Communities Are Not Working After Maintinance


Invite to party and request party invite is broken. sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t, usually doesn’t. Game is fairly dead last 2 days, cannot form groups.


now i can’t leave the game :smiley: I was in gr 110, I died and no UI to revive showed up, I tried to leave game and it wouldn’t let me so I had to restart the game :smiley:


I also am having trouble, I get an Error saying that I don’t have Permission as well. I wonder when it will be fixed


The game is broken… period… I can’t even mention how many things…
And top of it all it’s not for everyone… works fine for so many others…


How long does it take to fix this? It’s early in the new season and i cant do bounties with people because party doesn’t work like it’s supposed to so im wasting alot of time right now.


Hey all,

Thanks for the continued reports. I reached out to our Quality Assurance team and it looks like they’re investigating this error. Please stay tuned for updates!

Many problems for the past days

I’d hope so lol. It’s been actively discussed for 2 days now. Can you formulate a more informative answer to this? Generally you see companies roll back maintenance patches that completely destroy the multiplayer experience of a multiplayer game. This kind of update is akin to really saying nothing more than “k” in a text.


I can’t join any of the channels for community chats (Seasonal Rifting, Wizard Gear Sharing, etc.). When I click the join button, the error message (Code 319803) pops up saying I have already entered the Community Chat. Help?


Wanted to add that this is happening to many of us throughout the community before a tech support says that it is local to you only. Joining parties, using community chats and even using party chat at the moment is almost impossible for a lot of us.


When I try to invite friends to a game I’m getting error code 10020


This was posted in another thread…


Here we our getting to be 24 hrs later and still have the problem VERY SAD!!!


Now we our getting to be 48 hrs later and still have the problem. It took them 2 hrs to break it and now they still can’t fix. VERY VERY SAD!!! Plus it seams that what the hell it is only the clan community NO BIG DEAL!!!


Its very slow to logon, takes several minutes to join a party and when I am finally accepted into a party the game reports I’m not in a party and cant use party chat or other functions like being lead or seeing who is lead. If I leave party I have to click ‘Leave Game’ several times and at the character screen the Change Character button is gone and all other options are non-functional, i.e. Rejoin Game. I’m just stuck and have to Kill Command Diablo and Blizzard App and restart it to get back into game. Also even though I can see Clan and Community chats, I can not respond in them. Nor do any Clan functions work ‘N’ brings up a blank screen. General chat isn’t even an option for me in the chat menu. I can only talk to others through created ‘Conversations’. So at least that function still works…

These are all functions I had no issues with after the maintenance. Even this morning I had no issues, it started when I logged in today 9/11/19 @ 17:00 MT. At this point I’m just angry and that just annoys me because life is frustrating enough without my hobbies that are supposed to be fun and relaxing adding to it. So good job.


Similar Issues here.
*Click Leave Game: Red writing at top, Game is Not paused. Had to exit diablo and reload.
*Clock Exit Diablo: Nothing happens.
*Attempt to Whisper player: Chat function not available???
I’m have issues all around.


Same problem here… also status shows as away even when I am offline… can’t open game to public…


I log into a game and the chat is saying I’m not in a party when I type anything. The only way to communicate is by selecting message under the user you’re trying to talk with. No information in window regarding any party members activity or if they are communicating and I just can’t see it because the chat says I’m not in a party? This is definitely not the normal game experience! All this occurred right after the last maintenance was performed so undo whatever you did and try again.


I know people have been having issues with parties, but I wasn’t sure if this was the same same issue, so I thought I would post my issue here. It’s weird, but my friend and I can play together in the game (see each other) but we cannot see each other in the menu after invites. We have to use DMs, not party chats as well. Thanks.


I am having the same exact issue. Don’t see any other players in the party while in the menus after they accepted to join.


Why did you even put this up. We are not having a problem connecting to Diablo III. We are having a problem just in the Clan Community. Plus that is the only PROBLEM IS IN THE CLAN COMMUNITY!!!

The rest of the game is fine.

It says when loading the game:

We’re aware of an issue where players are showing as level 0 in the clan roster page and other players can not see their level or receive invites. This actively being investigated BY US thank you for your patience in the meantime.

I think people are letting you know for the past 48+ hrs that we are still having a problem.