Looking for people to play with


im looking for people to play with often and help me get achievements and items.
i just moved from ps4 to pc so i have to start all over and would love to play with some people guy or girl dont matter to me …


I am just returning to D3 and I am leveling a WD…I am also looking for people to run with so hit me up.


TAW has just started recruiting for Diablo 3, we have a community in-game that you can find under “TAW Gaming Community”. Hope to see you!
My battle net id is: Deathýrex#2380



Demonbunny17 and Pax if you’re looking for a casual laid back clan check out TADA (The Average Diablo Adventurer). We are a casual group with no ability or level requirements. If you enjoy the game and playing with others you qualify for TADA. We have no expectations meaning no need to play a meta, rat or any particular class. Play whatever you enjoy playing. After all, isn’t that why we play the game, because we enjoy it, not to fulfill someone else’s expectations.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in send me a friends request and I’ll send you an invite. Rusty#1119