Leveling by Brawling

This doesn’t sound right, although I agree the brawling level up is abusing a game bug and should be fixed.

If you’re not planning to be the first completer of a conquest and get boardcasted in your server, this doesn’t matter to you too much, right? If you don’t enjoy either brawling levelup or the process of leveling to 70 by yourself, why not start a day later, when people can powerlevel you to 70 in 20 minutes?

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That is not the way to do it FX9.

If one can get plvl’d on 2nd day you also need that same person to get you 5-10 rift keys and runs some 60+ level gr’s to get all legendaries.

This is not going to happen for most when you get dropped off in town lvl 70 and wearing a few rares.

I look forward to lvl’ing Season start for the thrill.

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Interesting…I figured if the first post was true, then it had been in the game for years without being changed. Usually that means it is an accepted game mechanic. Or, maybe it was under the previous team?

How fast does the team think is reasonable to level to 70 solo? How fast as a group? Do you have any plans to remove or change power leveling? How about all the sets, gear, etc that increase level rates?

For HC especially, getting back to level 70 and playing again after an RIP is important. I can see them being distressed if power leveling was taken away.


Seconding these questions, and just for clarity, would like to add one more.

We are meant to be able to cube legendaries with Kanai’s by getting crafting mats from the challenge rift, right? It also considerably speeds up leveling, unless you are terribly unlucky.


Dear Matthew,
Getting 4 ppl together in story mode or adventure mode there was no XP gain.
I don’t think it works as OP states.
Could be a troll post.

Nice try… I am sure Blizzard will take a look at it and see if what I am saying is true or not.

No joking here…
I got four lvl 1’s in party in campaign mode and adventure mode and there was a burst of two or three bars in brawling while in campaign briefly.
Then it stopped.
We deleted the hero’s and started again several times with different tests.
There was no XP gain in either mode with 4 in party killing each other and rotating the kill.

So OP might be trolling.

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Only see one troll here… let Blizz do their job and you can stay out of it for now.

thank you, that method would have been terrible.


Just to help Blizzard out here so it will have to get fixed. This is the way you do it

Start a game and level a nec and other chars to level 9 so the necro can cast skellies
Then start a T6 game with a necro and the other chars (does not matter class)
necro goes down into brawling area then returns to town.

You will find that tyrael will then start attacking the necro skellies. Kill the skellies and watch the levels come. Repeat until 70. The easy part here is that the skellies don’t fight back so you can kill T6 monsters with no danger. I did not use this method to level… just spent a few minutes after reading this tread and figured it out. Tested in Act 1

End of Lesson


You don’t need a power level. Like I said, you’re doing it wrong.

Nobody said he was making things up. What we said was we don’t care and don’t understand how it somehow affects his life.

Also, Necro is $10 and if somebody wants to spend that so they can level in this manner, more power to them.

The season has been going for like a week now and if the OP still isn’t 70, I have to refer to my first point. He’s doing it wrong.

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It really. Makes no difference. Sounds like someone upset players who bought the necro can do things you can’t.

I’m sure they don’t care how fast you can level after the season is in full swing, but at the beginning of the Season everybody needs to be on the same path. To keep the world first stuff fair.


World First to 70? It’s not even a thing. I don’t even own necro and I’m glad they found another way to level that they enjoy. Personally, I don’t believe you can break a game before it even starts.

If you could say, hain more exp from doing this than you do from a high level Greater Rift well then, that might be something to look into.

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Not world first to 70, but the max lvl leaderboards like conquests, after you get it no one can go above your position.

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LoL, Tyrael be snoozin’ in town.
He don’t have a wet napkin to throw at a skellie or a fine babe walking by.

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World first to complete a conquest? Is this even a thing? I don’t even do them and I’m sure you’re not in any danger of getting a world first so what’s the issue?

Its a Niche part of the game, I think the same goes for those that max out the achievement points the quickest for the season, is another leaderboard that you can’t surpass. Just because you may not be into / aware of it. Such compitions do exist. Now is it the main reason? Surely not, but why I mentioned it, I thought it might play in some small factor, in Blizzards thought process.


Doesn’t matter to me what they do with it, tbh.

I have never used Brawl-Lvl, but I also know I can get to 70 in about hour and a half or less. I also know that If i lvl through brawling I get no items, plan drops, or anything worth anything. I am actually behind even if i hit 70 faster, because I dont have the same gear or accomplishments for seasonal achievement. I don’t see Brawling lvling as a problem personally, as it actually sets you behind people who have already achieved most or all of chapter 1/2 of the seasonal cache.

edit: I’m never on board with Devs that say we don’t want the game to be played that way (as long as it isn’t detrimental to other players) If someone likes something, make it viable, embrace it and let people have fun in their own way. Brawling isn’t for me.