[LFG][NA]SEASON 18 Americas Clan looking for members <NoBody> The Left Overs


We are a casual clan looking for new members for Season 18. We have a few META pushing groups. Looking for casual members, META players & players that are just looking for groups to play with. We do encourage players have a META character but it is not required. We have a discord server and all clan members are welcome to use it. We do not allow botting. Please join us for season and off season play.

Come join us for Season 18. We will be organizing leveling groups in discord. 1 is lonely, 2 is cute, but 3 is a party for this Season of the Triune.

Look up:
<NoBody> The Left Overs
Clan Leader: Silkdog#1108
Americas Server

Looking for people to play with
Looking for group members
Silverhawk need a croup to play with

Hi I’m interested in joining your clan. I’d like to play in season18 can you give me some names to add to my friends list. What is the tag ?


Hi, is your application process just in-game or do you guys have a website?


In game only. We have a discord server for communications during and outside of the game.



Sent you a friend request. Please add as looking for meta groups for this season. Im away for the first week of the season and then will be on heavily.



Would also be down to join I sent you a request


I would like to join if your still looking for players. Sent a request thru the game