Loot greyed out, no chat channels

Just installed the game, the full version with Necromancer, etc. Made a barbarian and while exploring in Adventure mode, all loot drops are nearly invisible.

Whether it’s regulars blues, yellows or legendary, the text is so faint that it gets lost on many backgrounds. I really need to search to see the drops. Oddly, crafting materials like Arcane Dust and Veiled Crystals show up in bold text and can’t be missed. I just cant play like this searching for item that may be there.

And because of this, I tried to get some help in chat channel but apparently I cant talk to anyone for 3 days pending purchase verification. My bank shows the money was taken immediately. Why am I in isolation for 3 days? What kind of game keeps you from communicating for help or advice?

Thinking very seriously about getting refunded for this ‘partial functionality’ game.

EDIT: No need for further action. Went through the refund process and have my money back.

Hi - kinda late, I know… but this post could have provided the info you were looking for: