Is d4 literally d3?

Their versiom of a minmax grind is super shallow and exactly the same as D3 where you can be fully geared in a couple of days and then just keep grinding for the same exact items with better stats, so you can clear greater rift 150 instead for 140.
Like imagine if you could find an enigma and infinity day 1-2 in D2 but the rolls were just bad. Would eliminate the item hunt rush you feel now.

Unfortunately this is their way for letting casuals enjoy endgame builds, while also providing their version of “loothunt” for the hardcore players. The problem is that farming for a simple stat upgrade on the same item is the shallowest shlt ever and most people will get bored of it in no time.

Hardcore players will just stick to PoE2 where finding a gg item or even currency feels super rewarding.

People have already maxed their builds after a few days in D4. In a new game where they knew almost nothing about. Imagine how long it would take after people learn the game and manage to be way more efficient.

This is the result of their philosophy which wont change at release. They might tweak the droprates a bit , but it wont change much. You wont feel the loothuntt rush, which is what kept games like PoE and D2 alive and interesting.

Its a core issue.

Is the above accurate? if so, d4 is DOA

Seems to have worked out pretty good for D3.


It sadly sounds like it yes.
Repeating items again and again is such a stupid design.

Sadly trading ruins that feeling.

U could. However the game is so ez that u wont need to. There is simply no challenge.

If you find a bis unique in D2 whit bad roll you will start look for a better. When you get a CTA for example, with a bad roll you’ll farm the runes and base again. How’s that different?

Diablo 4 will be DOA just like Diablo 3. Aka end up being a great game that sells tens of millions of copies and makes no life manchildren very mad for 10 years.

Looking forward to it :grin:


bEcaUsE MAstErPieCe!1!!


OK so I don’t believe it is this extreme.

The first reason is that the beta doesn’t include the campaign and they recently claimed it will be 35 hours. I have to believe they are including optional content in that.

The second reason is that they likely sped up leveling and boosted drop rates for testing.

I still don’t think they have enough in terms of end game progression or interesting itemization or paragon boards. D3 streamers will eat it up as they’ve stuck with D3 for ages. POE streamers will not be converting to D4 unless POE is in a REALLY bad state. Some Lost Ark streamers may give D4 a shot though.

Anyway, let’s hope they don’t announce a release date until after Open Beta.


It is indeed an annoying attitude but i think it has it’s reasons. Basically the “vanilla” gameplay is balanced about finding the perfect rolled item in terms of stats which can last some time depending on the variables. Not so much time in D4 apparently because everything is crafting material for legendaries.
Then the endgame is basically just trying to find the exact thing again with a 5% chance on top to find it in a better quality so the “hardcore” gamers can have their carrot
Basically the same as Tiny Tinas Wonderlands right now
Just that in that game it’s actually hard to find the perfect item in the first place

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The odds of find gg items is like 0,1% for 99% of players. Finding currency rewarding show how awful the loot hunt is.

Finding upgrades to improve your char via looting is boring, but collecting enough currency to buy gears from the trading site is good…???


Funny coming from you that like gears upgrade to be more of stats like cool down reduction, RCR, attack speed, FCR.

Also, to general. Why getting upgrade to loot is a bad thing in a loot hunt game.

Also gears in a couple of day is pure BS, even on D3. In D4 NO one literally able to do that, why make sensationalise statement that undermind your point.

Also if “hardcore” plays choose to play PoE2, by all means, as long as thy stop coming to D4 forum & whine.
Enjoy portal to map, portal ot hideout 24/7 on the same few maps, grinding currency to buy gaers on trading site.

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The stat combinations on items can be fun to grind for. I don’t get what’s your deal here.

Ask the OP. Apparently getting progressive upgrade with better stats is a bad thing, in a loot base game.

Maybe he think you need to have RNG & hunting for weeks to get 1 or 2 good upgate is defination of a good arpg.

I figure Blizzard retained their knack for reward systems if nothing else. Did they get discouraged off the sobering realization that WoW’s numbers game isn’t a great template on which to build future titles? least ones with any chance at being an honorary “esport” with an active driven competitive community to keep it culturally relevant & suitable for in-depth discussion (and whoever doesn’t want that but actively pushes against it can cheese it). But just so we’re clear, reward systems are fine in of themselves, and having one is better than nothing.

i don’t think you understand the difference here

we are talking about a system that has a lable on top of the item that you would usually grind that says “the exact same thing but 10% more damage”
which is a boring system when you have to repeat that 3-5 times

Apparently, some players here think that once you got Helmet X, the hunt for the Helmet slot has ended in the loot hunt game. :rofl:


Same people that complain you gear up in too fast, are the same people that DO NOT want to farm after getting X & think the hunt for that slot should end.


It’s better than finding that item early and never getting an upgrade for it ever again.

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I remembered play D2R sorc, After I got Spirit sword, & then the shield later, I never manage an upgrade for these slot for 2 weeks of grinding…Same with chest after serpent skin armor.
Not fun.