Make whirlwind carry WoL Bells!

We were trying a little bit of 4-man speed meta with WoL monks.

I think it would be very nice if the Barbarians can carry these Bells with us as we move with his Whirlwind sanctified power. It would be a fantastic play.

Please make it happen!

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Sure, why not make the 2 strongest powers also interact with each other, what could go wrong…


It’s a great synergy if we can move bells with us as we clear the rift.

Dope as fk… lets do it!! WW carry bells and Strafe proc its on the move !! GG

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The taco bell duo of Barb and Monk.

I’d love to see a whirlwind that raises skeleton warriors. Without the amulet that gives you them, temporarily, after a massacre.

another buff to group meta?

no ty

Another hater of group meta? If you only play solo, why do you care about what group players do?

with proud

i really dont care about what you or anybody does

i only care about the competitive scenario and how its bad design kept me away from it

Hypocrite. If you don’t really care, you won’t comment on a post title clearly indicates group play.

Competitive player don’t run star of az with gold wrap in a T16 GoD. How about go mind of your own business and stop interfering others.

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META “competitive” players don’t need a buff, or they are really bad

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Solo “Competitive” players don’t need a buff, or they are really bad.
What they need is to stop choosing to jump in an optional hole then complain
about why it hurt when they hit the bottom.


I believe i didnt express myself correctly…or that you didnt make any effort to understand what I said…
I said that i dont care what anyone literally does, but I do care about the scenario, in this case the competitive one, which consequently means that I care about how, within the competitive scenario, group play affects solo play…in this case how much easier will a group player farm xp compared to a solo player

is this some kind of shaming attempt?

this is an antithesis in the world of d3