[Main Thread] Windows 19041 - Freezing for 5-10 seconds

The silence from CS continues as does the BUG, taking the P*SS :frowning:


I am a hardcore player.
Came back to check the new season and firebird.
Once I started pushing GR110 I had again the freeze lag bug!
So nothing has been fixed in months now.
I was lucky I had 2 cheat death skills activated and both were triggered.

Can Blizzard please reply? Otherwise my new firebird wizard will be fast freeze lagged into hell during S23.


Please fix this already! It’s been almost a year!


I too have this freezing problem
I played season 22 and this problem was frequent in every activity in the game, but mostly in Greater Rifts. Freezing for about 10-20 seconds and then resuming on a killed character surrounded by a lot of monsters. I was hoping that Blizzard would have fix this major problem with patch 2.7.0 , but nope. Problem is still present. So im forced to use fmodex64.dll (version that can’t play sound but no freeze) instead of the original fmodex64.dll (version that is able to play sound with frequent freeze)

Blizzard please fix this !


Last blue post was in 09/20. No bug correction, no season bonus.
Guys… the truth is that the game is dead and we are persecuinting a phantom


I tried this and it worked, not freezing anymore…no need to replace that fxmod.dll.

Also set your sound channels ingame to lowest to reduce lag.

While in game…
Go to task manager
Click on details
Find d3/right click/set affinity
Unchecked all cores except 0 and 1.

Not a fix but an easy work around
My game has not froze once as long as I remember to make the core change.

Can Confirm Lynki"s post along with latest win 10 updates as of April 2nd in Australia is working with all latest intel and nvidia drivers and onboard realtek audio.

I have downgraded windows multiple times to version 1909 , but the core allocation fix is working stable so far in bounties, normal rifts and GR’s above 125 thanks

I am going to try this one. Because it will still allow sound. Btw do you have do to this only once? Or everytime you start Diablo 3? I have also set my sound channel to the lowest 16 now.

Otherwise I have to go for the dll fmod file replacement without sound if I push GR.
But I hate this “solution”.

It will allow sound, you can go lowest or low for sound channel quality, any higher can cause lag/fps drops depending on the spec you play.

You will need to do it everytime you play D3, but it’s a lot faster (IMO) than replacing the dll file sometimes.

There are ways to configure it to fun D3 with just those 2 cores all the time, just need to Google the steps.


We’re really gonna be done with COVID before this bug is fixed Blizzard?

Straight up pathetic tbh.


Haven’t played in ages. Just started up again last night. Holy smokes what happened to the performance?

Really weird random freeze spikes that I’ve never seen before…

…something must have happened.

EDIT: for those that want to know-
Windows 10 64 bit version 20H2 (19042.906)
7700K no o/c
GTX 1080 no o/c driver version 465.89
16 gigs DDR4 (@3200)
Sound Blaster Z driver version dated 12/1/20


For me this only hapen when:

Disable Diablo3 sounds
Listen Youtube music in background

I dont think Blizz going to do anything with this.

Delete the game, problem solved. Blizzard started of as the greatest gaming company we seen, to become a laughing stock world wide. Delete it


I tried this earlier today and it worked, then I shut down my PC and updated Windows. That was a really dumb thing to do, because now it doesn’t work, I even rolled back to the previous windows version when this fix worked but that didn’t help. Blizzard really has to do something about this. It’s unacceptable.


Still working for you? on GR 105+ i still get it :frowning:

I tried everything. In the end the spikes are always there.
They now announced a thread on it, they are aware :slight_smile: what a joke. Back in early 90’s my computer ran games better then this. The fact that the playerbase are working on a fix more then people getting PAID to do a job is abselutly laughable. These blizzard employe’s gotta have a great life… watching youtube all day doing nothing. But hey, Diablo 4 will come out in 12 years… we can all gather together and bash their bugs then… because blizzard isnt the same company anymore at all. It’s now ran by abselute fools who probably paid their way into blizzard. Fed up with this company


Lynki, thank you so much! Your fix was so simple but it works!

I’m getting this issue really bad. Blizzard please fix this!

Can we have an update on this issue @Blizzard Entertainment please?
We’re not really entertained when we can’t do anything in game and are literally forced into using stupid workarounds that may or may not work.
You advertise new seasons and still hype the game and push new content into it, why not fix a bug that’s making the game literally unplayable for so many of your players?

I don’t see how this could benefit the Diablo community at all, even if you would want to steer away players into newer games when they become available, we will still have a soar taste since this Diablo experience is so freaking awful.

I have to say that i’ve tried all of the workarounds and some work, for some time but they revert to not working after a while.

Can you step up and fix this in the near future or at least acknowledge this issue and start working on it?

So annoying, come on…
You just can’t do anything when you freeze 5 times in a rift.
Can’t push, can’t really farm, unless you have nerves of steel… and so on.