[Main Thread] Error - Only available to party leader - 05-23

I’m experiencing the same issue as well. It was working fine this morning (aprox. 8-9 hours ago). I only ever play private games, so I don’t believe I’ve been silenced/banned.

it’s 7:51 PM east coast got to play for maybe an hour and could not log back in, warning! The player is not connected or there is an issue with the service. please try again (code 315000) all this is for maintenance S.M.H

I am having the same issue, even trying to play in single player private game it does not work. any update to the issue? I did download and install a patch, is the patch causing problems?

Joining this party since I can’t Join Game, which is “only available to party leader”… Also my friends list disappeared…

The issue is a client/server communication problem. No friends list or chat either correct? You can log into your side, being characters, but nothing beyond that, or anything requiring the server communication.
No resolution for the issue as of yet, and it’s been 5 hours.

Same problem here as well. 8:15 est

Short lived? 5 hours and counting. Short lived? It has been a recurring bug for a few years.
As for a resolution any time now, I expect that window is 72 hours or so?
Giving information that included no information is pointless. Tell people it’s a server/client communications issue at least, on the server end, and you are working to resolve it. Not that it is “short lived” and not an inconvenience to all the players that have sat half the day waiting to play a game, while developers are off breaking very simple and important processes required for playing at all.

I do understand that the software have issues all month I have been seeing the in-game issue from the blue goblin, get on him walling, and out of the blue he is gone, or some bounty glitches as well, but when they reset the server for maintenance and everything falls

I can’t play my game either. Resume game not available. I also have a message that the desktop app is not available… Have to play offline… The problem is that I can’t even start a game offline. Funny thing though is that I’m my own party leader!!! How ridiculous is this?


Same issue again. This is why I hate online games…if servers go down, I can’t play the games that I payed for! Very frustrating!

This original post was for a specific issue back in May that was resolved that day. It looks like this thread was resurrected 12 days ago for what appears to have been another shortlived issue. These incidents are unrelated and whether or not there is an internet issue or service issue contributing, if there is no currently active thread it is best to create a new post with the issue instead of reviving a dead post.