Just checking are our CMs still alive?

It was canceled nearly 20 Years ago …
He is just trolling

A little light blizzard communication humor; Starcraft Ghost was announced in like 2002 and finally cancelled in 2014 after years of silence(and limbo).

I hope the blog is out by the end of the month, too, but I asked several people associated with D4 and they hadn’t heard anything about it (or didn’t reply).

Loooooooooooooooooooooool :joy:

Ah gotcha. Well I wouldn’t worry about it just yet. While we’re nearing the end of the 2nd quarter, we’re still in the beginning of June. So there’s still about 3 weeks left before this quarter ends.

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We can only hope. What do you want to hear about most? I want to hear more about skills and sets.

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Hmm, if I had to say; it’d probably be skills (such as the skill tree, skill leveling, and upgrade nodes on the skill tree), and endgame activities (unlikely, but it’s something I’d still like to hear nonetheless). Sets would also be something good to hear about. I’m somewhat worried that the lack of sets shown thus far is a sign that sets aren’t going to be in Diablo 4. I hope that’s not the case.

It is not the case. My spies report they just didn’t have anything they wanted to share JUST yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually don’t think they need so many classes of items. They have blues, rares, uniques, set, and mythical that all have end-game potential.

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In that case, I happy to hear that. While Diablo 3 went to the extreme with sets and their damage, sets themselves aren’t bad and such shouldn’t be excluded imo.

I suggested set items be upgradeable too, like in Diablo 2, but that didn’t seem to be a hit. Too bad. I loved me upgrading some Death’s Sash(and gloves).

They are represented, but by no means as strong as in D3

In my opinion they should reimagine set items as the goal of an end game crafting system. I detailed how you can add a 4th artisan to the game - an item artificer - that accomplishes this goal in the thread below.

D4 Feedback - It All Seems to Come Back to Items

I hope that they tell us about their plans for the runeword system and crafting in general. With the emergence of PoE the focus on crafting as part of the ARPG endgame has risen tenfold since D3 was being developed. I’m curious what the D4 devs have learned from that.

The real question is will the PTR just contain the few balance changes and they start to recycle older Seasonal themes and development will ramp down given D:I and D2:R?

Looking at past updates, most of the D4 blogs tend to be focused around the end of the quarter, I wouldn’t expect the next announcement before end of June. December is really the only exception, and that makes sense because Holidays. Unfortunately, the timing of Blizzconline gave us a massive lag in announcement time, it being in the Middle of Q1 and all.

I think those are separate teams. D2:R was definitely outsourced to another studio. D:I is completely different technology than D3, it being mobile and all, so I’d expect different Devs.

That is true the dev team for D3, previously Clssic is super small and my point is why develop things for D3 and pull players away from D:I and D2:R?

When D:I and D2:R releases dev time for D3 will diminish even more and at that point a recycle of Seasonal themes may occur.

I wonder when that will be.

we have even come to the point where someone has to ask the devs if they are ok after a long radio silence, jesus…

I think its Dev… :wink:

I’ve checked the Blizzard Tracker everyday for 4 days… It’s kind of disappointing that we approach the middle of the week and not yet have access to PTR notes… I hope this will be a 3 months season cause d3 is awfully boring, even if I just started playing in March.

Well, they had posted that update early Friday (well depending on one’s timezone), so that already confirmed that we weren’t going to get any info for the rest of the week, as they don’t post such info on the weekends. Now we’re heading towards the middle of this week, so there’s still a chance that we’ll hear an update regarding the ptr patch notes before Saturday. If not, then it’d likely be sometime next week.

If we don’t get the ptr patch notes by next week, then expect season 23 to last longer than 3 months (how much longer will depend on how long it takes for us to get the ptr patch notes and how long the ptr itself will run).

With all that said, just be patient. We’ll get the ptr patch notes, along with the ptr soon enough.

Let’s also include the Q2 D4 blog update, PLEASE. :pray: June could me a good month for some news. :newspaper_roll:

  • I have faith that our CMs will come through for us on the news front.