Keyboard and mouse support for Console!

It’s high time we got keyboard and mouse support for blizzard games on console. Especially the upcoming Diablo releases. It’s my favorite control scheme, I use it when any game lets me! Thanks


controller is far superior for the new game than KBM which is why PC version is getting controller support.

D2:R certainly showed that controller support is great for a mouse + keyboard game but that was unique to D2:R. Most streamers admitted controller was better than K+B in it given it offered greater variery in movement rather than the 8 axis.

But I disagree with Eddie, K+B for me beats Controller hands down in most games, it was only D2:R that is one of the rare games where Controller is better and that is very game specific.

But in other games like D4 Console K+B would be good, D3 would be better if it had it.

I only recently played Diablo 2 for the first time ever a few months ago, and was honestly quite disappointed in how it played. I guess I got spoiled with D3 and other modern ARPGs. The one thing I did notice was that Diablo 2 to me felt like it would play a lot better on the controller than the keyboard, even if they added in much needed functionality.

That said, I still feel both should be an option, regardless of the platform. I mean, outside of the very rare exclusive, games nowadays tend to be released both on the console and PC, and it shouldn’t be the difficult to add in more options.

Every streamer is terrible at the game if they actually believe that. haha. Imagine HvH using a controller vs KBM? Need I say more? hahaha.

The games is or will be cross-platform & cross-play so NOT allowing KBM support on consoles gives PC players an unfair advantage.

Have you played the D2 Alpha? Again I repeat the Controller support in it is very unique and changes the game…it is not standard K+B v Controller.

The controller offers far greater movement options in D2R specifically which offers far more pros when comparing controller v K+B in another game where there is no difference in features between the two.

Blizzard have introduced 360 axis movement for controller for D2R whilst K+B is stuck to the 8 axis.

That is the key difference.

Again, it is hard to comment until you actually played both…I did and whilst I always prefer K+B in PC games the Controller support in D2R with the enhanced movement is far better IMO and in other streamers.

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Do you know how many hotkeys I use to HvH or PvM Chaos with my KBM?

A = Blessed Hammer
Z = Concentration
S = Charge
X = Vigor
F = Teleport
V = Holy Shield
U = Cleansing
H = Redemption
1,2,3,4 = Pots
W = Weapon swap
~ = action tree (I hardly ever use this)
J = Battle Command
K = Battle Orders
L = Shout (Barb Only)
E = Town Portal

I’m also like 2-3 screens away and there’s invisable hammers everywhere. I skill swap between BH/Conc and Vigor/Charge like 40-50 times a minute. I can do Hell chaos from the WP without teleport in under 3 min.

The only thing console pvpers will be doing with a controller is throwing it through their TV. Don’t you dare try and tell me that a 360 axis makes up for all that.

Are those D2 hot keys, or D3 hot keys?
So cute to list all your hot keys btw.

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Well as I keep saying the majority will prefer Controller is my guess. Newbies will, casuals will, long time players may and the uber harder D2 nuts will stick to K+B but the majority will and Controller unlocks more of the playerbase to have a good time in D2R.

It’s all about maximising sales of a remastered game by making it more accessible and Controller support on PC will have more players using it than K+B (Console has to use Controller) is my guess if Blizzard could ever release the stats of D2R after a year say.

I give you the Accessibility Blog for D2R:

I quote from it:

Another key piece of accessibility is key bindings. Allowing players to set their station fully is critical. Our control scheme for controllers allows for heavy amounts of modification, and we support a long list of bindable actions for the mouse and keyboard. We provide twelve bindable keys and allow all actions/skills to be assigned in any way the player desires. To support this, we’ve even created new bindable neutral skills like interact, allowing for complete customization.

As I say, Controller support on PC will open up the game for PC players to have it more accessible and it then starts to have more advantages over K+B.

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I’m already using 12 hotkeys on my M+KB just with my skills. I didn’t include the other basic ones. Like O, I, C, T, W, Q, Z or the combinations like shift + click + potion in belt to heal merc or shift + right click to max TPs or IDs or mouse to interact. So again… no, it won’t.

And again that doesn’t represent 75%+ of the D2 playerbase and therefore the majority will sway to controller when you factor in D2 playerbase plus new console players.

I’m not saying Controller wins v K+M…I’m saying it will be the majority based on the Alpha feedback from PC players plus controller D2 console players.