Is d4 literally d3?

yea but since we have level scaling items that wouldn’t even be a thing

Is d4 literally d3?

No of course. It is literally D3,5.

Which means they are not the same items. At least statistically very very unlikely to be the same items.
But the topic is about getting better versions of the same items, not merely the same items. And yeah, that also includes rares. “Rares Plus”, “Rares Ultra Plus” are also bad for sure. Just more so for legendaries, and uniques in particular, when it literally is the same items.

Getting upgrades is fine. Getting the exact same item in better versions is silly. Devaluing the items, making the upgrades uninteresting.

Huh, it is very normal to have all the legendaries and set items you wanted for your build after 2 days in D3. I guess sometimes you might be missing a ring or an amulet.
And that is even without full optimization (such as grouping) etc.

Seems a bit early to conclude whether people can do the same in D4 too.

Contrarianism :woman_shrugging:


There is some treadmill design inherent to the A-RPG genre. But no need to double or triple down on the treadmill.

No. The hunt for the helmet slot should not necessarily be over, but the hunt for helmet X should.

While loot hunting is important in an A-RPG, the games should not be diminished to being “loot hunt games”.

But you are NOT getting the better versions of the same items in D4 except for uniques.

It very much sound like you are though (yes, things might change, but we can only really talk about how they seem to be now).
Both rares, legendaries and uniques supposedly exist in Normal, Normal Plus and Normal Ultra Plus versions :unamused:

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I know nothing about tiny Tinas game, but rebalancing drop rates and such is pretty easy to do going into the first season. As they’ll have months of data and feedback.

you can rebalance drop rates for sure
but what’s actually more impactful is how the gear composition works which determines how many times you have to find the same piece of gear to have it roll “perfect”
which was something that borderlands 3 did horribly wrong with the addition of anointments which added another layer of RNG over the items which made them increase the drop rates heavily which lead to basically legendary burnout
and that feels like crab and the game isn’t fun anymore

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Yeah finding valuable stuff you can trade is really fun in D2 and POE. This includes D2 runes, charms, jewels as well as items. And for POE there’s so much currency and other loot that can help you upgrade. It reduces the pain of never finding the item you want when you have stuff you can trade to get it.

D3 lost most of the fun of the loot hunt. Between legendaries dropping like candy and eventually just waiting for the same item to drop(gambled/crafted) with better rolls.

And so if the choice is to have it closer to D2/POE or D3, I’ll clearly go the free trade route with much rarer drops.

I get this sense from many.

But they are not like to like stats!!! AN upgrade can be another rare with one stats not on the one you have, or a leg effect on a gear slot you want. Many possible combinations for an upgrade, the classification (which exited in D2 also) is just one of many.

in D2 you do not get +2 skills on the amulet until I think level 85 item level. So your level 20 amulet will not be Bis if +skill is the main stat you wanted. The value on a level 20 amulet-like life. resist are also smaller than you can get at a higher level.

If you use a level 20 amulet until level 70. Its just that you haven’t found proper upgrade, not because the level 20 amulets are so good that the loot hunt for the amulet is over.

Loot hunt in D4 is not significantly different. People need to stop looking at D2 with rose tinted glasses.

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Anything in the same franchise will have similarities to its predecessors. Whether this is lore, storyline or the way characters interact and move, hit, dodge…etc…etc…

It seems so far to work similarly to D2 & D3 in the videos with a slightly different look, graphics and feel.
In other words, ask the dev’s. Seeing is not necessarily believing anymore.

EDIT - It is worth noting the the ‘unique’ items idea, not just legendary, from D2 are in this as well as the legendary ones. So it definitely seems like they are trying to bring in the best from both D2 and D3.

Exactly. Those items are the same “tier” of items. Same affix ranges etc.
The topic here is not different affixes, but outright better versions of items.
That is the difference.

I have not mentioned D2… As you perfectly described, D2 also keeps dropping multiple tiers of items in endgame (albeit, at least it is not the same items). And it is bad imo.
Dont drop items that are guaranteed to be bad. It is pointless.

Lvling is also not the same as is being discussed here. It is fine that a lvl 1 item is worse than a lvl 50 item (although, it should be possible to upgrade the lvl 1 item to max lvl at a cost, so that lvl 1 legendary might come around and be great for you in endgame too, making lvling feel more like a full part of the game)

And dont drop lvl 20 amulets from lvl 70 enemies.

Except good luck finding thise rares and legendaries with the same stats and/or for the same slots. Uniques and legendary affixes are the same with some new ones each new world tier above 2. Legendary affixes can roll on a variety of slots and the likelyhood of fi ding the same rare with the same stats only better are very low. So it’s not really the same as D3.

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That was my argument.

For legendaries and uniques it is literally the same system, no? Just 3 tiers instead of 2.
But no, not the same for rares, since it doesn’t exist for rares in D3, of course.

diablo 4 is missing that super rare “tier” of items afaik.

Is there a Mirror of Kalandra, or a Jah, Ber, zod rune kind of items in D4? Like stuff that most people wont see, but you know is out there and maybe one day you will find one. Personally i think those super rare things is nice, and it can motivate you to farm more.

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but since rares are basically legendary items in the making, they also need it :clown_face:

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I am fine with super rare items most people wont ever see. As long as they adhere to a goal of “not better, but different”.
The rarest items should have the same power level as the more standard (but still rare of course) items, otherwise they become “necessary”. They should merely open up new ways to play.

They should not be build enabling, but more of a massive QoL items that just enhances your build. I just think its kinda important for the game to have those cherry on the top super rare chase items.

i liked the concept at least of mythic items that were basically only special effects and no normal affixes. 1 per loadout.

As long as it was limited to 1 item I’d be fine with it too.
Albeit, imo it really should be its own pool of special effects, and not just getting 3-4 extra legendary affixes you could already get.

Maybe have some really wild affixes on them (in terms of what they do, and not in terms of their power), both positive and negative. Like 2-3 positive and 1-2 negative? (not random, just either always 1 or 2 negative, or based on how bad of an effect it was)