List of Bugs After Maintenance 9/10 and 9/18


And its 9/13/2019 and they are still aware and not fixing the issue, so looks like they just don’t care if its broke, they took it down on the 10th and broke it, take it down and fix it instead of changing stuff that isn’t broken fix what is


Why haven’t they loaded the game from the previous update/maintenance and correct the one that they tried to launch on Tuesday, then uploaded it later in the week. The game should not suffer this long, when back-ups are there for this reason!


I dont think they understand the full scope of the problem or it would be surely fixed by now? Groups dont work. Thats a pretty major problem.


I wish i didin’t have to do all 5 bounties by myself now for 3 days when others can play as usual, hard to climb the ladder without it


Remember, we were told this was a client side issue :wink:
I guess they oversaw the entire world.


No, we were not told that. Battlenet is not just the Launcher on our PC. It is the entire login, hosting, and communications network for Blizzard. Our clients are just a TINY part of that. Something is amuck between the Bnet infrastructure aspects and the game.

Don’t try to put words in their mouth that they did not say.


This is from my tech support thread :frowning:
Cheetah, I am not putting words in anyone’s mouth, only relaying the ridiculousness that we are being fed.
Meanwhile, the issue still persists and the player base is decreasing rapidly on my friends list and clan.
Please fix this ASAP Blizz, D3 is broken.


So, if they didn’t initially think it was a client-side issue, why did they ask for users to reboot their local network equipment and flush their local DNS cache…

It wasn’t until around three hours later that they came up with…


I know what was in the TS thread. That was before they realized there was a bigger issue. Araxom is not part of the Tech Support Forum Agent group. He is at the Irvine headquarters where as many of the TS folks are in Austin TX. It can result in some slow communications.

Meteor, that should answer your question too. Things happen…and it can take time before all the groups get on the same page.

Step one - try these basic steps please.
Step two - realize that is not helping and there is a bigger issue
Step three - put a notice on the launcher and let folks know the bigger issue is under investigation.

Those all happened within a few hours. Not unusual at all. I guess they could have said nothing until they knew exactly and not responded at all in TS, but that seems unproductive.


I don’t have a question. MetalHead claimed that the initial Blizzard response was that client-side issues were suspected. I was merely posting to confirm that was, indeed, their initial response.

At the time of the initial “reboot your router / flush your DNS cache” response was issued, there were already a number of threads, each with multiple contributors to it, that were complaining of exactly the same thing, all of which occurred directly after the scheduled maintenance.

Standard root cause analysis is that the most likely cause of a problem is the most recent change and, baring in mind many people had exactly the same problem after a maintenance, that points to the maintenance being the cause, not lots of client PCs all over the world suddenly developing router / DNS cache issues.

Regardless, it’s now three days later and we’re still awaiting more news.


Also to add a lot of the player base cannot type in party chat or clan chat and it takes an act of congress to get in a party sometimes,


Wasn’t happening till tuesday when they took it down and broke it, so the logical thing to do is take it down and fix it, but i guess that makes to much sense.



I don’t fully understand who you are or what your relationship to all of this is, and you are pretty quick to defend what is happening or not happening. Alienating the community in the way you are is not helping fix anything, and its not reassuring anyone that sometime or anytime soon things will be fixed. Thank You


easy temp fix for the party chat bug, just use “conversation chat”


several things to mention, some of which probably has been mentioned already…
1: can’t talk in party chat,
2: having issues doing invites to guildies
3: the game keeps sounding off the sound bytes regarding skills not being ready regardless of going to cast them or not, and sometimes for several minutes after the rift was closed… any ideas why?
4: the circles for the season are fading way too fast, and a good part of the time they fade within 5 seconds of them appearing, with no chance of getting to them…


The game should really just be roll back , this is absurd It’s been since Tuesday and it keeps getting worse


I agree Mixxx. These issues really make the game painful to play. I am quitting until they fix it. There are no excuses, unless you are hiring high school programmers that do not have experience. As a programmer, I can not understand the issues. Blizz either wants us to suffer or they dont care to fix it. Either way, it is on them and it is unacceptable.


Diablo 3 as a game was built before the modern Bnet infrastructure and communications network. They have worked to migrate parts of D3 to the new structure, but it is clunky. Trying to mash together old tech and new tech tends to be that way. Whatever they did to the Bnet infrastructure on Tues, is not playing well with the social features of D3 anymore.

Chances of it being simple are low. Chances of the people who made the old D3 code, or even migrated it to work with Bnet, still being around are low.

I don’t expect a fast fix to be honest. They still have not fixed the missing recent players list bug from December.

They actually do care, and don’t want us to suffer. It is kind of silly to think they would be that malicious. It is just that it is not a simple fix.

What I do feel they need to do is provide some more communications about it. Even if that communication says they are still working on finding the source of the issue. If this was just a diablo thing that would be easier, but it is the Bnet client that serves all the games that they changed.


I started both a bug report and a TS thread as soon as I discovered no one else had.
We are coming up on almost a week now and somehow this passed QA :frowning:When will we get our fix, this is ridiculous and defending this process isn’t helpful.
We just want to play D3.


You know I don’t have an answer for that. Further, explaining what is going on is not “defending” it.

Nobody likes bugs. Nobody. That does not mean everything has an instant fix though.