Many problems for the past days


hey guys … there are many problems in game … for like 2 or 3 days … we get like can’t type in pt … can’t invite or get an invite … we have to disconnect so we can make a new party ( every member ) … latency … players not showing … i know you guys are busy but i wanted to tell you about these issues … thx for your time … hope you get this fixed asap :wink: take care


We are having the same problem. The group forms but one member can’t speak or see party chat. We sometimes get “game license failed to load.” It’s annoying enough that it drove us offline. We tried rebooting the program, restarting the computer, and nothing fixed it. Where is Blizzard on acknowledging this issue?


Hey there,

We are aware of the issues being described and our Diablo 3 team is working to get it resolved as quickly as possible.

Since this is a duplicate thread I will go ahead and lock it, but you are welcome to continue discussing the issue on the Bug Report thread here and in the main Tech Support thread here.

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