Lod bomb vs akhan bombs

Which one is better and why? Also which set up will feel smoother to play?

Lmk! Cheers

LoD is smoother, but A6I2 is stronger. A6I2 is very tanky in Season 22 too.

My crystal ball says: make A6I2, but save the pieces for LoD Bombardment.

I made A6I2… but totally forgot to save the pieces for the LoD version! Except for the rings and the weapon, do the pieces and rolls look like the LoN Bomb one can see on Icy Veins?

It’s mainly:

  • 60%+ CDR
  • Max AD (144-184%)
  • Bombardment % (up to 45% chest, shoulders, shield)
  • Thorns secondary rolls (the 9500 rolls can be found on shoulders, chest, belt, amulet, shield)
  • Block Chance % (20%+ helps keep AC up)
  • Elite Damage % (where possible, weapon likely)

This shows the rolls I had on PTR, I got a GR140 clear on non-season with it, I think there was a tad bit more gear optimization I could have done, but my gear was very well rolled:

You can run it with LoN or LoD, there are some cool variants with hammers and obsidian ring of the zodiac. There’s also a variant with Akarat’s Champ: Rally that lets you cast double bombardment, which you can run in groups.

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While there is separate H-Bomb thread on this variant, here’s the link to the relevant run/build for your convenience (skills/equipment are at the end of the run):