Is it now time to change the name of this forum?

Problem is that both D3 General Discussion and D2R General Discussion sub-forums display as “General Discussion.” Can’t distinguish between until click on header. Suggest display D2R General Discussion as “D2R General Discussion.”

The forum title, for me, shows as Forums > General Discussion. The implication of such is that it is not even Diablo related and “general” in every sense of “off topic.”

At this stage, it would be too much work to cycle the various games into their own section. Alas.

The URL for the top level of these forums is…
Would you care to hazard a guess as to what the d3 in the URL signifies?

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It signifies no one looks at the URL. Obviously.

Clearly what we need is some discussion about Diablo 1.

I feel like we’re neglecting it.



It is outright stated “Discuss Diablo III” here

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Again, looking at the wrong thing… you know, where real people actually look. Who bothers with the top view or URL? No one. They look at the header considering that is what you usually use to navigate.

For new users or real people, how do they access the D3 forum in the first place?

The first method is from clicking the “forum” in the app:

The second method is google “D3 forum”:

And both links will direct the user to here:

and there, anyone with working pair of eyes will be able to read “Discuss Diablo III” before clicking the General Discussion with their mouse.

The end.

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You left this one out:

Jul '19

Welcome to the Diablo III Community Forums. These forums are here to provide you a friendly environment where you can discuss everything Diablo III with your fellow players.

The Diablo III forums are for discussion of topics directly related to Diablo III.

“The forums here are specifically to discuss the game and related topics. Any topics not related to Diablo III, Battle. net, or Blizzard Entertainment are subject to deletion.”

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So… Arkaine’s Valor or Godley Plate of the Whale?

Not related to Diablo III or Battle. net or Blizzard Entertainment :thinking:


That’s Blizzard. Just lies and deception.

It also appears that some people have a problem with reading comprehension. No Biggy. I blocked a few of the tolls and S23 will start soon. If Blizzard lets people post D2 comments on the D3 forum I no longer care. Just don’t ever go to the D2 forums and tell them that you like D3. You see, it’s only the D2 fanboys who get to say whatever they want.

Are you pouting now?


I can understand the intended theory behind the whole “license required for forum use” thing. Ostensibly it’s to keep spam and trolling to a minimum by gating communication privileges behind monetary investment into the product you’re posting about, as well as forcing you to have a valid account in good standing for the duration that you care about posting.

Sounds like a good idea on paper, but in reality all they’re actually doing is setting up an echo chamber wherein only people who have already bought and drunk the Kulle Aid are allowed to post on the official forums, which skews the discourse for what I would hope to be obvious reasons. When the only people who are allowed to post about your game are those who have already (pre)bought your game, that sets up a significant conflict of interest for all involved.

On top of that, the spam isn’t even countered. It merely changes form, from “male enhancement pills” to topics like this one. And I sure as sugar don’t have a “vested monetary interest” in D2R at the moment, so what exactly is this policy actually doing aside from making Blizz look silly?


ImmortalKing As my GF says all the time “look who is calling the kettle black!!!”

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To be fair, there were D2 CD key generators running amok. Maybe that’s a factor?

It’s laziness. In the bad old days everyone was allowed to post until the game launched. Then you had to have a valid copy to post and they wiped the pre launch forums. Now they can’t be bothered to fix their garbage forum software.

Lets just call the forum Winnifred.

I wasn’t aware of that. They ought to bite the bullet anyway in that case, as Zymurgeist has said, after launch they could then lock down the D2R forums to D2R license holders only, but current D2 license holders (and indeed D3 holders) ought to have access for the time being, even if it means some pirates get through.

Dedicated Forums isnt that great. Bethesda uses it. Most places just end up dead and makes players feel bad. Its much better, when majority chooses what people talk. CDPR is kinda on the right track with this.