Monk Wave of Light needs huge damage NERFS!

This build was already one of the strongest one on live server for 3 seasons. It should be nerfed, but instead you buffed it to ridiculous levels with season theme.

On PTR it has multiple gr 150 solo clears with only 1500 paragon. Instead you nerfed magic missile Wizard which top clears are about 140-142 gr. Whete is the logic behind this???

You also again buffed fire mystic ally build, negating Inna 6pc nerf and it shouldn’t be buffed. This build ruled the game for too long.

Bindings of the Lesser Gods should be nerfed from 200% to 50% mystic ally damage and Crudest Boots from 200% to 50%. This will nerf wave of light and fire mystic ally builds, which are overperforming for too long already.
It is time for other classes to shine.


Easy there

Magic missile has been nerfed cuz it was lagging the servers.

Inna won’t reach 150 even with the change to Bindings. The initial nerf was too much.

WoL is overperforming indeed but it’s awful to play imo. They could make it so that the clones don’t benefit from from Bindings or boots

HOWEVER : if they nerf Crudest boots and leveling a monk is awful again I’ll pray every day that all your primals next season are follower tokens.


Nah Fire Allies are in a good spot right now. Nerfing the Inna 6p but bringing back a 3x multiplier on the bracer puts them roughly on the power level of Water allies in S26, which struggles to do 145 with 6k paragon. Not to mention the gameplay will be much smoother now that they can pass through enemies.

Instead it’s the WoL-specific items that should be nerfed. For instance, cut Rabid Strike damage bonus in half or even to a third.

OP delete this post and go QQ in a corner. The last thing this game needs is more nerfs to viable builds. People whining like you killed the Inna set, which now has no viable use for attempting GR95+. Instead you should focus on suggesting buffs for other sets rather than limiting players options.

Side note as a fan of the monk, I’ve never played the WoL build seriously because I don’t enjoy the play style. Not everyone, in fact, the majority of players, cares to play the strongest meta possible or pursue leaderboards.


They should nerf wiz lod build. Its too powerful. In EU nonseason there is a guy with 7.8k paragon who did 150 solo.

The build is strong, yes. It is nice to play for hours and hours of farm/grind… HELL NO!

Sad, Inna was nerfed… one more season I will complete the Season Journey and shelf D3 for 3 months.


Great idea! Let’s nerf the one build that needs to perfect like 6 more slots than normal set-based builds, what could possibly be wrong with such an idea! Rolling good ancient Lefebvre + Crudest + TzoKrin + Stone Gauntlet + Witching Hour + Cinder Coat is so easy, man!

Have you tried playing WOL?

Just because someone with 1500 paragon + Perfect gear only possible on PTR with unlimited mats cleared 150 doesn’t mean the build is easy to play. I needs perfect CDR and it’s very squishy. And if you miss a cool down you get stoned and you die. Very hard to recover from there.


Let’s see here. OP is a seasoned veteran who’s swept the NS Wiz boards with rank 1s. Meanwhile this poster is a 2.6k para random who can’t clear GR 95+, and has just admitted he’s never actually played WoL or pushed leaderboards.

Now I wonder whose opinion is more worthy of attention? Got to be the most mind-numbingly difficult question ever right? :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s an easy build to play. Compared to other monk builds like Tempest Rush or real squishy-AF Raiment. And you should almost never miss a cooldown. That’s the whole point of getting perfect CDR.

My point exactly is that the majority of players are NOT like OP. OP does not represent the way most people approach the game. OP is the whiny .01% of the population that walks around with the loudest megaphone. Thanks for reaffirming my point.

You may want to further develop your reading skills as well, because my comment about GR95+ was very specifically targeted towards a very specific nerf that many players have said is unnecessary.


Incorrect. The point is that OP is part of the population (which is not as small as you think) where the power level of WoL actually matters. Since you’ve admitted you don’t play WoL seriously, why do you care if WoL gets nerfed? Nerf or no nerf, you won’t be realizing its true potential anyway. So leave your opinion out of a matter reserved for those few :slight_smile:

Okay Inna 6p got a nerf, but did you catch that Fire allies got back a 3x buff in the latest patch update? Need I reiterate for you:

So whose reading skills need to be developed here? :slight_smile:

It used to have 5x buff, not 3x. So it was 5x buff then NO buff for fire allies and now it is 3x. It still can’t make up for the 3000 >> 900% nerf on Inna set.


You’ve said it, the Inna builds even pre-nerf struggled to do 145 with how much… 6k paragon? The vast majority of players never reach 6k paragon in a season. How out of touch are you with the regular player base? Sorry we aren’t all no-lifers. The game shouldn’t be balanced towards the smallest minority.

Why shouldn’t every set have a viable path to the highest clearing levels? Your mentality is promoting the limited meta build approach that strips players of creativity and diversity.


Okay let’s go through the math. Inna 6p gives you XXX% increased damage for each of the 10 allies you have out, where XXX is 3000 pre-nerf and 900 post-nerf. This means that the effective damage loss is:

  • (3000 * 10 + 100) / (900 * 10 + 100) ~ 3.3x

Now Fire Allies get a damage multiplier of ( 3*200 + 100 ) / ( 200 + 100 ) ~ 2.33x back. Not exactly equal to the 3.3x damage loss for sure, but what is the loss in terms of GR tier? That’s given by:

  • log( 3.3 / 2.33 ) / log( 1.17 ) ~ 2.22

2.22 tiers weaker, hardly an insurmountable difference!

Why do you absolutely need to have a path to the ‘highest clearest levels’? Shouldn’t that be reserved for those who are willing to make the sacrifices necessary to get to that level, and not handed out freely just because you want to? What is left for people like the OP, if you could casually dispatch a 150 out of the sky? That’s right, time attacks!

Anyway I’ve already shown that your precious Inna only got nerfed by 2.22 tiers, so stop complaining. I bet if you spent more time in the game, you could clear at least a 125 with your paragons.

Excuse me but the wording on the new version of the bracers is ‘Enemies hit by your Cyclone Strike take 150-200% increased damage from your Mystic Ally for 5 seconds. Split Fire Allies gain 3 times this bonus’. Are you sure that doesnt mean 3 x 200% = 600% for Split Fire allies which is equal to x7 total damage multiplier for them?

Yes that’s true. I stand corrected and updated the math. Works out to be a 2.22 tier difference, which is still pretty miniscule.

Easy? Right! Comfortable? Not…
So, a whole build has to be nerfed because the OP is more “entitled” than a random forum lurk?


Yeah at 13k para the only thing he is seasoned at is botting


In nonseason, 13k gons in no way indicates botting. What is hilarious, however, is the very act of bringing nonseasonal leaderboard into any discussion at all.

and yet the earth ally active is still bugged to all hell and no where in the notes do they even intend to fix it either…which is really effin sad.

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