[Main Thread] Error - Only available to party leader - 05-23

Suddenly, can’t launch a game, the button “start” is frozen, indicating “only available for the group leader”, even though I am not in a group, or a clan, and I play only solo

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yep, same here.
“Could not log into Battle.net…” ?

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I have start button grayed with “Disabled while joining parties”, even though I just started the game. Then after some time “Request timed out” 3006.

Same Here. It has happened before. I am waiting for a Blizzard tech support to tell us what is happening.

Exactly same error for me

Hey everyone,

We have started seeing an increase in reports of this issue over the last few hours and I have sent it up to be looked at.

Update: So it looks like there was an issue a few hours ago but it was short lived and should be resolved at this time. Feel free to recheck and let us know if everything is working normally for you here.


I have same issue this morning for all my character. Can’t start game even I re-login or change password. Clicking chatting channel and shows error code 315000. Plz help.

I have the same issue. “only available to party leader”. This is July…still happening? What is the fix?

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Same “Party Leader” lockout. Thought it was fixed, or so they said. Pity, even after 2 years, they still haven’t ironed that “Party Leader” crap out.

having this issue,(party Leader) just started playing today, not a good start to a game someone just started.

There was maintenance today across Battle.net I’m getting that ‘party leader’ thing too. It was fine early this morning. So, I guess the monkeys are still working on it.

Stoll showing only available to party leader and I am playing one player in a private game.

same error … party leader

same error here, party leader but playing private game

I’m experiencing the same issue as well. It was working fine this morning (aprox. 8-9 hours ago). I only ever play private games, so I don’t believe I’ve been silenced/banned.

it’s 7:51 PM east coast got to play for maybe an hour and could not log back in, warning! The player is not connected or there is an issue with the service. please try again (code 315000) all this is for maintenance S.M.H

I am having the same issue, even trying to play in single player private game it does not work. any update to the issue? I did download and install a patch, is the patch causing problems?

Joining this party since I can’t Join Game, which is “only available to party leader”… Also my friends list disappeared…

The issue is a client/server communication problem. No friends list or chat either correct? You can log into your side, being characters, but nothing beyond that, or anything requiring the server communication.
No resolution for the issue as of yet, and it’s been 5 hours.

Same problem here as well. 8:15 est