Just checking are our CMs still alive?

Well again, I see Filthie and Pez for example moderating mostly on weekdays but thankfully, for their sake, I don’t recall seeing it much if at all on weekends.

I would just say that as far as a business process or company hierarchy, I would just silo them off from modding completely. That shouldn’t be in their mindset imo. I’d rather see CM’s modding a forum be as odd to see as a developer or artist moderating the forum - where it just doesn’t happen. As it is, I see it quite a bit.

As far as browsing forums and condensing info to pass up the chain, there are apps for that. Very good apps that condense, cross-reference, keyword chain, etc that CM’s could use rather than manually browsing.

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Yeah, I get that. Does that mean CM’s can’t copy pasta new information back here for those that don’t use a lot of social media? It’s literally a few extra button clicks to ensure home base is kept in the loop.

This is a long standing complaint that a ton of us have had. It is fine to make announcements or comments and such on other media. However, having links to those on the main Blizzard website would be ideal. A landing pad that aggregates the Twitter accounts, reddit posts, and any recent media articles or interviews.


Here to confirm we’re alive! Most recent news came from Pezradar on D2 leaderboards reset and soon I’ll be sharing news on the PTR front.


That is the best news I heard today.


Yeah. Nice to see that CM activity is growing.

Can it be sooner? :laughing: Just kidding. Take all the time you guys need. Hope the devs managed to fix the lag/freez bugs.

Soon™ is a notorious blizzard timeline :stuck_out_tongue:


Outstanding, good to known. Is the D4 blog still going to be up this month?

Nice to see some news / something from you. I am happily waiting for the ptr news. But would be nice once in a while, someone would check in and type. Even though I don’t know how busy you might be

Can you confirm that the D4 team are still doing quarterly reports?

It seems like Blizzconline might have moved the schedule a bit but they don’t plan to stop doing them right?

Considering these were a David Kim effort and since he’s no longer with the company, we may only sporadically get these from here on out.

We’ll likely still receive quarterly updates, as they had stated so back at BlizzConline (which was considered the first quarterly update of 2021). Our 2nd quarterly update blog could be released anytime from now to June 30th and still be considered on time.

Now in the event that they were done with the Quarterly Updates, or decided to cancel them, we’d had gotten an update regarding that.


Next update should be sometime between 06/04/2021 - 06/30/21 (still within the 2ndQ).

Blizzconline did not change anything, It was the Q1 update (Feb. is within the 1stQ).

:point_up_2:Exactly. Hopefully the blogs will get better and better as we get closer to launch.

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I wouldn’t expect PTR notes tomorrow as it’s weekend or monday. I think it supposed to arrive by tuesday or wednesday if it’s any close.

Rod Fergusson is in charge of all things Diablo, Luis Barriga is in charge of D4. It is whatever they say.
David Kim was just one member of a very large team. They have also made references to upcoming blogs.

They usually dont tease unless its about to drop (too much backlash).

Pretty sure you are just a Zombi.
I sayed this right at the start and no one belived it.
So Zombi for sure.

Is this before or after Starcraft Ghost is released? :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t say, as I’m not familiar with Starcraft universe or it’s games.