Just checking are our CMs still alive?

Many players obtain information form other locations and post it on this forum.

  • The forum is more of an afterthought. I wonder how many people even come to the forum.

Since July 2019:

  • Trust level 0 (viewed the forums at all): 60975
  • Trust level 1 (read some posts for about 10 mins) 17293
  • Trust level 2 (repeat visits, multiple days of reading posts /interactions): 2565
  • Trust level 3 (regulars) 242

Remember that everyone in Trust level 3 is part of Trust level 2, 1, and 0. Etc.

So, as you can see, the forums don’t have a huge level of engagement and regular participation, or even reading. Not compared to the number of games sold, posts on reddit, etc.


No one can for sure know. But I miss the days where they engaged more. Where we would hear word from someone. We have had a lot of big discussions on here without anything. Not a single word. Even with bugs and problems. People said it was a dead game and they kinda treat it like it is

Keep also in Mind, that only ~5-15% engage within the Forum as User.

The biggest Part are only People that only read some Comments or are serching for specific Subjects.
We have only a few active Reader, that are really interested in the Topics, instead of specific Search Resaults.

I know :slight_smile: That is what the Trust levels take into account.

A person of Trust level 1 spends about 10 mins reading to find that they want and that is all they have to do.

The TL 2 and 3 are the regulars which are a VERY tiny fraction of the whole Diablo fan base. Way lower than 5% based on numbers.

Joop :slight_smile:

I just wanted to make it a bit more clear, that the “normal” Reach of the Forum might be around ~150-200 People, while even the shi## Insta can reach out to at least 20.000, while they are scrolling through theyr Newsfeed

Yeah the normal forum reach is really tiny, and engagement levels even lower - as the metrics show. Trust levels are useful for that! They are little rewards, but mostly they track reading and engagement in an easy to check format.

True, Rhykker alone had over 530,000 views for his D2R gameplay with the 3 classes.

Trust lvl is not really a Measurement :confused:

Esp on the Eu Servers … how often did i losse there the TL3, just because i´m toxic or because i was playing another game like HotS for a while and didn´t visited the Forum for 2 Month …

That I´m in the Comm for nearly 25 Years, that I post Guides, that sometimes goes over 120 Pages or correct everywhere, when ther is something wrong, doesnt count :smiley:

As sayed. I´m quite often toxic and can also be quite agressive.
This is totally on me and every timeout is 99% of the Time correct :+1:

But … why should i losse the Right to Post Links or Pictures, so that i can´t help other Players the next Day or can´t rewrite a Guide after a Patch, but have to farm again for over 6 Month again, to get TL3 back again :crazy_face:

This just hurts the Community more, than it would hurt me …

A TL4 or Sage-Rank, would be a big Help

It is though. While you can lose TL 3, you can’t lose TL2 or 1. TL3 is included in TL2, of course because you can’t be TL3 without also being TL2 first.

So, looking at TL2 which means they actually stick around and even post some, there are still a TINY number of people active here.

That part is an issue, but it is how the Discourse forum software works. Blizzard can set the TL3 requirements though and for Diablo games they have lowered them down quite a bit compared to the OW or WoW forums. They realize our forums tend to be quieter.

Green <— It comes with perm TL3 unless I do something really bad.

There are a couple other people (not green) who have been given TL3 manually and won’t lose it for not reading enough. Those had to go through layers of approvals though. And yes, it was so they can post links and images to help new players, explain game features, etc.

Not an Option :slight_smile:
I´m foul mauthed, have to many bad manners and Problems with the Writing :slight_smile: :sunflower:
Also there are more well mannered People to represent the Community, while i do my thing in the Background or the Fildwork :slight_smile:

You can still add new Ranks :slight_smile:
To be direckt and sometimes not sensitive, i dont need any TL
To help other Players and give them the right Direction, yea

Being able to create links and post images is a trust level privileged because some people post things that are not within the forum guidelines. That use language or have inappropriate content.

Well, if that is the case then they would not make a new level of forum trust with perm linking abilities that they only give to MVPs or hand picked people who are almost MVPs.

You are right though, nobody starts out green and it does not take green or any TL to be helpful. It just takes being a kind person and having a few spare minutes.


But as long as the Person don´t use the Media …
And for the People who try to help the Community since Years … its just a Kick in the Face :slight_smile:

It is more of a hassel, as a punishment and only hurts the community as the wrongdoer

Well -

  • ignored by “community management”, no information or teasers for months
  • unrelated content (D4, D2R, D-I) deliberately misdirected to D3 general, not even dedicated boards for the other games
  • no moderation moving at least D2R threads to their place and banning users who repeatedly post in the wrong place

Now why could participation be so low? Three CMs can’t figure it out apparently, we need more.


Speaking strictly to comment and thread moderation, it’s honestly just a brutally tedious job that CM’s shouldn’t be doing as a job function in my opinion. All of those guys, Pez, Flithie, and so on have much more important things to be doing imo. Especially with D2R, D:I and D4 all so active, even with new season PTR with D3.

I’ve always felt that Blizzard should hire someone more junior, even trusted volunteers, or even a pool of them that rotates, for 24 hr coverage. I would also be completely fine with MVP’s being given basic moderation with a couple of privs like removing duplicate threads (telling poster why), and moving threads to their rightful place, and so on.

I’d much rather see the CMs have an upward career path and focus on the higher level functions they do with documentation of what’s going on with game design, development, playtesting, internal meetings, and all that with the various games. Plus working on all the blog posts, PTRs, social media posts and all that. Working on events like BlizzCon, setting up meetings with streamers and interviews with streamers - promoting and hyping games etc.

Forum moderation to me is like Twitch stream chat mods or reddit mods - that stuff is tiddly wink stuff CMs shouldn’t be doing imo. It’s actually very annoying to me that their management hasn’t seen the light of day on this issue.

While they do have the ability to moderate if needed, that is not really part of their job. They very rarely touch threads themselves.

Blizzard has a dedicated Forum Moderation team who take reports from every Blizzard forum who works mostly out of the Austin Texas office (or at home right now). Blizzard has no unpaid labor, not even interns. There are legal reasons for that. It is illegal in CA to have people do for free what your paid staff does. Other games have run into that as well.

So yes, mgt is well aware and CMs are not tasked with forum moderation. That is part of why I posted the job description above. Notice is it not in there. It is literally not their job to sit around and handle reports about posts. Blizz has a separate team for that.

I do not care who is responsible for what at Blizz as long as the job gets done. Which it doesn’t. The CMs are the only face to the customer, introducing themselves and lying about how they would like to improve communication and then moving on to other things. Nobody of your “team” has ever said so much as “hello folks” here.

The forum is a neglected mess and therefore it gets frequented less and less. They could just as well shut it down.

What PTR?

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That’s not really accurate though.

I see CM’s quite often dealing with forum thread moderation.

So they’re not silo’d from forum moderation like they should be imo.

If I did BPR on Blizzard, the way they deal with forums and how they structure community engagement would be high on my list. CM’s would be far away from the mundane task of moderating forum threads, even if infrequent.

As I said, they CAN do it if they see something that needs to be dealt with and happen to have time. It is not their job specifically though.

I think you misunderstand. None of the flagged posts go to CMs. None. That is not their job. They ARE here daily though to collect feedback and if something needs to be dealt with and they want to, they have the tools.

They are NOT sitting around here responding to reports and looking for things to moderate.

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touché. Blizzard-soon :slight_smile: But that goes with my point of having them focus on other more important tasks rather than forum moderation.