Just complaining a bit

Yesterday I cleared a GR 140 with GoD. Felt really good, but also super annoying that I can’t tell how it actually ranks up with all the exploit using cheaters on the leaderboards. I’m starting to think Blizz has no interest in fixing or cleaning up anything related to the exploit. My interest in this season is getting to be about the same.

As for Natalya’s, I’ve decided I hate this rework. I’ve cleared a GR 137 with Nats with zero augments, so you’d think I know what I’m doing. But every time I think it makes sense, on the next GR it doesn’t seem to work the same. Sometimes elites just melt. And other times they require 100s and 100s of trap detonations to the point that it is exhausting. I can’t figure it out. I must be missing something, because like I said, sometimes it works really well, but in general, I think the problem is the size of the area of effect where the damage actually happens.
Convincing the mobs to stand in a caltrops and on top of 10 traps while all the traps detonate is too much of a pain, even with Nat4. I know some people have had success, but I find it unreasonable in most cases. The mobs just go a wandering. Maybe I should try the spike traps or caltrops that immobilizes the mobs? Who knows.

At least TR Wizard is fun.

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Natalya’s operation is complex, but it doesn’t get the benefits it deserves.According to the observation of the Ladder,Natalya’s performance is worse than Marauder,but Natalya cost more operation,so it still needs to buff 3 tiers.My proposal is Natalya 6P bounus 10000%→15000%

I saved the gear and decided to give Nat’s a try. Currently playing on console. No matter how I tried to get an angle on a target the traps only ever dropped at my feet. I geared up my monk for bells just to see if it was an overall issue with dropping a ranged attack rather than shooting a ranged attack. Bells dropped on targets just fine so it is absolutely spiked traps that are the issue. I’m absolutely disgusted with how broken it is. They could’ve left the on hit mechanic and it would’ve at least have been usable for console.

As far as it not working sometimes and working others, I suspect “when it works” is when you have the frenzy shrine power and when it doesn’t, you don’t. The build plays a lot smoother, the more attack speed you have. With frenzy you can just hold down ST and they come out quick enough to get 10 traps in a second or two. But when frenzy isn’t active, to get 10 traps out you have to tap ST at least five times before detonating which takes some time.

I’ve put some attack speed rolls on my equipment to get to a 2.21 attacks per second and it’s still pretty slow without frenzy which with no attack speed rolls put you 2.4 and with my attack rolls, 2.61.

So yeah, I’m thinking your issue is not having frenzy in some Grifts and having it in others.

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Did a 148 last night. Put enough attacks rolls on my equipment to get to 2.43 attacks per second before frenzy buff. Also switched to Captain Crimson’s finally and dropped the ring to equip the crossbow instead of Dawn and replaced the ring with CoE and fished for an open map and an empowerment shrine effect to start.

Completed it in something like 11:08.

I also dropped FoK/Bladed Armor for Companion/Boar to reduce the assumption of me using the bugged interaction for my clear.

Repeating the process in the 149 at the moment. I know everyone says “wait for the leaderboards to be cleared before pushing” but I’m tired of waiting. So, I’m going to do a 150 whether the boards are wiped or not and then I’m done with the season.

I’m not going to let cheaters determine what I do in this game. Additionally, I’ve always said that if I ever do a 150 I’d quit the game because at that point there’s nothing else to prove. But this cheater bs has put exclamation point on that thought.

I mean, Blizzard has decided to take their sweet time to provide a fix when all they have to do is change that one FoK rune so that it doesn’t cost hatred and boom problem solved.

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I made a post complaining about the Nat’s exploit a few days ago and it was removed by blizz.

I am so sick of Blizzard not enforcing an exploit in the game like they used to.

I am tired of this crap!

I don’t have the luxury of rolling AS on my gear yet, but I have found a couple things that have helped a lot.

  1. Spike Traps on my left click. For some reason that makes it so much smoother to spam traps and position them.
  2. Detonator skill on the keyboard. This makes detonating easier for some reason. Sometimes if it’s on the mouse it just doesn’t go. Like the game prefers keyboard clicks to mouse clicks sometimes. Probably not, but that’s how it feels.
  3. Patience. I’ve realized that after detonation all of the mobs do a flashing sparkle thingy, which is probably one of the legendaries hitting them again. And as much as it pains me to stand there doing nothing, I wait till the sparkles stop before dropping traps again.

Good luck with your 150 quest. I’m almost there with TR wizard.

