"legacy Vs new version" question

Well, as many have noticed, the equipped/stashed legacy Etched Sigils remain unchanged. Going forward, only new drops + cubed power are the new version, which completely screws future seasonal Wizards.

This also happened before with Necro’s Golemskin Breeches having their damage bonus to Golem removed in favor of a cooldown reduction. The old ones still retain the damage bonus to this day.

It’s also said that legs with added/updated powers have a new internal ID on the loot table, which is why it’s pointless to reforge an existing one in order to get a new one.

Or at least that’s how it’s always been.

Since I personally don’t give a fart about ranking and I don’t play season any longer than I have to, I get to keep my good ol’ legacy ancient Etched Sigil forever. It rolled with very good stats, but the damage bonus is at 135%. With the ton of mats I gathered during the double cache thing, I want to try & reroll to get a primal.

But I’m kinda scared to, fearing that the previous fact of “new internal ID” no longer holds. And I definitely don’t wanna do a rollback since it would drop all my gathered mats down to 500 each. And that is NOT acceptable.

So, has any Wizard tried to reroll their Etched Sigil lately? Within the last 24-48 hours, that is? How did it go?

As for all patches we had, only set items what are not crafted by haedrig, will get the new set bonus, while legendaries will need to find again to get the new effect.
It also does not work to use the cube to make a legacy item to updated new form, the old ones will always only reroll to outdated effect.
It is hard to have an item as primal legendary and now it is just good to get 15 souls from it. On the other side, sometimes even in primal form it is not as good as the newest not even ancient update. But it looks not so nice.
It is part of the game to grind items, so all is okay, just find the patched items again and be happy, that sets not needed to get new ones again.
Works for me.

Thanks for the first half, don’t give a fart about the second half. It’s been established that ET sucks, and noone in their right mind would waste a single DB to reroll to that trash.

So spare me the “find the new one and be happy” platitude. It stinks.

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I saved lots of Winter Flurry orbs before the patch, now with the new patch I wanted to reforge them and see if I get good stats for my Hydra damage (since the patch changed the levenrady effect) but they remained the old version, they did not get the new legendary effect on them, I reforge 3 of them and both remained with the chance to release a frost nova and did not get the Hydra in Blizzard part. I had to get a new one.
So I guess it will be the same with Edged Sigil.

Yup, me did. On PTR rerolling a legacy Etched Sigil resulted in getting a legacy Etched Sigil and it’s still the same on live, no worries.

The only time I found an old version being updated after reroll was Gesture of Orpheus. The CDR for Slow Time goes down from 70% to 40% if I remember it right.

Ah yes, which further proves my point about nerfs being retroactive.