Maps in greater rift isnt updated?

We have and old season theme up for this season feels like they didnt update the code for greater rift maps from season 30 wich was awsome. Was quite often u get good open maps and Oreks Dreams u had like 3-5 each 100 keys.

Season 31 is full of caves/depths and aloot spageti maps wich they nerfed couple of season to be very very rare. And 1 oreks dream spwn is around 100-300 keys

Dont u have the same experience?

Not for me. I did Seasonal Achieves on all 4 modes, so that is about 100-200 GRs I have done so far. In that time, I have had around 6-8 Orek’s Nightmares. Sad part is, 5-6 of them came when I was empowering low gems so was like GR15- G35.

rng = rng

Season 30 VS season 31 is that season 30 was the last new season. Season 31 is a older season not a new one. So did they change any of the codes in this season other then the 2.7 update. Or did they reopen that season and you get what that season was at the time.

You going to get what you get from this season on with nothing new!!!

To the poster above: Season 30 had an old theme :slightly_smiling_face:
They can’t just reuse the total, unaltered code from season 20 because so many things have changed and been added since then.
If anything has happened with Orek’s Dreams and the occurance of bad maps remains to be seen.


Season 30’s Theme was Season 25’s, The Lords of Hell, Theme, Patch 2.7.7.

Season 31’s Theme is Season 20’s, Season of the Forbidden Archives, Theme. Patch 2.7.7A.

D3:RoS Patch Notes & Themes Wiki

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I’m just asking so what does this have to do with the Maps? Or you just showing him the difference? The Patches doesn’t say anything about the Maps. I really haven’t seen any changes in the maps.

  1. Season 31 is the same Patch with a few minor changes and a recycled Theme.
  2. Season 30 was NOT a “new” Season. (I assumed you meant new Theme. Sorry if I misunderstood)

In both, Season 30 and Season 31, Preview Blogs, I found nothing that stated the Maps had changed.

My previous post was for both of you.

For the record: I very rarely see Orek’s Dream Maps. But, in Season 30 and this Season 31 I see them on a regular basis. Sometimes on multiple Levels of the same GRift.

So, I’m going to go with what others are saying about D3 RNG. (Sometimes ya get 'em, sometimes ya don’t).

I hear Onyxia does more deep breaths, too.

So basically what this is instead of what I call them hall Maps. We’ll get a large map with more basically elites. What we had years ago. Till the cry babies said it was to large to do. Now they are crying they want more large maps. Like the old saying is your dam if you do and your dam if you don’t. OH Well!!!

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Who is the “cry baby” here??
Years ago (or even less) we had more poor GR maps (like sewers and corvus) that have been removed. It is still possible to get “spaghetti” and cave maps and we often see chains of plague tunnel and keeps maps.

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