped for the first time, but I think they are bugged indeed. When I turn the WoB, I don’t have the Areat’s Wail rune equiped, but if I understand correctly, all the effects should be working. However, when I tested it inbetween a stack of mobs, nothing happened. I expected them to insta-gib in flames //yes, I am new.

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Thanks for your thoughts.
I have them on my WW Barb with Capt. Crimson set and Echoing Fury in cube, and without a doubt this setup is a leap forward in damage boost.
I would not state however that the bracers make that much of a difference.
Strongarms or Nems give excellent performance as well.
It is still hard to decide if they are bis.

It’s really not. At high GR levels, you can’t pass up on the massive amounts of mitigation that Ancient Parthan Defenders gives you. It’s not even close.


I’m running Volcanic Eruption w/ Whirlwind and fire damage on bracers hoping they will proc mortic’s engulfing enemies in fire.

I believe this has caused my game to freeze, tho not sure, could be .net framework or some other background process.

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Just an observation:
The top seasonal Americas Barb build at 126 has Mortics as does the seasonal HC Barb at 119.
In Europe at 125 the #2 position by Lucky has Mortick’s and in #1 in HC, in their Kanai, Novi has it too. In normal at 133 Darkpatator has it too.
In Asia seasonal 125 #2 with it, normal at 133 Fury has it, in HC at 122 #1 position has it.

So if someone wants to explain how they managed to do this at such high levels if it is crap as some say, be my guest


Yes, they suck. That is what they do.

Hmm I stand corrected, it seems it in fact does something :slight_smile:


But still no one comments - on them it says “Wrath of the Berserker” gains all rune effects. However, that doesn’t seem to happen with mine. What could be wrong here?

Check out Part 2 of this…


Perhaps the actual ‘bug’ as it seems to be, is that it does not work for all people, only some? The only reason I suggest this, is because i know it is working for me.
I played a normal bounty, had the rune set on Insanity and when I hit WotB, I pressed “I” and my damage reduction increased by 50% as well as my damage, my ignore pain cooldown in half the time as did everything and my life regeneration accelerated drastically. This means at least 4x runes were working.
It must be working for the people on the top of the leaderboards or they would not be using Mortick’s.

EDIT: Play a bounty where you can handle having one-third of the screen on the right blocked by stats (Press “I”) - Then in a melee, hit WotB. See if they change.

Bassdude is absolutely correct. Certainly, Morticks does not give you anything crazy in terms of additional greater riits for most barb builds; however, there was some initial theory crafting (by some not all) that was horribly wrong about their utility as well as many additional patch 2.6.6 items (FoT, CC, EF). The leaderboard is the proof that these and other items are used competitively at the top end of the solo barb leaderboard harcore/softcore & season/non-seasons…


@MicroRNA - For people that had builds where they used the ‘Striding Giant’ rune, if they get a good roll, the extra 50% damage from insanity and a 100 gem imbued, should give them around 3-5 extra levels. They will certainly kill the trash mobs faster.

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