Leveling by Brawling

Have to bring this to the attention of Blizzard. This season I watched a friend use brawling to level up his seasonal hero. 4 man party set the game to T6 and used brawling until they where 70. They where able to hit 70 in just under 1 hour. Blizzard needs to remove Exp gain from this brawling method to fix this kind of leveling. Pointless to spend 2+ hours leveling when there is this kind of “method” in the game. Also let me make this clear. They did it at the beginning of the season with everyone being level 1. No help from level 70’s.

My fear is that if this takes off, everyone will do this and there will be no “normal games” to level at the beginning of the season. We will all be forced to brawl for the first hour of every season.



Leveling to 70 is already pointless. I don’t really see this as an issue. Especially when power leveling is a thing too.


What difference does it make. Really.


By brawling do you mean by the definition of the term (loud, noisy fighting?)

Or are you referring to the group bonus?

Solo game play is frowned upon by blizz devs because blizz devs are all about togetherness, safeness and warm feelings and they think we are similarly like-minded in our gaming. Cozy warm fuzzy feelings of togethernesss in groups, vs coldness in solo.


That it should not be allowed and it’s a “cheap” way to level your hero at the beginning of the season. And I am pretty sure Blizzard will see something wrong with it.
(and guessing you don’t care because you used it too)

Powerleveling with rifts literally takes less than 10 mins. Why would powerleveling through brawling that takes less than an hour be a problem? I really don’t see this as an issue, it loooks like just another fun way to level up.

Edit: Oh I see, you mean they all start at level 1. And just by brawling they get to level 70 under an hour in T6? Wait this is actually faster than rifting then. I don’t know if this is true, it’s new to me, will have to look around.


I don’t brawl, but it also doesn’t take that long to level either way. Sounds like you’re doing it wrong.


Start of season there is no one to power level you … you missed the point completely


This ^^^^^ Leveling fast using the game mechanics is not something Blizzard has an issue with. They not only allow it, they encourage it. They even have:

-items that boost xp earned
-Gems that boost xp earned
-sets that give major XP boosts
-A helm that drops early just so you can put an exp gem in it and get more xp
-Gem of Ease so you can take end game gear and lower it to level one and put it on your new char. Instant ability to power level yourself
-Items that drop with reduced item level giving a major power boost for leveling people

Blizz encourages fast leveling. They are not going to have any issue with Brawling to level in an hour or two.


Yeah i just realised after I replied. If this is true it is an amazing catch. Start of season reaching level 70 under an hour!? Crazy!

Or because it’s just a fun, varied way to level and we shouldn’t rob people of that just because you didn’t think to do it before seeing it.


it is a cheap way to level a season hero. Season being time limited, it is prudent to race it to see how far you can level your hero. But with the enabled ez mode group xp hack, there is no feeling of accomplishment.

It literally only saves you like an hour or so. That’s not a big deal in the long run.

I actually thought this was a D4 suggestion topic, kinda like the idea of it… Well, not really for leveling exactly, but for “strenghtening up” gear could be cool :slight_smile:

I feel so sorry for you.
You don’t even try something before you attempt to bash it to death.

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We know that D4 will have some sort of optional PvP. Blizz usually tends to have some sort of rewards or “incentive” to play that mode. Inclusions could be:

-PvP specific gear with PvP only benefits
-Increased XP if you level in a PvP zone
-PvP specific gems/charms/ items you can level or augment

They do all that sort of thing in other Blizz games. PvP is optional, but they do try to make it attractive.


Hey all,

This definitely isn’t the way we want players to level in the game and will most likely be fixed for the next patch.


Ain’t that also mean you gonna put a bigger dent in how brawling works? If that’s the case why don’t you remove it altogether and be done with it? I mean people level up to 70 in 20 mins when someone powerlevels them through a few T6 nephalem rifts. Why is it a problem people hitting lvl70 under 1 hour by brawling? Are you gonna do something about people power leveling each other as well?

Will there be an attempt or tweak for repairing brawl scene to be more practical and cater to all skill levels in the near future? As of right now only people left in brawling area is very polarized.


Not as of this time naksiloth


Dear Matthew,

Getting 4 ppl together in story mode or adventure mode there was no XP gain.

I don’t think it works as OP states.

Could be a troll post.