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You should try playing on PS4…where cheaters have been OPENLY cheating for the past 4 seasons with modded gear. Sony won’t do anything, Blizzard hasn’t even responded to reporting of said cheating, let alone done anything. Combined with save scumming, kanai recipe cheating (people recording how to get primals using kanais cube and telling others), save wizard (infinite mats, start the season with 999 paragon instantly) and it’s just a complete and UTTER mess.

PC has a tiny exploit being abused, map hacking and botting. I’d take those any day of the week over the complete mess that is on PS4/5.

I’m not validating the cheating on PC btw. I’m just stating the facts - that even with this cheating, you PC players have it good.

Blizzard didn’t even listen to console feedback where we said the s28 theme of doubling the kill streak time would screw us on consoles due to the NG mechanics.

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I’m about 30 seconds from completing a 149 on bad maps. If I can get an empowered effect on a good map with the right mobs, 149 is going down. It just takes a lot of fishing for me. I farm up about 50 keys at a time and can’t get empowered to proc on Battlefields, Festering, or FoM and when they do, it’s usually bad mobs.

But then I get it to proc in maps like Plague Tunnels and with good mobs and wind up anywhere from 30s to 2 1/2 minutes late.



1 day later…

149 is done and dusted. I’m so thrilled. 150 here I come!

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150 Done and Dusted! Whooo!!!
Took about 150-200 keys worth of fishing but I did it. I’m so excited I don’t know what else to say. LOL!!

Finally got a Festering with Anarchs and Demon Troopers with a Empowered Shrine effect to start. First elites were an illusionist Warscarred. A little further down was a Channeling Pylon with blue fallen hounds near it. A jugg Fallen Overseer was next, so skipped. Then there were three blue packs close together, those vampires from Act 5 that spawn skeletons, some scarabs, and some big spiders. Killed the spiders and scarabs. A little further was a Conduit used it to kill the vampires and elite that spawned from it. Just beyond that was a Shield Pylon and still had some conduit left to kill the elite there. There was another jugg that I skipped and then an elite male lucuni. Killed the lacuni and spawned Vesalius. Killed him with a little over 2 1/2 minutes left.

Earlier in the afternoon I came within 15/100th’s of a second of beating a 150 because the Grift Guardian was Tentris and she kept floating away from my caltrops. That was pretty frustrating. The maps were pretty bad on that one, I think it was Halls of Agony followed by Barracks. The mobs were decent on the first map though I can’t remember what they were but it was fallen shaman and ghouls on the barracks map so I only had a little over a minute on the time left for the Grift Guardian.



I’m up to 145 but every time I find an illusionist or any wandering elite, I want to throw my mouse across the room. Good on you for persisting.

With the cheaters wiped off the leaderboard, my clear almost made it into the top 100. You’re probably in the top 10.

It was top 20 on the Nat’s board (#15, I think) and top 40 overall (33 or 35 or something like that.)

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Congrats, much respect. I’ll never get a GR150, but I like the build that I play and it’s not possible to get a GR150 with it, even with mega paragon and the best in slot gear. I’d rather play my preferred build and enjoy the game than some build that I hate.

By empowered GR do you mean the swirling misty effect that randomly appears in some GRs? If so, what does that do?

Gee, it’d be nice if Blizzard did the same for PS4 LBs…

No I meant the Empowered Shrine Effect that lowers cooldowns and comes from pressing your potion, with enough on your equipment and the empowered shrine effect you can get full uptime on Vengeance without Dawn, enabling you to go with Nat’s Slayer and CoE over Dawn and Nat’s ring.


The Grifts you’re talking about are “Orek’s Dream” Grifts and they’re a 1% chance. What’s different about that them is they have a limited map pool (mostly open maps) and a limited mob pool (most are good but some are still bad).

Edit #2:

The empowered shrine effect is the one that looks like a circular face on your buff bar.

Edit #3:

The necessary cooldown reduction is about 57%, attainable with Crimson’s, cooldown on both weapons, shoulders, gloves (or ring or the enchantress). The empowered shrine effect will boost you to about 75% cooldown reduction and give you perma-Vengeance.

