Wiz, non-season, Old Sigil. What is best damaging spell?

but you can still farm / buy one now. or is the patch live already?

Yupp pretty much and i’m not buying thx

This change to Etched Sigil in many ways encapsulates the worst of recent Blizzard’s updates to D3. So tonedeaf and open to misuse. They have done many things correctly, but this isn’t one.

Since that pach they are acting like a bunch of headless chikens. And i don’t like to think about what they’re going to do next. Ok, the follower update was a decent idea. But the rest is just plain chaotic.

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The changes to Wizard in 2.7.0 were…bad. Bad is the word.

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i mean buy them at kadalas

I don’t think thats an option but if you know something i don’t pleas explain.

How so? Its the first set to be released that doesn’t need to stack crit crit area cool down on everything. Finally something new that isn’t a stupid power that explodes and deals exponential damage to others just because of a 20% chance to deal higher damage than you have

The change to Etched Sigil happened in the last Patch.
If you do not have a legacy version, you cannot get one.
If you have one extracted to the Cube, it will have changed to the new version.

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What you’re victim of - I can’t repeat. Considering that others have tested it and confirmed pre-patch non-season ES’s keep the old power.

But I’ll do one better than that! We’ll play SHOW & TELL!!! How neat is that???


There is the legacy Etched Sigil chilling like a villain on the Wiz! See the stats, the old power AND the Diablo 3 version at the bottom left of the screen.

Oh, and btw, the Mephisto pet & wings from the newly bought D2R Prime Evil edition :grin:


OOOOH things are now really starting to sizzle! Crikey, what’s gonna happen?? gasps in Spanish Someone is about to reforge!! Oh this cannot end well…


Holy guacamoly, would you look at that??? That is one of the worst reforge attempts I’ve ever seen. But what sorcery is this??? WHY NO ENERGY TWISTER UPGRADE???

I’m totally suing Kulle and I want my 50 souls back, but now looks like I’ll have to go out into Sanctuary and scavenge for a new one, because the old one is clearly not shedding the old power…



I utterly misspoke, I meant 2.6.10. 2.7 is great.

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Now that you’ve shown screenshots of a reforged legacy item not turning into a non-legacy item, you do realise the next thing he’ll accuse you of is faking the screenshots. Maybe you should equip it on a hero, and link your armoury page. Then he can accuse Blizzard of faking the armoury site too.


I know that is a lie because I reforged an old jordan with no orange affix and still got no affix. Believe what you want though. Your lack of knowledge does not negatively impact me.


Probably, it’s gonna be hard to back out of his lie now… he will stop replying and realise he made a big mistake and arguing with everyone who went to just test and prove that legacy stay legacy, he will duck out

Except I couldn’t care less what he thinks. I just did it because I get my jollies out of making people look dumb.

weird, because i did that on the PRT when they added they new afix, i reforged the old one and did not get new one with the affix from reforgin an old one… so…

So he’s lying.


I will not. I will just say I don’t clearly understand what is happening and why. But I did reforge my Jordan stone from old to newer one, it was about half a year ago. This is what I’ve seen with my eyes.
Anyway I want all a ya to notice what was the original topic saying. There are dozens of comments but nobody even tried to speak of the subject.

You mean except in the very first reply of the thread…

How can it be the most prefered? It doesn’t have such ammount of multipliers as hydras for example. Is it about the damage area or what?