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Ah, of course. So, that means you’re not running dawn in the weapon cube slot, correct? That empowered shrine is only for 2 minutes though (with FOT), correct? What about the other 13 minutes of the GR? I guess that 2 minutes [of empowerment] is just enough to get you over the line for the clear.

homerjnick told me that s29 will see the last patch for D3, I hope that is not the case, or at least, that they PROPERLY balance the builds. All of them. I mean s6 impale is a mongrel on petrified screams due to heavy hatred costs - I’m having to run with seethe rune and visage of gune, sacrificing a lot of toughness just so I can get to lvl 100 in the scream… Having a in game mechanic that is ONLY good for some builds, is crap game design.

Players gravitate to the strongest builds, simply because they are the strongest. Fun isn’t part of the equation for those that push. I’d like to see AlL builds be able to push and with the right gear/paragon and good player skill, be able to clear a GR150. Not just some builds. Not trying to belittle your efforts by the way mate. Just very frustrated at how bad the devs have treated this game.

My follower has Gloves of Worship and they boost shrine effects to 10 min duration. Gloves or Worship emanate, you get the effect if your follower wears them. Flavor of Time only effects Pylons. Gloves of Worship work on shrine effects.

Gloves of Worship are found in Act 2 bounty caches, just in case you didn’t know.


As far as the rest of your post. I get what you’re saying and with that said. I find Nat’s to be fun. Maybe some of that fun comes from being a powerful set though. Part of my fun comes from feeling powerful but my favorite set is GoD or at least it was. Nat’s is growing on me but it’s slow. No movement skills can fit on it so it’s just walking through the Grift. Still need GoD for key farming and mid-tier paragon farming.

Edit #2:

I think I remember you saying you like Shadow, right? Nat’s plays a lot like Shadow did before it was buffed.

You might like it. Like I said, it won’t be as fast (movement wise) but it is a “get up close and personal with the mobs” style if you play it that way. Some folks are skilled enough to play it ranged enough to use Zie’s. I have to use Esoteric and stay up close but I’m proof you can play it that way.

I know that. But they don’t work in GRs, only normal rifts, unless Blizzard has changed this?

Shadows was only buffed for DPS, the play style wasn’t changed, unless you’re including the pre s28 PTR changes to the 2 piece set design (which I presume you are)?

I’ll have to have a look. Any good YouTube build guides for it and play style advice that you’d recommend?

They didn’t work in Grifts because Grifts don’t have shrines, since the potions produce shrine effects, even in Grifts, they work in GRifts. They just don’t carry over into new Grifts. But they will last beyond closing a Grift. So say you have 4 shrine effects active you’ve killed the Grift Guardian. You can close the Grift and if the 10 min haven’t expired on your shrine effects, then you can do something like run a regular rifts and those effects will still be active.

But if you open a new Grift and enter it, then your shrine effects will disappear. If you activate your potion and get a shrine effect but then leave the Grift, when you re-enter, your shrine effect will disappear.

So you can’t carry a shrine effect into a GRift but any you activate within it will last ten minutes as long as you stay in the Grift.

I only meant that when they changed the six piece to make the fire rune viable which meant you could play Shadow more ranged than it used to be.

As far as playstyle or videos. Raxx has one but it was made right after the set went live and a playstyle hadn’t emerged really.

I’d make one but I don’t know how.

I can try to tell you how I played it and what stats and skills I used.

First off, this season the Empowered Shrine effect and Frenzy Shrine effect are really good. But because deploying traps can be slow without Frenzy Shrine, I put my attack speed as 2.21 (that’s one attack speed roll on equipment and the enchantress’s attack speed buff).

The leaderboards have people using Smoke Screen/Healing Vapors. But I went with Shadow Power/Gloom. I also have one life per hit roll on my weapon and another on my ring.

You want area damage where you can fit it and all those other normal stats, crit dam, crit chance, reduce cooldown.

You also want Endless Walk, Aughild’s and Crimson’s.

My gems are BotT, Stricken and Esoteric.

And the playstyle is just get close to mobs, drop a caltrops, hold down Spike Traps/Custom Trigger, and detonate with Evasive Fire/Hardened. The Spike Trap explosions will bring mobs closer to you.

It’s pretty simple and easy. No real subtlety or tricky play. Avoid things like Dark Berserker big swings or too many slashing big lacuni and you should do fine.

Ahh! I guess it’s worth putting the gloves of worship on my follower then, right?

Just making sure that I’m understanding correctly - drink potion at start of GR, and voila, potion effect for 10 minutes during said GR. Correct?

Yes. Twenty characters.

Edit: And you can activate your potion every time it’s off cooldown whether you need healing or not for additional shrine effects.